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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, Dino Squad, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, and Digimon.

Name: Marty W. Mollohan

Nicknames: Grandis, Magnus, The Boring Man, Bowser-the-King, Chronicle-King, MightyFan217, The King of Fools

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 9, 1994

Location: Tallmadge, Ohio, United States.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Most of me stories have pics that can be found at my DA Account:


Other Site Links:

I can't link them directly, but on YouTube and AO3 my username is MightyFan217.

Other Things About Me:

Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets, Gioninos' JoJo's, Little Caesars' Deep Dish Pizza.

Favorite Hobby: Video games, computer related work, drawing and writing concepts for various types of projects, actually managing to get some projects done.

Favorite Song: Madder by Groove Armada, Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace, and 'F' by Maximum The Hormone.

Favorite Animal: Orca ("Killer whale"), the whole order of Proboscidea, the almost the entire Primate order.

Favorite Prehistoric Animal: Paraceratherium ("Indricotherium"), Triceratops, Therizinosaurus, Irritator, Mammuthus primigenius

Favorite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lion King, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Iron Man, John Carpenter's The Thing.

Favorite Video Game: Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario World, Parasite Eve, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Digimon World, Mega Man Classic.

Favorite Character: Son Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), Diablomon/Diaboromon (Digimon), Aelita (Code Lyoko), Love Machine (Summer Wars), Gladion (Pokémon).

Favorite Pairing: Jeremie/Aelita (Code Lyoko). These two resonate with me more than other ships because Jeremie reminds me of myself and Aelita reminds me of the much more energetic, perky exes I've had so far.

Favorite Pokémon By Type:

Normal: Porygon-Z

Grass: Torterra

Fire: Emboar

Water: Greninja

Poison: Nidoking

Bug: Scolipede

Flying: Staraptor

Rock: Tyranitar

Ground: Rhyperior

Electric: Eelektross

Fighting: Conkeldurr

Ghost: Shedinja

Psychic: Reuniclus

Ice: Lapras

Dragon: Salamence

Dark: Hydreigon

Fairy: Mawile

Non-evolved Pokémon: Porygon

Starter Pokémon: Decidueye

Mega Evolution: Mega Salamence

Legendary Pokémon: Giratina

Ultra Beast: Guzzlord

Mythical Pokémon: Arceus

Favorite Competitive Non-Legendary: Mega Lucario

Favorite Competitive Legendary: Solgaleo

Overall Favorite: Silvally

Currently: Working on Truth and Ideals, DinoSquad RX, SAO: Special Edition, as well as planning ahead.

Hello. I think I should elaborate more on what my overall goal with my fanfics are since by this point in time I think some people kind of need to know what the deal is with my own works. You see I choose more to make adaptations of pre-existing franchises and use the ideas I have in mind from the source material and create AU fanfics of these pre-existing works more or less in my own image. While sure it's part of the franchise it's a fanfic of for certain, but at the same time, they're not completely restricted to just a given franchise. Normally these would classify as a crossover fic, but the problem would be that the crossover portions of my works are so minimal that putting them in the crossover tags would be more deceiving. As for other stuff I do, often times when it comes to the characterization, it is either altered because there was an issue in the canon regarding the character that wasn't properly explained, or instead to just alter the characterization just for the point of compare and contrast. On a side not, back to the crossover bit there, let's just say every fanfic I'm making beginning with Truth and Ideals all share a secret to them that make them interconnected in a sense.

Often times when I make an AU beginning with Truth and Ideals, I've always had a key goal with a specific AU from the very beginning. With Truth and Ideals, it was primarily a promise of Ash being more of a legitimate badass than his Best Wishes incarnation, as well as actually catching Zekrom like he honestly should have. Other times I have an unrelated goal in mind when it comes to the overall story and or characterization.

