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(chapter 6 in sidekicks story wil come ASAP as its already written, it will possibly come today ortomorrow. Thanks EVERYONE who reviewed it.)

I'm 14 at the moment, my nickname has been Lady Link for years from my love of Zelda.
My favourite Animes are Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater, but Zelda beats them all by a hookshot.

I like writing humor fictions best, as it also seems they're the only ones I'm good at

My fav Zelda characters are Ghirahim, Sheik, Mido, Kafei, Dark, Link, Fi any Skull Kid, Vaati, Groose and Pipit. I named my pet guinea pig Pipit, he is so cute (guinea pig I mean).

And I also like Giggle and Hoot. RANDOM!! XD

I saw this on some people's profiles and figured I'd do the same.


You must fill out EVERY question!

No skipping!

Copy and paste this on your profile!


1. Perfect?


2. Tall?


3. In your pajamas?


4. Left handed?



1. Friend you saw:

The mirror

3. Person to text you:


4. Was today better than yesterday?

I forgot to wake up for yesterday


1. Number:


2. Color(s):


3. Fruit:


4. Place:



1. Are you missing someone right now?


2. Are you happy?


3. Are you sad?


4. Are you bored?


6. Are you nervous?


8. Are you tired?

I'm wide awake


1. Real name?

Bob Jones

2. Nick names?

Lady Link

3. Eye color?

Silver (no joke)

4. Zodiac sign?

Cow -_-

5. Male or female?


6. Slut?

Excuse me?

7. Smart?


8. Hair color?


9. Long or short?

In between

10. Sweats or Jeans?

Jeans. All my sweats are in the wash

11. Phone or Camera?

Phone. Duh

12. Drink or Smoke?

Why don't I just kill myself?

13. Righty or lefty?

I already told you- lefty!


1. First best friend?

I'm not telling

2. First crush?

I still like him (seven years of hopelessromance)

3. First pet?

Dog. A dalmation actually

4. First big vacation?

I forgot


1. Eating?


2. Drinking?


3. I'm about to:

Answer the next question

4. Listening to?

My iPhone's clicking noises

5. Plans for today?



1. Shorter or taller?


2. Romantic or spontaneous?

I don't know what spontaneous means...

3. Sensitive or loud?


4. Hook-up or relationship?

What do you mean by hook-up cos it sounds dirty...


1. Drank bubbles?


2. Lost glasses/contacts?

Only 3D glasses

3. Ran away from home?

Yep, I was in a race to the front gate

4. Broken someone's heart?

Dunno, i'll go ask around.

5. Been arrested?


1. Miracles?


2. Yourself?

I think i'm real, yeah

3. Heaven?

Who cares, I like it here

4. Santa Claus?

Ho Ho

4. Love?


5. Do you like someone?

How many times are you going to ask this?

6. Do you believe in God?


7. Answered the truth on all questions?

My name is not Bob Jones.


This is pointless

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