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Hi fellow fanfiction writers,

I'm Wjones215, and now a member of this site for over a year. After stumbling onto this site one afternoon, I instantly got hooked onto reading fanfic stories. So I thought to myself: Why not add my own twist to some of my favorite tv shows and movies.

I love doing crossover fanfic stories. I always wonder how someone or some groups from different backgounds (tv shows, movies...) interact with one another.

Please give some advice on how to write comedic fanfiction, because I love that type of fanfiction. I know it's hard to write it, but kudos to anyone who can pull it off.

Favorite TV shows


Power Rangers - And this is my dream line-up of PR Names.

- Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Season 1)

- Mighty Morphin' Thunder Rangers (Season 2) - My personal name for this one due to KibaRanger

- Might Morphin' Alien Rangers (Season 3) The combined total of eps with the Ninjetti and Alien Rangers to make 1 season. I know, it's odd, but if you think about for a minute or two, it makes sense.

- Zeo

- Turbo

- In Space

- Lost Galaxy

- Lightspeed Rescue

- Time Force

- Wild Force

- Ninja Storm

- Dino Thunder (Note: Favorite season)

- Space Patrol Delta (SPD)

- Mystic Force

- Operation Overdrive

- Jungle Fury


- Samurai (My version: 1 full season instead of 2 20 ep seasons and just "Samurai", not "Super Samurai" with their christmas specials)

- Guardian Angels (My PR adaption name for Tensou Sentai Goseiger with GoseiGreen as part of the core team. The name sounds dull, but it is better than Megaforce. The term "force" in a PR name can only be used so much, then it gets predictable)

- Pirates (My PR adaption name for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger instead of "Super Megaforce")

- Spec. Ops (My PR adaption name for Tokumei Sentai Gobuster)

Super Sentai (Zyuranger - Present)

Merlin (BBC)

Waterloo Rd

Transformers: G1

Transformers: Headmasters

Transformers: Super God Masterforce

Transformers: Victory

Transformers: Beast Wars/Beast Machines

Transformers: Robots In Disguise

Transformers: Armada

Transformers: Energon

Transformers: Cybertron

Transformers: Animated

Transformers: Prime

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

LIfe As We Know It (2004)

Favorite Movies

Star Wars Eps 1 - 6

Transformers (2007)

TF: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

TF: Dark of the moon (2011)

Battle: Los Angles

Cowboys & Aliens

John Carter


The Reader

The Green Lantern

Lincoln (2012)

Favorite fictional couples (No order whatsoever)


Sam & Mikaela - Transformers (2007) & TF:Revenge of the Fallen

Leo Splitz & Carly Spencer (My personal pairing for fanfiction writing)

Silverbolt & Blackarachnia - TF: Beast Wars/Beast Machines

Botanica & Rattrap

Airrazor & Tigatron

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker & Padme

Luke Skywalker & Mara Jade

Leia Organa & Han Solo

In Power Rangers

In Space

Zhane & Astronema/Karone - PR: In Space

Lighspeed Rescue

Joel Rowlings & Dr. Angela Fairweather - PR: Lightspeed Rescue (I think she always liked him, she was playing hard-to-get)

Time Force

Wes Collins & Jen

Wild Force

Taylor & Eric Myers (PRTF Quantum Ranger)

Ninja Storm

Tori Hanson & Blake Bradley

Dino Thunder

Kira Ford & Trent Fernadez

Dr. Tommy Oliver & Hayley

Devin Del Valle & Cassidy Cornell


Commander Doggie Cruger & Isinia

Mystic Force

Nick Russell & Madison Rocca

Chip Thorn & Vida Rocca

Xander Bly & Clare

Leanbow & Udonna

Jungle Fury

Theo & Lily

Dominick & Frannie

Jarrod & Camille


Dillon & Summer Lansdown

Ziggy Grover & Dr. K.


Mike & Emily

Storm Hawks

Aerrow & Starling

Finn & Dove (Personal pairing, somehow she found something interesting about him, LOL)

Cyclonis & the Dark Ace (I made Cyclonis the same age as the Dark Ace in my fanfiction just to cover my rear)


Casey Jones & April O'Neil


Adventure 01

Tai & Sora

Mimi & Joe

Adventure 02

TK & Kari

Yolei & Ken


Takato & Jeri

Rika & Ryo


Takuya & Zoe

Super Sentai

Sentai Sentai Shinkenger

Katoha & Chaki

Kaizoku Sentai Gobuster

Gai & Luka (Personal pairing)

Life As We Know It (2004)

Dino Whitman & Jackie Bradford

Jonathan Feilds & Deborah Tynan (Least favorite, but still creditable)

Ben Connor & Monica Young (Despite being his english teacher, my favorite LAWKI couple)



Jack O'Neill & Sam Carter

Daniel Jackson & Vala

SG: Atlantis

John Sheppard & Elizabeth Weir (AU fanfiction)

Profile will be updated, enjoy.

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A song fanfiction based on Optimus' point of view (p.o.v.). And if you want to know about the "Psalms of Alpha Trion", let me know and I'll explain it the best way possible. And, let me know if you like that phase "Psalms of Alpha Trion". Sorry, no Alpha Trion a.k.a. A3 in this fanfic.
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