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Okay, so, Christmas of 2015, I got this laptop that I currently have to replace the one that was damaged. I thought that the hard drive of the damaged laptop had been broken as well, but I was lucky enough to recently be able to pull all my information from the old drive and put it on my new computer. There are so many little story ideas that I came up with that I had forgotten about, and some of them I was really invested in, 2500 words and up. I'm re-writing a couple in the more mature style that I've developed since then, and I can't wait to show you guys.


Updated TGOD last night, and I'm working on the last chapter right now. I've also posted another Diablo fic called 'Braid My Hair' that features the same snarky Necromancer as CMO. I also have plans to expand into the Supernatural fandom, we'll see where that goes. I'm shooting for one more good multi-chap. I'd like to even out my word count averages.


Posted a new Diablo fic entitled 'Cheat Me Once' featuring an irritated Necromancer and a dishonest Jamella. No pairing. Just a oneshot, inspired by my own Necromancer running out of gold due to deaths and potion costs. It's got a rating of M for a reason, to be safe. I've got another Diablo idea that will definitely be rated M without the slight ambiguity that CMO has as far as rating goes.


Posted a Clell-inspired fic entitled "Thou Art Crunchy" featuring Harry, Hermione and a Horntail named Zophia. No pairing and quite a bit cracked. I might expand, I might not. Merfolk must have delicacies other than crunchy peanut butter you know, and Sphinxes can only be entertained by a catapulted Viktor Krum for so long. I am amazed at the outpouring of reviews, 3 already and it hasn't even been up for 6 hours yet. I swear I'm working on HPCoFT. I promise. I'll do something about it.


Just posted my new challenge collection, The Harry Potter Collection of Fairy Tales, henceforth and forevermore abbreviated as HPCoFT. That's too many letters to type quickly otherwise. Please do go check out the wonderful forum Diagon Alley II modded by Shane, Loki, Nova, Tigger and quite a few others now. We post challenges, host a chat thread and even have a House Cup to earn points in!


'Bridge over Troubled Waters' has reached 1K views today. It is tied with 'Irish' for Favs at 25 but has more Alerts, five to be precise. Sorry to say those won't ever trigger. I have zero plans for continuing BOTW, mostly due to technical difficulties resulting in the loss of a half-baked idea to continue it.


'An Irish Protector' has over 2K views and remains my most popular story to date. A reminder, you can find some old poetry of mine on FFN's sister site, Fictionpress, under this name. Or if you're lazy like me, click this link. --> Raven's Poetry

I will eventually get around to posting some original material as well on that account. As far as fanfiction is concerned, I have a Blaise/Hermione in the works, and whatever else the Muses give me.


DiRe has over 1000 views now. I thank you all. That story was my baby and I nearly cried when I finished it. I'm glad people like it, as it is one of the longer stories in the fandom here. Most of them are under-read, under-reviewed oneshots, and they don't get the attention they deserve. Thank you all so much.


Technical issues resolved, mostly. Thanks, Mom and Dad for shelling out the money to buy me a new laptop.


Still on hiatus due to family and friendship problems, and also technical issues. I've been working on some original material, so I haven't been completely silent this entire time.


On hiatus indefinitely, due to family problems.


I just posted a new story entitled Of Karts and Romance, featuring a pairing of Waluigi and Toadette. The background for this is that I was playing Mario Kart and I ended up with the characters that make up the Blue team, and I thought to myself "Okay, two light-sided females on a primarily dark male team. What can I do with this?" This is the end result.


It's June now, and I'm working on my Battleships competition drabbles. I got the Garden of Dreams ship, and that's Neville and Luna. At the present moment, I have half of them done and working on the others. I wanna thank Cuthbert72, I don't know you, but you are single-handedly the most dedicated reviewer I've ever had. You've reviewed every single chapter of TGOD so far, and you're amazing.


DiRe Update: It's finished. Its final length was 48.9K, but right now I'm working on seeing how much of that was disclaimers etc. and how short of 50K I really was. I'm going to take that number, use that to do the background info one-shots and add those as a prelude of sorts. Once June starts, I have an HP Battleships competition that I'm writing for on Diagon Alley II, (amazing forum, btw) and so my Diablo works will settle down and not get picked back up until those are through.

Update, same day

Total DiRe story length 47,359 words. This is minus disclaimers, and all the other crap that I put in there, bribes, whines, flashbacks, etc. I have changed my Username in honor of finishing DiRe, and while at first glance it looks like a purely HP name, it has Diablo nuances.


DiRe Update: Baal is officially dead, we are at 6,900-ish words. I'm working on the last scene as I type this, then we move to the epilogue. Do you guys remember when Diablo was taunting Blood Raven about her own personal secrets? That's coming into play in these final moments. My next project for this fandom is going to be a one-shot featuring Naiad as a young Amazon, learning the skills of her craft. After that, a little three chapter thing giving background information on Blood Raven, Aidan and Brennan. Once I'm done with those, I'm almost definitely going to retire the Diablo fandom for good and start working on some more popular stuff.