As for planned stories, here's a current list of the progress on both uploaded fics and to be uploaded fics. Note, not all of the stories listed below are fanfics; these are all also being posted on Archive of Our Own, so that's why original works are being listed here as well. I also redone the currently listed ones so that the character lists are more accurate considering the actual uploads only allow me to select four characters at a time.

Truth and Ideals:
T Rated
[Ash, Misty, Iris] , [Cheren, Bianca] , N
Progress: Ongoing.

Truth 2 and Ideals 2 (AO3 Exclusive):
Explicit Rated
[Ash, Misty, Iris] , N, [Cheren, Bianca]
Progress: Waiting for Truth and Ideals to be complete first before any major planning takes place.

DinoSquad RX:
M Rated
Ms. Moynihan, V. Veloci, Peter, Max, Roger, Fiona, Terri, Buzz, Liam, OC
Progress: Ongoing.

Digimon Re: Story (DA Exclusive):
M Rated (DA)/Explicit Rated (AO3)
Sayo, OC, [WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon]
Progress: Planning Stages/TBA.

Digimon Re: Adventure:
M Rated ( Rated (AO3)
[Taichi Y./Tai K., Meiko M.] Hikari Y./Kari K., Agumon
Progress: Ongoing.

Reflection of Thyself:
The Legend of Zelda
T Rated
[Link, Zelda] , Ganondorf, OC
Progress: Planning Stages/TBA.

Sword Art Online: Special Edition:
Sword Art Online
M Rated ( Rated (AO3)
[Kirito/Kazuto K., Asuna/Asuna Y.] , [Leafa/Suguha, OC]
Progress: Ongoing.

Operation: R.E.B.O.O.T.:
Codename: Kids Next Door
T Rated
Sector V, [Numbuh 86, Numbuh 362] , Father
Progress: Planning Stages/TBA.

Reflection Code:
Code Lyoko
T Rated
[Jeremie, Aelita] , [Ulrich, Yumi] , [Odd, Sam] , William, OC
Progress: Planning Stages/TBA.

Dinotopia: The Miniseries Retold
T Rated
Karl Scott, David Scott, Marion Seville, Bix, OC
Progress: Planning Stages/TBA.

Fun Facts:

Truth and Ideals:

  • I actually didn't intend on Aura to become a major part of the plot. However, a friend of mine on another site recommended it to me because of the fact she disliked how much Ash's ability to use Aura in the canon was wasted potential much like how I thought Best Wishes in general was wasted potential.
  • Regulus was supposed to be caught at the very end of the story instead of towards the beginning; the alteration to this plot ended up drastically reshaping the rest of the plot as a whole because of it.
  • Sirius Ketchum was designed as an OC because while Giovanni and Riley were both viable candidates, they weren't used because both were either overdone or were a bit too vague or difficult to read as to determine the idea of either of them being Ash's father.
  • In a bit of a plot hole in Sirius' introduction, Canopus, the Pidgeot Sirius owns, was listed to still be alive at the end. While this ultimately does turn out to be true as Canopus now is one of Skyla's Pokémon, the actual Pokémon supposed to have been mentioned here was Arcturus, Regulus' mother.
  • Since a reviewer pointed out some similarities to Gaster from Undertale, MissingNo. overall is based more off of Master Core in terms of the five forms from the games, and then the Fakemon fusion form of all five forms as a sixth form representing Master Core's Master Fortress form.
  • Ash's Pikachu evolving into Raichu was a plan I had since the beginning of the story's conception; I shelved it until Game Freak would be the first to give me an official alteration to Raichu such as a Mega Evolution or any other type of change it gets in any of the new games. With Pokémon Sun and Moon announcing Alolan Raichu, I didn't waste the chance.
  • Speaking of Alolan Raichu, in the first Chapter of Truth and Ideals Ash is cooking pancakes for his mom, the two Pikachu who are the parents of Ash's Raichu, and himself as well. This was mostly done to just demonstrate Ash being the cook of the team instead of giving the role to Bianca since A: I didn't like the idea of Bianca, a female character, being given a chef role, and B: even if Bianca being a cook wasn't bad to some, I couldn't imagine her being a very good one to say the least. Also, the reason I chose pancakes for the meal in Chapter 1? A tribute to my grandmother who makes pancakes for me every morning I stay the previous night at her house.
  • The way Truth and Ideals is written in some aspects may come off as a bit unrealistic to some, but the actual idea I have in mind is the idealistic nature behind how Ash is portrayed which not only sets in stone how Zekrom is the one who joins him later, but also the fact Truth and Ideals is rather heavily based on the more idealistic things of life than it would be the more cynical. Even if shades of the later do show up, it's not overtly so because there's intended to be a sort of balance between the two.
  • The Ultra Beast that has appeared so far is a Fakemon Ultra Beast... with a catch. The Fakemon Ultra Beasts I've designed actually don't have an increased catch rate with the Beast Ball; they are instead use the catch rate modifiers used on normal Pokemon.
  • DinoSquad RX:

  • The idea to make the fic didn't start on my own accord; it actually was inspired by a review of the show by The Cartoon Physicist. When she was listing off potential plot ideas that would work better in terms of an origin story than the one we got from the show, I (kind of) decided to write my own take on the origins of Victor and Moynihan. While I'm debating on Moynihan's origins staying the same, Victor's so far has already been altered.
  • Chapter 2, even if it doesn't look it to some, I had too much fun with writing it due to the events that transpired in the chase scene. I ended up making a screencap type of image of the scene in question on DA because of the fact while I was originally not all too keen on working on DinoSquad RX, this chapter more or less redeemed the story for me.
  • The scientifically accurate Dinosaur designs isn't because of the fact I preferred them over the more vintage designs; it's because the original show labeled itself as an educational show but showed heavily outdated Dinosaur designs and even some goofs regarding modern day animals (such as a baby Gorilla with a tail). As a result, the scientifically accurate designs of the Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in DinoSquad RX is to rectify the issue the original show had in this regard.
  • Digimon Re: Story:

  • The idea of making it a comic format is primarily to snap me out of my comic block and get me back into making comics. Beforehand, though, two of the main characters, Flare (WarGreymon) and Tempest (MetalGarurumon), appear earlier in Truth and Ideals ahead of time.
  • Digimon Re: Story was originally planned as an adaptation of Digimon Story/Digimon World DS. Then it was changed into a combination of Digimon Story and Digimon Story Sunburst and Moonlight/Digimon World Dawn and Dusk.
  • Digimon Re: Story recycles some ideas I had for older Digimon fanfics, non-AU and AUs, that never ultimately got their chance to shine.
  • Sword Art Online: Special Edition:

  • The working titles for this fanfic were Code Black and the similar sounding Sword Art Online: Legendary Edition and Sword Art Online: Collector's Edition. I decided to use Special Edition for the subtitle because it fits better than the other suggested names. Code Black was the original name for the story during its early conception.
  • Normally I don't ship OCs with major characters, but with this one I kind of had to make an exception due to who the major character was; I didn't want Suguha being all incestuous with Kazuto again, so I'm shipping her with an OC not just because of that, but the fact her romance with this particular OC is written in a much more realistic light than the romances in Truth and Ideals.
  • This fanfic shares its universe with a Code Lyoko AU I'm working on, due to the fact both AUs share one thing in common (an OC with an unorthodox origin than the rest of the cast), and the fact both stories share characters in the backstory that lead to the creation of the opposite's primary OC (the origins of the OC in SAO: Special Edition are much more in-depth in the Code Lyoko AU for example).
  • Due to a shared secret in my AU Fanfics beginning with Truth and Ideals, in that all of them are sort of a multiverse with each other, SAO: Special Edition is primarily an origin story for one of the higher powers of the multiverse because of the fact he's the opposite to who would become the primary antagonist of the whole combined set of stories.
  • Sorry to those who preferred his defeat in the canon, but Nobuyuki won't survive in this one in the slightest. Letting him live would basically be repeating the same mistake twice in the context of this story.
  • Operation: R.E.B.O.O.T.:

