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Cherries, Cherries...


Oh look, a visitor!

skips up to you and smiles*

Hello! I'm Miki! And you must be..? Right, well, welcome, in any case. I'm a Vocaloid and I love cherries - don't you? I adore your hair! It's so... normal. All the other Vocaloids have blue, brown, green, blonde, pink - even purple hair! Well, that's Gaku-sama. Oh, should I introduce you? No? Well, that's alright. Here, let's get to know each other, then. Let's be friends!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

... Let me think...

Well, let's start with Vocaloid Couples, shall we? (I'm a sucker for romance. Teehee!)

Couples I Adore!

1. Miki x Len! (There aren't many FanFics on these two, but I plan to make a bunch. That's probably because I love Len...

2. Aria (IA) x Piko (I don't know... I just really like them...)

3. Luka x Gakupo (ADORABLE!!!)

4. Teto x Lui (They kind of just click.)

5. SeeU x Oliver (Are they not made for each other?!)

6. Meiko x Kaito (Correction; these two are made for each other. XD)

7. Miku x Kaito (They're alright, but not as cute as Meiko x Kaito)

8. Len x Kaito (I'm alright with this pairing. Not a huge fan, though.)

9. Lily x Kaito (This actually isn't half bad, to be honest.)

10. Rin x Len (They're twins, people! Seriously!!!)

Top Five Miki-chan Facts!

1. I am a 100% kat lover! Dogs just don't cut it for me (even though I own one XD)

2. Favourite Person in the World: I have many, actually... My current obsession is Ben Lewis. *swoons

3. Favourite Food: This is a given. Need I say more? ;)

4. Favourite Movie: Currently, that's definitely Love Never Dies. Ben Lewis is AMAZING!!!

5. Favourite Colour: The colour of ripe cherries!


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration.

"Hope is the dream of man awake."

French Proverb

"Imagination is the eye of the soul."

Joseph Joubert

"To unpathed waters, undreamed shores."

William Shakespeare

"Faith is innocence. Faith is also stupidity."

Aomori Miki (Me)

"Song is the voice of the soul."

Aomori Miki (Me)

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