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Hi everyone, I have been a loyal member of the Potterheads since the very first movie. I tried to read the books but quickly gave up after I continuously fell asleep while reading the first one...I plan to try again though, seems there's a lot I've missed. My favorite favorite FAVORITE pairing is Harry and Draco, but I also enjoy LuciusxJames, SiriusxRemus, JamesxSirius, and LuciusxSirius...and if there's a story with Severus and some OC (such as in Gypsy Caravan) while the main paring is HarryxDRaco then that makes it even better!.

I will be using my profile as a way to keep you up-to-date on what I’m doing, as far as writing goes. I will provide information on the stories I’ve started so far, ones I’m planning in the future, and any breaks I’m planning on taking. If you want to know anything about me or the stories that isn’t obvious then just PM me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. However, I will not answer questions that I deem too personal.

Hey guys! Check out mine and lovebites123's joint account! We'll probably be doing collabs every now and then and this is where they'll go, we've already gotten one up that made us laugh while writing it so there's a good chance it'll have you guys rollin! Hope you like it and please be sure to review and let us know how our first collab went!

EMMA WATSON HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I logged in to check my mail this morning and saw something in Yahoo News that caught my attention. Interested, I decided to watch it...and I'm glad I did. Emma Watson gave a very nice speech at the UN on equal rights. Everything she said is completely true and I am in tears now because of it. Like her, I think that everyone should be treated equal and not different based on what sex they are. If you have a few minutes to spare I beg you to watch the won't regret it.

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They did not mention Draco... how dare's okay his father will hear about this!

(Sorry LB, had to steal this XD -petting the bunny while munchin on a cookie and reading a drarry comic-)

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Song Of Parting:

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Two hands together

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Go my children go

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To save, our children…

Lights of memory remain

All They Need...

Starts off when Harrys about 6. He's endlessly abused, tortured, and beaten by his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Hagrid comes for him when he's 11 and takes him away to a safe place. I'll be sure to make references to the important milestones as they happened in the movies but I won't actually write them. For instance, when our favorite trio leaves to hunt down the horcruxs, i'll write them leaving, not write them for a chapter or two, then write them coming back or something like that. If I can relate to an important moment, or see it in the movies and immediately start hearing words to describe it in my head then I'll make a note of it, when it happened, and what I heard in my head. I can't promise you that this story will make sense or be a good story but I will try to at least make it interesting. There will be Draco-centered chapters like in Hope Floats but I'll try to make them a little different or something, lol. Anyways, that's all i'm sayin, if I say much more then I might give away the plot which I refuse to don't ask, lol.

This one has just entered the 60s! I hope to have it finished before the hundreds but I'm not sure I'll succeed in that...oh well! Here's hopin!

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