DiRe Update: I'm at 6,500-ish words and they're in the process of killing Baal. I've been cranking out words these last few days, and I think I actually will make 50K. I have one of the longer stories in this little-bitty fandom, which makes me a little bit proud. For comparisons, as of this date, Harry Potter has 714K stories in its fandom. Diablo only has 831. Three of those are mine. That's why I call it itty-bitty.


I just posted a new oneshot entitled 'The Marauders Ride Again' based off of a Tumblr post I saw on Facebook, imagining if the Marauders came back as ghosts and adopted Fred as Peter's replacement.

I'm still working on DiRe, they're in the process of rescuing Anya at the moment. I actually don't think I'm going to make my 50K like I wanted to, I'm only at 3K of the 10K I needed and Anya is halfway through act 5. If I can kill Baal at around 7 or 8K, you guys will end up with a pretty long epilogue and I'll get my desired word count. This story will be two years old in a couple of months, and I'll probably retire the Diablo fandom for good after writing one more oneshot.


An Irish Protector passed a thousand views this morning, and I'm super happy.

I'm working on the last chapter of DiRe, but Real Life (henceforth abbreviated as 'RL') keeps getting in the way. If I continue at my normal pace of writing, you all should get the last chapter in late July or early August, right around the two-year mark. I'm trying to break 50K words for the story with the last chapter, hope I make it!


For those few people that are still clinging on to DiRe, I'm in the penultimate chapter, we're almost finished and when we finally get there I'm just going to cry my eyes out, because I've been working on that for more than a year and a half, and it's my longest fic that I've ever written.

EDIT, SAME DAY: DiRe was just updated, so you all have a new chapter.


I posted another oneshot last night on the irony of Sirius' name, and my head canon for him. It's not going to be expanded upon. It features the Marauders and Lily, and IT'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!


I've posted a new Dramione, 'Steel Mimosas'. I'm hoping to keep it to three chapters, but I don't know where it's going to take me. My prompt for the first chapter was Steel, and my prompt for the second chapter was Tenacity, for the Sacred Stones Challenge on the Diagon Alley II forum.


For my Diablo peoples; I have deleted Life, Death, Angels and Demons a.k.a. LDAD. I saw it as rather clumsily written and embarrassing compared to the rest of my stories. It was so awful, and it started getting painful to read it, so I've taken it down.


I have posted a new story entitled 'Not so Nearly Headless' featuring Nearly Headless Nick, the Bloody Baron, the Grey Lady and the Headless Hunt. It's short, only 1200 words, but it fixes a plot-hole that has bugged me since I read HPatCoS for the first time when I was a child. Free recipe if anyone can find the Outlander reference.


I posted my Seamione story 'An Irish Protector' yesterday, and OHMIGOD!!! Y'all loved it, evidently, 221 views in two days, four people Favorited the story: kaykay25, Wonderlandr, KyuubiNoPuma and Silver Winged Maiden (love your name, btw). Kaykay25 also story alerted it. Y'all may wonder why I'm gushing over this, but I normally write for Diablo II, and that's one little-bitty-teensy-tiny-super-small section compared to the Harry Potter section of the site. I'm used to getting one or two views a day, and y'all have blown my mind.


I have just uploaded a story for those that enjoy the Weasley twins paired with the Patil twins, entitled Twin-Speak. It's very short, about 500 words, but it's fluff so what do you expect? DiRe is coming along slowly, LDAD is not moving at all, and I have a little more time to work with my stories now that it's Thanksgiving break. LDAD is not up for adoption, never has been and never will be. I have a Seamione (Seamus X Hermione) in the works, and a Cedrimione as well, so I'm well stocked on plot bunnies.


I am in the process of editing DiRe for what my amazing English teacher calls 'tip mistakes'. So, nobody freak out if half the chapters are formatted correctly and the other half aren't.

I am in the second half of my education, meaning I have zero time to do anything. Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and I intend to work on my stories a little more then.



I am finding myself having to remind everyone that my works can be slightly violent and are not for some people. I refuse to rewrite the jail scene in DiRe chapter one, or Andariel's scene in the second chapter, simply because some people are too immature to handle fight scenes. Andariel's brassiere does not come off for anything of a sexual nature; Blood Raven's exploding arrow snaps the chain holding it together and it falls off in battle.

DiRe IS RATED 'T' FOR A REASON! MATURE TEENS AND OLDER SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT! I do not wish to up the rating to 'M' simply to weed out people that can't handle mild violence. I get few enough people that read my stories in the first place, I don't want to reduce that number even further by upping the rating!


