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Author has written 2 stories for Ib, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Well, I’m a girl whose into game, anime, manga, horror and gore in one set

Alias: Alicetsuki13

Real name: Told you…Told you not…told you (repeating for 1000 times)

Age: Same as above

Country: A country that has been insulted by Justin Bieber lol (try to google it)

Hobby: Reading, writing, eating, drawing (tired of the ‘ing’?)

Birth date :31 December/ New Year Eve, with water goat as zodiac XDD

Favorite :

Color: Crimson blood in white clothes (is that supposed to be color?), black and blue

Food: Anything edible? Kidding. Chocolate and Cheese, pizza

Drink: Um…Chocolate shake?

Animal: I adore T-rex!! Too bad they already extinct lol, cats, and Abomination from F.E.A.R XDD

Hates: Yaoi, yuri, noise, sudden blackout whenever I’m playing games, and I don’t know…but I find girlband (be it Korean or not) to be rather…irritating…

Status: Dying need of PS3 or PSP,

I once like cosplaying, but for some reason I kinda quit…(personal share)

My anime/manga of choice ranged to comedy into horror. And I don’t really like reading shoujo manga. My favorite one is Life is Money, Kuroshitsuji, Fairy Tail, Kekkaishi and Mirai Nikki/Ibitsu for the suspense/horror one.

I also played Otome Game, although not many, because I can’t do Japanese obviously. I played TSR, X-note and ARM, to your info. I often read the review about otome games, and now, I’m in love with ‘La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia’ X3

I listened to Vocaloid song and Sound Horizon, lol I’m not really updated with j-music nowadays besides of those two. And I also enjoy some of Haruka Shimotsuki’ work. You know, who sang in Ar Tonelico video game.

I don’t usually watch movie, I only watch if my friend watched it too, but I’ve been taking a liking for The Lord of The Rings, Pirates of Carribean, and Sherlock Holmes.

And I’m currently (mentally) dating the 2D bishonen XDD

Favorite Bishie:

Kyoya Hibari, Collonello, Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Shifty, Lifty, Splendid, Flippy from Happy Tree Friend

Vayne Aurelius and Razeluxe Meitzen fro Mana Khemia Series.

Henry Cooldown from No More Heroes

Izaya Orihara and Chikage Rokujo from Durarara!!

Death the Kid from Soul Eater

Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara...


Favorite Pairing:

Ace x Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Flippy x Flaky from Happy Tree Friend

Ib x Garry from Ib

Sabitsuki x Smile from .flow

(and, many more lol)

Current wish: I wanna die...seriously...
Current Status: on hiatus until new year...I hope so. God, school, Y U NO stop torturing me!?

Contact me in:

Facebook: Tsukiakari Arisu


dA: (its still empty, but i'm planning on filling it..soon...)


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