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Author has written 12 stories for Mass Effect, Parodies and Spoofs, and Elder Scroll series.

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UPDATE Dec 2013: Apologies to any readers of The Damned. There are a few insurmountable lore/plot issues I created (d'oh) and I feel I cannot continue it in its current form. As such, it is in process of re-write. Some of the issues arose out of Blue, so when I uploaded that to AO3, there were a few minor amendments. I'm loath to remove it completely from but having two different versions of the same piece does erk me somewhat. I am under the same name on AO3 if you wish to check it out.

[Blue/The Damned spoiler warning]

The main differences are that Liara couldn't have murdered Tevos in the way stated in 'Blue' due to the state of the galaxy, so that's effectively dropped for now. Ethan Ramsay does not commit suicide but instead flees Cerberus with Quinn. Those reading The Damned will note the problems those issues could cause in its current form, hence the re-write.

[spoiler end]

Background: Began my life in fiction writing in May 2012 in the aftermath of the Mass Effect 3 ending furore. Wasn't sure what I had to say when I started but it seems I like to poke and prod at emotions and inject a little light fluff and humour to balance.

WARNING: probably best to give it an hour or so if I upload a new chapter, just while I pick out the errors I missed in the pre-upload proofreads. :)

Favourite writer: Douglas Adams. From Hitchhiker's to Dirk Gently, his sense of the absurd is second to none.

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Out of the Blue reviews
These will be one-shots and scenes that don't really fit into 'Blue', but I thought were interesting/amusing. Some are outside the main 'Blue' stories, others run along side but not necessarily linearly.
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Please note, this fic is effectively abandoned due to lore/plot/writing issues. A re-write is now in the process of being uploaded to AO3 (as of Dec 2013). Apologies.
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Skyrim tales
As with my Mass Effect 'Out of the Blue' series, I'm going to be dropping Skyrim one shots and shorties here.
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With the Reapers defeated and the mass relays repaired, the galaxy can begin to return to normal and is able to continue its very existence thanks to Commander Shepard's sacrifice. But dark forces still lurk, remnants of Cerberus operations, dedicated individuals who still hold dear the doctrines of domination and subservience of the other species. Author: not Liara/Miranda pairing
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Blue reviews
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Careful what you wish for reviews
Aboard the Normandy SR-2 and the Reaper War begun, old friends are able to meet up again. Or so some hope.
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Let go
For purposes of humour, not derision.
Crossover - Parodies and Spoofs & Mass Effect - Rated: K - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 186 - Published: 10/7/2012
There were never such devoted
The Rachni queen and Verity Shepard are working together for mutual gain. Can the queen co-ordinate her children? Can Ashley control her own mouth?
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Long Shadows of the Past reviews
How do Shepard's actions affect her relationship with the virtuous Dr T'Soni? What if she had to justify her actions when she made poor decisions? What if those decisions were horrific in the young asari's eyes? Can their relationship take such strains?
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