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Hello everyone I joined this site because about a year ago I started to write my very first fan-fiction of blue sub No 6. At first I just started it as a hobby a means to relax between semesters. However my story has grown rather large and I felt that it was time to share my work especially sine there are not that many stories for this mang/anime.

Now like most BS6 fans I did not like how the story just dropped off after the fourth episode. So I decided to write how I thought the story would have played out if the OVA had turned into a series. That said I also realize that the story of Blue Sub No 6 is a very symbolic one which is why it was only a four part OVA.

In retrospect it was kind of ironic that this anime aired in the US when it did. Because when you watch it now you realize how much the world in the anime reminds you of what it was like after 911. Little did I real ize when I first watched it that we would all be tested the way Hayami was.

But enough of that for now. When I am not writting I am studying to be a Web Developer and thinking of trying to earn a BA in Computer Science. In the future I hope to continue writting on a Resident Evil fan-fiction. So if anyone has any thoughts please fell free to post them.

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