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This is my little corner of fanfiction. How about I give you the grand tour? Feel free to message me, if you want! :)


Books: Harry Potter (uh, duh), Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, The City of Ember series, Ella Enchanted, Fairest, etc. (I read a LOT)

Authors: J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Gail Carson Levine, Jane Yolen, Carolyn Meyer

Games (Yes, I am a gamer girl): Skyrim, Sims 3 (can't wait for 4!), Dragon Quest 9, My Candy Love, Super Scribblenauts, Drawn to Life, and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Genres: Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Movies: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Woman in Black, Lord of the Rings

Shows: Dr. Who, Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, America's Got Talent, Under the Dome, Smash (I still love it, even though it was cancelled,) CSI, Law and Order: SVU, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

My style:

Should any of you meet me out in the world, (don't know how you would, and if you did call me by my alias or pen name, I'd probably run away,) hypothetically speaking, you'd see a Hot Topic, trendy uptown thrift shop, type of girl. Get the picture? I wear muscle tees, combat boots, fedoras, fake gauges (I don't want an actual hole in my ear forever D,) ripped jeans, and shirts with Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and Star Wars references. Not really the type of girl you'd bring home to mum, but there you have it. It's my style, and I feel comfortable and attractive wearing it, so I don't care what people think.

My views and Personality:

I am not gay or bi; I'm a straight female, but I'm definitely for Gay rights!I believe no matter what your skin color or sexuality, you deserve equality; even if I am not the same as you, I believe you deserve equality. I am an atheist, though I don't smash Christians or any other religion, unless they try and pick a fight with me or tell me I'm "going to Hell." If they do that, I WILL smash into them and kick their ass with my logic. I'm sort of anti-social; I haven't had the happiest childhood, and I've been through some traumatic stuff, and it's left me with depression, anxiety disorders, and a very snarky and sarcastic personality, but I'm very nice once you get to know me. It's been hard, especially as I don't have many friends, and I recently lost the only guy I've ever loved (and my first boyfriend) and the reason was my own stupid fault. He won't talk to me anymore, even though we used to be friends, and it's made me feel really low, and sometimes I don't know what else to do. However, I am trying to stay positive, and writing helps. :)

My family doesn't really get me; in fact, most hardly know me. Half my family are, to put it bluntly, homophobic, racist, god-fearing redneck trash, while the other half are uppity and patronize me, which is highly annoying. My mom is alright, and the only one of my family I really feel I can trust.

My peers don't get me either. Most think I'm stuck up, or don't like them, but that's not true. I simply don't talk to people because I'm very scared of what will happen. I have quite a few "friends" but only a couple people I feel really close to. If you know me, and you're reading this, however unlikely it is you are, please know I'm grateful if you consider me a friend, and sorry if you feel I don't return the favor; I'm afraid to count people as my friends without really knowing they are, that's all.


Harry Potter: As you all know, my favorite ship and OTP is Harmony, aka Harry and Hermione. I also like Dramione (Draco and Hermione), Nuna (Neville and Luna), Snily (Snape and Lily) and Snager (Snape and Hermione.) I dislike Romione, (Ron and Hermione), though I don't despise it as much as Hinny (Harry and Ginny.) Of course, that could be because I HATE the character of Ginny. Ick.

Harmony: I truly believe Harry and Hermione were meant to be. There are so so so many clues throughout the books (How about when Hermione glanced at Harry when Fleur and Bill were bonded, eh?) and I really believe that JKR meant for them to be together, even if inevitably she doesn't. It wouldn't be the first time she's hoodwinked us fans. Many people say that Harry and Hermione would be too cliche, but I digress that the canon pairings were too cliche. I mean, she went with Hero X Fangirl and "Opposites Attract". How cliche can you get? I love Rowling, but I was disappointed in her in that aspect. But she had said, in an interview, in answer to an inquiry about Harmony, that, "It could have gone that way." She obviously means "should have" folks. Obviously. And to those who say they love each other like brother and sister, I say bullshit! Neither have a sibling, so how would they know? I have a sibling and she drives me up the wall; we're always arguing. If anyone loves each other like brother and sister, it's Ron and Hermione. I mean, just look at how much those two fought; if they had gotten married, they would have killed each other in months. Anyways, there are SOOOO many moments in which Harry and Hermione connect. And Hermione's always stood by Harry, and always believed in him and taken his side when no one else would. That's true love for you. They are and always will be my OTP. Always.

Dramione: I have to admit, I do love me some Dramione.. However, I won't read fanfictions that just throw them together and suddenly Draco's all nice and pleasant. That's a sign of a lazy author who's not prepared to put in character development. It's irksome to read those kind of fanfics. But well-written, plausible ones, I love!

Nuna: Nuna is just so sweet and fluffy to me. I could never read a serious Nuna. 'Nuff said.

Snily: Snape can be a great git sometimes, but see what led him to it? James was just a guarded little well-to-do pureblood who reminds me strongly of Draco, and a git for no real reason but the fact he can be one. That's why I like Snily more. I bawled in the book and movie during Snape's memories. Literally bawled. I haven't cried that much since for a book or movie. I truly feel they could have worked if James hadn't gotten in the way. Lily could've healed Snape and turned him good if James hadn't gotten in the way. I truly believe this.

