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Author has written 3 stories for Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, and Radio Dramas.

I'm posting my darling love of a brain child 'Whispers from the Rye' here, just so it can be more in the public eye. Normally I post on Livejournal, and you should check for faster updates.

Whispers from the Rye is edited and made readable by my very awesome and well loved beta (check out her stories too, they are quite full of win!) The story really would not be the same without her and I am forever in her debt.

The reason that I'm using Livejournal as the main host is because of the html freedom of linking in-text pictures to Whispers. I've received some simply gorgeous fanart to go along with the chapters so far, and I'm planning on getting even more. Since the art is so wonderful I want people to see it, and therefore urge people to read Whispers there. With that in mind the livejournal site will be updated much more quickly than this one. So please go check it out. I also love fanart! And if anyone would like to draw fanart for Whispers please let me know and I'll put the picture as an interlink from the livejournal version of the story.

I love comments and they brighten my day to no end. Concrit is also welcome and encouraged as I'm always looking to improve. Please drop me a line if you've read my story!

I've also written a few other Kyou Kara Maou stories that are more adult in nature. To read them please visit and friend the livejournal provided above. If you don't have a livejournal, feel free to e-mail me and ask me to send them to you.

Edit 5/9/08

The version of Whispers posted here is the same as the one on livejournal in terms of text. Occasionally, because of the editing freedom of livejournal, if someone has pointed out a typo, misplaced comma etc it will be fixed on livejournal. Other than that I haven't "toned down anything". Every scene is important to the story I couldn't cut anything. If in the future this story "disappears" due to content it will ALWAYS be available on livejournal, whether you friend the journal or not.

Maps of the Whispers Universe can be found at:

Edit 1/20/2013

I'm currently working on an original novel, so while I have stopped posting fic for the most part, I have by no means stopped dedicating my time to inappropriately large and smutty works of fiction. If I am ever published anyone who has me on author alert will be among the first to know. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! It really warms my heart every time I see a new favorite or follow from this site, even though Whispers is getting old now, it will always hold a very special place in my heart. *internet hugs*

EDIT 11/30/2013

I am currently pitching my first plotty slash novel (because Traditional Publishing needs more of it). For updates on the project and random stuff about me please follow my twitter @somniumnico Thank you for your continued support! If it wasn't for all of the Whispers love who knows where I'd be! *hugs*

EDIT 5/18/2014

I'm still pitching my Original Novel to agents, but in the mean time I am trying to get used to Tumblr (since all my livejournal stuff leaves me too emotional to function..) While I am pitching book 1 and writing book 2 of the series I have started working on a blog where I highlight medieval stories featuring QUILTBAG themes. With the rise of self-pub it seems to matter to agents more and more if you have an online following, so even though I spent 6 years writing whispers I never made much effort to "sell myself". If you liked whispers and you like BL and History, I hope you will give the tumblr thing a chance. If you're interested in progress reports on my struggles of publication, you can follow me at Thank you!

EDIT 4/5/2015

The number of edits here is silly. I'm re-writing the first real!book from scratch. Writing fic in the mean time because sometimes the feels are overwhelming. Trying to just enjoy writing the things I enjoy to write.

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