  • "Really. Elaborated. Background. Of. Our. Team." is the acronym for the story.
  • Much of the AU comes from the idea of fixing the Early Installment Weirdness present in the original show; particularly with how until around Season 2, Sector V came across more as entitled, spoiled brats more than they did heroes. Sure, TDCFDTL were evil and all, but when compared to the way Sector V was originally and the fact we didn't have any KND operatives known at the time, they just seemed like a group of kids who broke in unannounced and deliberately caused trouble with others.
  • Some of the stuff I do differently in my AUs regarding characterization is mostly just for compare and contrast, or to alter the character in a way that'll be more consistent than how they were in the canon. Much like Suguha in SAO: Special Edition, I took some issue with Numbuh 86's characterization regarding a certain comic that detailed what happened when she becomes temporarily decommissioned and became incredibly boy crazy. Now, the thing I take issue is that she's heavily boy hating in the present, and that she's been an operative since she was 7 years old in the canon. I took issue with this since while I'm perfectly okay with 10-12 year old characters feeling affection for others in such a way, 7 is WAY too young for my standards. As a result, why does Fanny hate boys in the AU? She's a lesbian, and is sick and tired of boys hitting on her due to the fact she's both that and too timid to openly reveal the fact of her actual sexuality.
  • Now personally while Operation Z.E.R.O. was good to me as it would be for most fans, I did take issue with the fact due to how Sector Z and TDCFDTL were one in the same, there wasn't really much one could do to bring back the former permanently. With this particular AU, they're actually separate entities, meaning not only do what I have planned with TDCFDTL being creepier because they're actually Father's kids for real, but it's all the more horrifying with Sector Z's origins here because of what kind of secret character I have planned to appear in this AU.
  • Speaking of secret characters, much like Truth and Ideals, there exists more than two in terms of which setting they came from unlike most AUs under my belt.
  • Reflection Code:

  • An in-joke but also rather serious alternate title I had was "Sayonara Mirror M" because of the fact the context of the story includes my OC Mirror M in what would've been, effectively, his first and only actual role in a story anymore these days. The only reason Mirror M is even getting a role in this story is because I need at least one story he appears in for me to properly detail his origins with correctly.
  • Much like Operation: R.E.B.O.O.T., there's some similar ideas regarding how the plot is being handled at first; the first arc is the Origin Story, and then what follows is Season 1's plot with an actual continuity, and then the first few episodes I know I'll need for Season 2 adapted into the Post-Season 1 stuff, and then following that would be the AU's original plots following suit.
  • Mirror M may or may not have a cameo at the prologue much like how the prominent OC in SAO: Special Edition does in its own story, primarily as a reference to how both this AU and that one take place in the same universe, but I'm uncertain about it to be honest.
  • Much like DinoSquad RX, some of the prominent characters have their backstories altered; Franz gets his backstory altered in ways that not only tie into SAO: Special Edition regarding what would lead to the creation of the MaterialEye, but also the fact Franz... is a rather insane lunatic to put it lightly. Let's just say Aelita shares something in common with one of the leads of SAO: Special Edition and leave it at that...
  • Dinotopia: The Miniseries Retold:

  • This fanfic takes most of the plot and characters from the Miniseries of Dinotopia and rewrites it to be book accurate.
  • The scientific accuracy bit I've done with DinoSquad RX will not be present here; the Dinosaurs and other animals in Dinotopia as they were originally depicted will more or less stay unchanged, and only altered if the animal in question looks immensely different than the actual animal as we know it is today such as Deinocheirus.
  • Serene Snowfall:

  • A transitional piece meant to take place after a certain fic, which then the fic following this one will more or less be set in an original verse and not be able to be posted on FF . net due to not being a fanfic by that point.
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