For those few of you that do read my stories, thank you. I appreciate you all.


Just a little drabble I wrote about writing, in response to Ms. Beatrix Potter's quote "There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you."

When a writer writes a story, the finished product is never what they intended it to be. I'm not talking grammatical errors and spelling. The story moves on its own, it does what it wants to do. The story will twist the plot when the author had intended for it to turn. Stories have partners in crime too, rebellious little plot-bunnies that infect the writer's mind right before they have something important to do. The author usually has little choice but to subtly jot down notes on a napkin, or some other surface, and dream the entire day, until the moment they go home, open up an Ideas page, and start fleshing out the plot. The story itself finally makes an appearance, and everything else is forgotten. The story has been born and the author is set for a long roller-coaster ride, until that one satisfying moment. When the last few words have been written, and the last drops of ink are running out of your pen as you finish the last punctuation mark. The story has been finished. You go back and read it and reminisce on what almost happened. We writers have a word for those almost-happeneds, those deleted scenes. We call them Omakes. O-mah-kiis. And they are beautiful.

I've been reading more than writing lately, and I've got a few new ideas, two of which being a Cedrimione (Cedric Diggory, and Hermione Granger), and the other a Dramione (Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger). I seem to be pairing Hermione and Luna with any available Hogwarts male at the moment. Including Snape and Voldemort, excluding Dumbledore.


LDAD is still on hiatus and DiRe is in its fifth chapter. I need a better title for DiRe, so will someone please suggest one? I do have an unofficial beta now, and I'd like to thank him for being awesome, otherwise, I would have completely left out the Horadric staff in Act II. I've got a new one-shot on the way, it's 98 percent finished and I enjoyed writing it. Its title is A Frozen Wasteland, featuring Blaise, Daphne, and Vincent. Unfortunately, I'm starting my new school in less than a month so I will probably have little time to write at all for the next ten months. Sorry guys.


LDAD is on hiatus indefinitely; Aerin, my muse, has told me that I am to finish DiRe before even attempting to rewrite that so it's nowhere near as bad. It is not up for adoption, however.


-sigh- I have started to drastically rewrite most of LDAD because my muse beat it into my head that the way I did it was crappy and so...I shall continue to work at it until my muse deems it good enough and long enough to publish. I am also rewriting what little I have of Diablo; Rewritten. Does anyone have any suggestions as to names for the story? I am fully aware that the current title is very crappy and it needs a better one soon!

Why did you choose this pen name?

  • The Halfblood Raven
  • This one I chose because it honors both my fandoms. In Diablo, the Halfbloods are the feline hybrids in the desert, (my favorite of the demons) and the Raven, is Blood Raven herself, (my favorite character from Diablo one). In Harry Potter, Halfbloods are people who have one Muggle or Muggle-born parent, and one Pureblood Parent. The Raven is the Ravenclaws, the House I always see myself going into if my letter ever shows up. My friend Kevin helped me come up with this one, so thanks, Kevin.

  • Tarnished Libris
  • I chose this because I like older books by authors none of my friends have heard of. Tarnishing is when a metal changes color from exposure to oxygen. Libris is the Latin word for books. Tarnished books make me think of forbidden knowledge a.k.a Magic, which makes me think of sorceresses, which makes me think of Diablo II, Bard's Tale and Dungeons & Dragons. You can also find my original poetry over on under this same name.

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    Not so Nearly Headless reviews
    In Harry Potter's second year, Nearly Headless Nick was turned down from the Headless Hunt. The Hunt continues to tease Sir Nick, so the Bloody Baron takes matters into his own hands.
    Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,280 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Published: 12/24/2014 - Nearly Headless Nick, Bloody Baron, Helena R. - Complete
    An Irish Protector reviews
    Ron has abused Hermione. What happens when everyone's favorite Irishman gets involved? Seamione (Seamus/Hermione), mentions of Huna (Harry/Luna). Yes, there is Ron-bashing. ONESHOT.
    Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,738 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 16 - Published: 12/6/2014 - [Seamus F., Hermione G.] - Complete
    Twin-Speak reviews
    There are two sets of twins at Hogwarts, the Patils and the Weasleys. Both sets were ditched by their dates for the Yule Ball. What happens if they get together? Very short bit of fluff that my muse demanded I write. ONESHOT
    Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 530 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/25/2014 - [Fred W., Padma P.] [Parvati P., George W.] - Complete
    This Frozen Wasteland
    Vincent is cold and Blaise is tired of him complaining. Everything else snowballs from there. Crack!fic ONESHOT
    Diablo - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,578 - Published: 8/8/2014 - Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer - Complete
    A Fallen Angel reviews
    A poem about Izual, the fallen angel in the Plains of Despair.
    Diablo - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 67 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 6/19/2012 - Izual - Complete
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