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My very first profile was pretty much crap, so I want to make a better one. I am from Memphis, TN and frankly I still live there. I am in my teens, I would specify but I really don't want to be stalked. I read like a lot so that's mainly why I write fanfiction. Not to say 'haha I can do this so much better than you' because I'm pretty sure I can't. Since I am way too lazy to exert myself socially I know a few people really good. The others are just people I hang with when I need gossip or any other superficial topic because I swear that's what half of the female population at my school do. I am a pretty smart gal taking the fact that I have been advanced since first grade. But I am not bragging. One thing I am really proud of is the fact that I am a certified weirdo. Yep, I have a card lol. I don't really have a favorite fandom because I mostly read things similar to what I've already read. But no Harry Potter since I have never read the series. Because, yes I have a good reason, ever since I knew I wanted to read them they are never available at the library and I really hate buying books unless I really love the book or series. There are three things I never do when writing for the fans which is when I write not for my enjoyment but for yours.

1. I never under any circumstances write love triangles because I honestly think they are an epic fail. You know one person is going to be chosen and the answer is clear early on in the series/book, but you root for other guy because some people may like him. Nothing but chaos comes out of it. No Team Jacob or Team Edward for me. Though if I write a fanfiction about Twilight it's going to be OOC for Bella and Jacob as a pairing. If you really want to know why PM me. *NOTE* I may rant about Twilight. Anyways, moving on. (Update: Maybe just a small triangle...)

2. I don't write weak main character or make a book's character weak. That makes the whole series/book horrible, Especially if that main character is the narrator. By weak I mean irritating, whiny, a damsel in distress, chick prone to depression/suicide.

3. I will NEVER kill of a character, whether it's mine or borrowed, if you guys get attached to it. An exception if everyone more or less hates him/her.

Okay now that is done I give you brief info about me. I love purple. And many people think I am a scene/emo chick, but that's never happening because I really hate labels. I listen to a lot of stuff mostly bands/singers like Journey, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses. Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Shinedown, Flyleaf, and other various songs of similar genres. I also like dramatic movie scores, symphonic metal, some tolerable top 40, and other tolerable music on hip-hop stations. My favorite movie is The third Transformers, I think it's the Dark Side of the Moon. I love ranting. I also love sticking up for people and their rights and differences. I love purple. I love eating. I am all for society sucking and the government being a conspiracy. There probably is an Area 51, just saying. My favorite decade is the 90s because the US went down shortly afterwards. I try to avoid conflicts, but I'm not afraid to put someone in their place. My writing began in the fifth grade when I started writing tween stuff and manifested in the seventh when I started writing angst and brooding poetry. Check me out on teenink.com my pen name is BleedingHeartsBeat. Romance is my strongest genre, maybe angst and humor. REVIEWS MAKE ME A VERY HAPPY LADY!!! I think that's it but I do have to say that I feel for the people that are getting their stuff removed. One day I'm going to make a site just for you guys. I really need to learn how to make my chapters longer. And if you like my story feel free to PM if you're a beta or just a fan...

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