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Not a regular updater, because I write when I get the inspiration. However, I like to think that the trade off is that what I write, is the best quality it can be. I don't read many fanfictions anymore, my main use of this site is to share my own. I will, however, sometimes get the urge to read a very specific fanfiction, and then I'll go on the hunt until I find what I'm looking for.

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Currently working on: Time, Rewritten and All that could have been said. Further progress on Atchbs is currently halted as I work on revising the older chapters; I'd like to think my writing has improved, so rereading my earlier writing makes me cringe a bit, lol. As such, I won't feel right until I tweak the earlier chapters so that they're on par with my latest.

Fandoms I write for: For now, just Harry Potter. I have a Mass Effect fanfic idea, but no time to start a completely new fanfic. The struggle.

Pairings I'll write: Harry and Hermione, of course. Neville/Luna is good too, and I'm open to one day writing a one-shot based on them if I get an idea that works. If I ever get around to the Mass Effect fanfic, it'll be FemShep/Garrus

Will not touch/Blacklisted: I won't do Dark!Harry or Dark!Hermione because personally, I think it's stupid. I don't do Weasley bashing, or Snape bashing. Dumbledore can get some bashing but I won't go overboard with it. I will NEVER write Ginny/Harry because I hate that pairing with a passion. I won't do underage sex scenes, or even hint at couples doing the dirty around Hogwarts because it doesn't match up with my personal vision of what Hogwarts and the students within are like. Also because gross. I would be open to a love triangle if it felt right at some point in my writing, but for now I have no plans to ever have characters involved in a love triangle. I don't do sad/ambiguous endings because as a fan, I know they wRECK YOUR SOUL. All endings will be happy . So you guys have something to look forward to when I f i n a l l y finish T,R at 80, lol. I will also not likely write anything I personally don't care for as a reader; see below.

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Currently Reading: Nothing currently :( I'm too busy to read on FF or in real life

Fandoms I like: Harry Potter (obviously,) Mass Effect, A Song of Ice and Fire. There's more, but they are either not really represented here, and/or I'm not super interested in reading its fanficss

Pairings I like: Harry/Hermione is my OTP, hands down. Neville/Luna and unrequited Snape/Lily are also good. Snape/Hermione is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I'm not nearly as invested in it nowadays. I like a good Draco/Hermione on occasion. Non Harry Potter, I ship Sansa/Sandor Clegane from ASOIAF, FemShep/Garrus from Mass Effect, Zuko/Katara from A;TLA, and Inuyasha/Kagome from Inuyasha. There are others, but those are the ones that make me squeal with delight (or fan myself and blush, depending on the context ;))

Will not read/Blacklisted: I refuse to touch harem fics because urgh. Not only do I not care for harems in the first place, in my experience, these are almost always poorly written. Mpreg is illogical and I can't get into it. To be fair though, I don't typically read slash, so I'm not really the intended audience. I don't support manipulative/abusive pairings and fics that glorify this type of relationship. I have been in one before and that is NOT love, nor is it romantic in the slightest. (Note: a Dom/Sub relationship is different from an abusive/manipulative relationship. I don't think some fanfic writers and readers understand that.) I don't care for especially dark or moody fanfics, or ones that involve heavy bashing. I also don't typically care for time travel, which is odd I know as I'm writing my own, lol. Poor grammar and spelling is also a turnoff. I'm by no means a grammar snob, because hey, everyone makes mistakes, including me, but at some point it can become unbearable. I also of course don't like Mary Sues, or OCs that are presented as the main character. Not a fan of crossovers. Lastly, I don't like when someone takes the characters from a universe and inserts them in another universe, especially real life. That's mainly just a personal preference though.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Time, Rewritten reviews
The war is won, but at a terrible price. Seventy-six years later, Hermione decides to go back and make things right, once and for all. Time-travel fic. Eventual Harry/Hermione, some mature content. AU, but still closely follows the general story and universe.
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Drabbles featuring Hermione and Harry through the years. All drabbles add up to a story in which Harry and Hermione realize that it was fate that brought them together...and it's love that will keep them together
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