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Hey guys! I just looked at my profile, and it's in desperate need of repair. I mean, I made this thing almost a year ago...Which, if I think about it, is pretty dang amazing. The last bio I had on this was from summer time. Lol, I was so weird back then...As if I'm not now, but anyways. First, let me just get the corny stuff out of the way here. I just want to thank all of you for getting me to over 20,000 collective visitors. The fantastic thing is, over 10,000 of those visitors have come from Until Time Stops, the first Pokémon fanfic I have ever written. It's really amazing that so many people from all around the world have read my story. You guys have really inspired me to become better, and I really need to thank you for that. There have actually been some times this year where I've considered giving up writing, but then I read all of your comments, and I'm like, hey, I must be at least a little good at what I do. So, thank you so much for that.

Okay, for some reason, I got a few messages asking me how I got started writing. So, I'll answer. I started writing in just plain composition notebooks, and just did it as a hobby for all of my friends. I would just write them into my different stories and stuff. I found that it was fun, and a good way to relieve stress and stuff that I was trying to deal with in school. My first fanfiction ever was Fruits Basket, so that's all good and stuff. Now I write pretty much anything. That's my first thought when I watch a show; "What can I do to make this a Fanfiction?" So yeah, that's how I started to write, and now it's a huge hobby of mine. I'm totally in love with all the reviews and comments I get from you guys and my friends at school, so thanks for that.

I'm a huge fan of any anime or manga. I just love it so much...So, that's really where my obsession with writing came from. So, here's a list of all of the guys I have huge crushes on and what show they are from. Try not to judge too much...

Pokémon: N Harmonia, Red, Riley

Fruits Basket: Yuki Sohma, Hatroi Sohma, Shigure Sohma, Kyo Sohma, Haru Sohma, any Sohma at all...

Ouran Highschool Host Club: All the guys, but Tamaki Suoh and Neckozawa in particular...

Black Butler: Drocell Keinz, Sebastian Michaelis

Angel Beats: Hinada

Vampire Knight: Kaname Kuran, Zero

Tsubasa Chronicles: Fai D. Flowright, Syaoran

DN Angel: Dark Mousey

DGray Man: Allen Walker

Hetalia: Italy, England, Sweden

Fullmetal Alchemist: Ling, Edward, Roy

Total Drama: Chris McLean

Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy, Fred/George, Remus Lupin

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn, Samwise

Merlin: MERLIN!!!

Doctor Who: 9th Doctor

The Yogscast: Martyn Littlewood (lolz he got a girlfriend...sry Kayei, I still love him...) Duncan Jones...

Okay, now, I shall list some shippings that I support. HERE WE GO!

Pokémon: N Harmonia x White, N Harmonia x Rosa, Rosa x Curtis, Riley x Dawn, Ash x Misty, Rosa x Hugh

Fruits Basket: Tohru Honda x Any of the boys, Kagura x Kyo, Kagura x Yuki, Arisa x Kyo, Saki x Yuki, Kana x Hatori, Mii x Shigure

Ouran Highschool Host Club: Haruhi x Tamaki, Haruhi x Kyoya, Haruhi x Kaoru/Hikaru, Haruhi x Mori, Renge x Kyoya

Black Butler: Ceil x Lady Elizabeth

Angel Beats: I don't really have any in particular...

Vampire Knight: Yuki x Kaname, Yuki x Zero

Tsubasa Chronicles: Syaoran x Sakura, Sakura x Fai

DN Angel: None In Particular...

DGray Man: None In Particular...Once More...

Hetalia: Sry to disappoint, but I don't find this show very romantic...

Fullmetal Alchemist: Ling x LanFan, Roy Mustang x Risa Hawkeye

Total Drama: Trent x Gwen, Courtney x Duncan, Harold x Lashawna, Tyler x Lindsay, Heather x Alejandro

Harry Potter: Harry x Ginny, Draco x Hermione

Lord of the Rings: Samwise x Rosie, Aragorn x Eowyn

Merlin: Merlin x NO ONE! HE'S MINE! xD

Doctor Who: Hmm...I haven't seen much...

The Yogscast: Umm...Idk...xD

Yeah, I know, again, I'm a total nerd. But, please just leave me suggestions for what you want me to write please. Also, thank you so much to all of you guys who have looked at my books and read them. And please keep reviewing! I love reviews more than I should...So insert more heartfelt stuff here for you guys. Yep, so I think that I should start writing again. I'm writing on Pokémon Black 2 at the moment, and it's N x Rosa. I'm really sorry if you don't like VoidCubeShipping, but I wanted to try it. Afterwards, I'll write another one with Curtis and Rosa, and more White and N. But yeah, I'll keep updating, but in return, keep reading please! Love you guys so much!


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