Snanger: This is my guilty pleasure, I'll admit. Trust me though, I don't read the smutty, underage schoolgirl-turned-slut Hermione ones paired with suddenly kind Snape. They annoy me. But I have a special place in my heart for a well-written Snanger with plausible Hermiones and Snapes, and, of course, an of age Hermione, though there are a few really exceptions to this rule. But they have to be really good. I like Pet Project, The Hinge of Fate, and Chasing the Sun, personally. These are a few of the more popular fanfics of this pairing, and they rock. You should give them a whirl, even if Snanger isn't your thing. They are very beautifully written, and there are tons more like them that I love.

Romione: Not a huge fan of Romione. My main reasons are that Ron and Hermione have next to nothing in common besides a friendship with Harry, and they constantly fight. Ron is forever making Hermione cry and passing her low blows to get her attention, like a sulky prat. I don't think their relationship is very plausible, and feels rather rushed. (Though not as rushed as Hinny.) However, I have read a few good Romione stories, and I don't think the pairing is horrible. It's just not for me.

Hinny: I hate Hinny. I will never read Hinny fanfics, ever. It was way too rushed, and seemed, in my opinion, that in the 6th book, Jk was all, "Oops, I have no one to pair Harry with. Better throw him with a completely changed Ginny." Because she was! She went from being an annoying yet tolerable fangirl to a stuck up bitch with an overrated 'beauty' and an unbearable temper. And what about Harry's thoughts of her, huh?! No development whatsoever. It went from, "Ron's little sister with a crush on me, who I hardly know," to "ZOMG SO JEALOUS OF DEAN WANNA BANG GINNY," It makes no sense to me. None at all!

I have a lot of other pairings I enjoy, but I don't write about them. However, that may change once I finish All That Could Have Been Said and It Was Always You.

On other writers:

I'm a very particular reader, actually. I won't read anything very AU, such as when people write a 'Harry Potter' fanfic but star an oc living in a world with no magic and no interaction whatsoever with the book or movie characters. Umm, wtf? I don't like fanfics that have non-magic in it yet still have Harry and Hermione and the whole gang. I mean, the books sort of revolve around magic, and Voldy and all that. If you're going to change it to be so AU it isn't at all compliant with the books, then what's the point of writing it? I don't really like Weasley bashing, them as a family, anyways. You usually, and, unfortunately, see this mainly in Harmony fics, portraying the Weasleys as evil, overly-ambitious thieves. Umm, different strokes for different folks, but c'mon now. It's the WEASLEYS, for Merlin's sake. I can take some Ron-bashing, I certainly have no objection to Ginny-bashing, as I hate her, but I don't get Molly bashing. Usually this is on the pretext of the fact she tells Hermione and Ginny about using a love potion, and somehow that makes her evil. So? It sounds harmless to me, and nowhere in the books does it imply she used it on Arthur or is continuing its use on him. Also, I feel if she did use it for malicious intent, Hermione wouldn't have been giggling. She isn't that stupid. And much as I hate Ginny, I somehow don't believe she'd be too chuffed if she found out her mom had her dad under to influence of a love potion. Bottom line, it's stupid paranoia.

I refuse to read Hermione bashing. Don't mind Dumbledore bashing, as I thought him a manipulative git at times, but not anything too horrible. Not a fan of Snape bashing, but I can take it in small doses. I don't like harem fics. Ick...and don't even bother thinking I'll read a story where the person tipes lik dis.' No. Not happening. I know I don't have the greatest grammar and spelling, especially when I get in a hurry, but c'mon. If you still type like a keyboard-happy kindergartener, maybe you ought to, I don't know, take a typing class or writing class or get some sleep or something. That's hard on the eyes.

I don't like overly dark or depressing fanfics. I'm depressed enough as it is, thanks. Me, I'm more of a Fluff girl, but I will take some juicy drama from time to time.

Also don't like dark Harry/Hermione fics, veela fics, werewolf or vampire fics. I LOATHE the cliche, "Hermione is actually Voldemort's daughter and is a dark princess blah blah blah suddenly she's a vampire and stunningly gorgeous blah blah blah killing is fun unrealistic Hermione falls for 'misunderstood, cliche bad-boy vampire' Draco, Harry, Ron, etc." Seriously? It was never a great plot to begin with; it's even worse seeing it repeated, like, a hundred times over, all with different pairings. Stop. No. They're not good. Spare me.

My Hogwarts:

I am a Slytherin, but I'm not evil, and I hate how fanfics make all Slytherins sound that way. I don't think all of them are discriminating sons and daughters of Death Eaters.

My wand is Ash, 12 and 1/2 inches, with a Dragon Heartstring core. Surprisingly swishy.

I play Chaser on the Slytherin team, I am in Dumbledore's Army, and the Slug Club.

I am a Half Blood.

My family's house is known to all as The Rookery.

So that's all about me. Message me if you have any questions or would like to talk! :) Unless you're acting like a creep, I'll respond.

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