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I am The Sandwich Poet. I am one-sixth of then group, The Poets. However, due to personal reasons, we have disbanded. I can assure you that we are still friends, and we have not forgotten the bond we had during the group's rise.

I have decided to keep this profile, as a personal reminder of our former group. From this point forward, I will take on a solo flight, giving constructive criticisms to stories who need them. I will continue to carry on the group's agenda, staying true to what we have formerly established.

Alone, I will try to help you with your stories. Lately, the Gakuen Alice fandom seems to be weakening, and I will involve everyone to make solutions, and sew up holes here and there. So, to help the Gakuen Alice fandom rise up again, I will give you reviews and constructive criticisms. I can guarantee you I won't be throwing anyone flames. However, I can't guarantee that no one will get sad by my reviews.

How do I roll?

I was the one who brought 'Sandwich' reviews in, and as its term indirectly says, my review will have a format of good-bad-good points. What else is better than getting tips for improvement and gaining appraisal for your work of art? Here and there, I will be giving out virtual complimentary cookies, or hot cocoa, or lollipops. For extras, I do give out 'Pinch of Salt' (extra tip for improvement or something) segments, as well as 'Spicy Jalapeno' (something to spice up your story) and 'Binding Toothpick' (just something really good) segments.

But beware, I give out a 'Moldy Filling' if I've found a lot of errors in your story. Worry not, it doesn't mean they're all wrong, it's just that there are a lot to point out. It's normal, don't fret.

So, here I am. The Sandwich Poet. You'll be hearing from me soon, so as they say in the Hunger Games, with a little hint of my field expertise, 'May the odds be ever in your flavour!'

From the creative kitchen,

The Sandwich Poet.