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Author has written 6 stories for Vocaloid, and X-overs.

And now that I finally have some time off I can begin to write again! I've really missed writing, I've just been totally swamped with things to do. I apologize (Again), I know I haven't been releasing chapters weekly like I should be. Chapter releases will continue to work by biweekly standards depending on the story. I believe this will be more manageable and will allow me to get back on track. Really my timing has gotten worse and as new chapters become more intricate I'll need more time to break them down and write. I also apologize for my sudden hiatus. I feel the need to apologize because I owe you guys and myself that much. Again, sorry for no updates and slow updates.

You know what I always say is, "Why be sane in an insane world?" It's true you know. The world is full of crazy people and some of those crazy people are my friends. That may be the reason why I write such twisted stories. I enjoy it to a degree. I've had a lot of pen names recently I'm not sure why so just a heads up that this name might change or it might not. If you like my writing my age isn't really necessary isn't it? Still, if you want you can leave me messages and ask questions. I'm always open to criticism and curiosity. I'm not the best writer but I do try my best.

I do watch anime and read manga. I've seen quite a sum so if you want suggestions then PM me up. I update when I can, which means that I do update my stories rather regularly (which I find most authors don't do much these days and now I understand why). I've been a bit all over the place lately but do expect new chapter releases to go back as follows;

Obsessed: Every Monday (Coming soon)

(MikixMikuxGumo) Miku Hatsune lives a regular life with her friend Gumo, one not even similar to Miki's. She's extravagant and simply gorgeous. Everyone envies her, everyone adores her. However there's something more Miki wants and it has everything to do with Miku.

LoliDolly: Every second Tuesday

Active Pain: Every odd Wednesday (This story has been frozen due to unforeseen difficulties and will be rewritten soon enough)

Pitiless Kiss: Every second Wednesday

Deceived: Every second Thursday

Envy Catwalk: Every second Friday

Liars Strife: Either second Monday's or Friday's

Let Go of Onii-Chan: Every Sunday (Coming soon)

(MikuxKaitoxKaiko) Miku has to spend the summer in with her crushes family after her house mysteriously burns down. Kaito is cute, and so is his little sister. However someone isn't so thrilled about Miku's sudden arrival. Who knows, sometimes the only one your brother needs is you.

All stories labelled "Coming Soon" will be released when every story out so far reaches their designated Chapter 20. So after they all reach 20 chapters one story will be released, then when that story reaches 20 another new story will be released and so on. I apologize for my tardiness but i'm trying my hardest to release one chapter for each story biweekly.

I adore Gumi and I feel there aren't enough stories for her don't you think? So I usually place her somewhere in my writing be it main character or not that's just how I am. Expect quite a few different pairings for my stories (hey it's a good thing you know) and a lot of odd things... I detest writing basic plain stories I mean who wants to read those? In all seriousness thanks for checking out my profile.

Lex and the Thief by Ornamental Nonsense reviews
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