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Author has written 6 stories for Battlestar Galactica: 2003, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, and Caprica.

Author of Ashes of Humanity: Phoenix which is a cleaned up and original version of New Beginnings

First off, to anyone who has seen the hints in New Beginnings as well as the spin offs Lions of Leonis and Wolfpack, yes this universe is GOING to be crossed over with the Stargate universe. While certain events have happened which may have been due to SGC influence (I'm not telling you which events) I am not officially classing these fics as sgc crossovers until the Colonials officially meet the SGC which is going to be a long time coming and will be at the completion of New Beginnings in a new fic.

Okay well I guess that I'm a huge Battlestar Galactica (RDM) and Caprica fan (I don't see why people complained about this show, it's last episode is my all time favourite episode from any tv show and the first half of the season was it just getting its feet under it) and while I consider myself a big fan of Stargate (all tv series) there is a lot that I don't know. I'm also a fan of vikings (can't believe how good this show is and the music wow), firefly (how could they cancel? Oh right it had Summer Glau in it one of my all time favourite actresses and my number three female but everything she's in seems to get axed [firefly, dollhouse, TSCC]), dollhouse (loved the concept but show was too shortlived), continuum (if I could choose between Caprica and Continuum Id choose Caprica), da vinci's demons (brilliant show), intelligence (was pleasantly surprised at this show), orphan black (must watch although helenas theme is bloody annoying, Tatiana Maslany is a brilliant actress and amazingly hot), gilmore girls (we all have a guilty pleasure), and terra nova (why cut it on such a good cliff hanger) there is a good chance that I won't be writing a fanfic on any of them.

TV shows which I may at some point produce a fanfic on (most probably 1000-7000 word one shots) include Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles after Season two, Game Of Thrones (one idea i had for this is a bannerman of Robb learning about the plot for the red wedding and going from there, could be a slight crossover with LOTR in that nicking either helms deep or Edoras and transplanting them to the North along with a much smaller Rohirim and maybe Eomer or Faramir), Jericho, Defying Gravity (don't see why this was cut after one season) and The Walking Dead with a possible crossover being Jericho and The Walking Dead. Possible movie fics and crossovers include Edge of Tomorrow, After Earth, Limitless, Terminator (highly possible will do a one shot fic on T3 and a multichapter fic on the Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Divergent (possibility for doing one after the end of the last book and yes I read the booksMost of those fics if I write them will be just one shots and may focus on a single event where I look at what happened and think but why didn't they do this (for example in walking dead season 1 why didn't they pick up the machine guns set up at military checkpoints or the guns on the dead soldiers outside the CDC, hell what if Jenner had given them enough warning so they could gather med supplies, guns, food, clothing etc from inside the cdc. then in episode 1 of season 2 dale says the hose has gone on the van and he doesn't have a replacement but surely the water truck had one or the truck thats on its side or the box tuck/caravan i saw on the highway. I could poke holes in the walking dead all day). One thing I am not looking at doing is slash fanfiction not that I have anything against it but while my fics will have coupling in them it wont or at least shouldnt be the primary driving force behind my stories.

Right now my main focus is getting Battlestar Galactica: Wolfpack finished before continuing on with Battlestar Galactica: New Beginnings and Battlestar Galactica: Lions of Leonis which share the same universe as Wolfpack meaning events taking place in Wolfpack may affect what's happening in Lions of Leonis and New Beginnings.

While I know that there are plenty of mistakes (some of which aren't actually mistakes but intended for a much larger universe after season 4 of BSG) in the first ten or so chapters of New Beginnings, please understand that they were wrote on a device which for some insane reason deleted parts that I had wrote and those mistakes and deleted parts will eventually be fixed. As you know if you've read any of my work I try to keep the physics of spaceflight realistic to a certain point so there is no thrust without counter-thrust if you're moving, sound doesn't carry in a vacuum etc. and I also try to make things seem as realistic as possible to a certain point (that point being my own intelligence and knowledge of certain things). My main guide for BSG/Caprica while writing would have to be battlestarwiki as well as the hundred or so episodes of BSG and Caprica as well as the tie-in movies and Blood and Chrome pilot and while there may be things I change whether it be either from a lack of knowledge either from myself or having been provided by the producers I will at least try to fit in those things to the universe as defined by RDM and will give explanations in the story for why things are the way they are.

New Beginnings will be only loosely following the BSG series albeit with differing results and actions taking due to the increased size of the fleet etc. however some episodes will never happen as consequence so take the BSG series as a rough roadmap made in the 1990s being used to travel on the roads in 2014 (some roads will be there and others won't be). A lot of events will be changed from having the Graystones along for the ride along with the knowledge that they bring.

Lions of Leonis will be covering the ground war on Leonis after the bombs have fallen and will be seen from a number of vantage points from Field Marshal Montgomery and Queen Alexandria to the boots on the ground Legionaries of Leonis' main fighting force her Legions, as well as certain Cylon perspectives. The story will primarily be focused on the Capital City Luminaire and the story won't just be about the warfare but will instead have part of its focus on how people are surviving.

Wolfpack will follow Admirals Cain and Hudson and Commanders Burkett, Fasjovik and Sallis as they lead a small fleet (Mercury Class Battlestars Pegasus and Therion, Arion Class Battlestar Arion, Valkyrie Class Battlestar Praetoria and Nemea Class Battlestation/Mobile Drydock Orca) against the Cylons in guerrilla warfare as they chase after the Colonial fleet of New Beginnings. Everything has consequences in this story and while there is brutality in it I am attempting to keep it dumbed down to the point where I don't need to put it into the M category primarily because those stories don't show up unless you search for them.

Of my other stories the only ones I have plans to extend are Discovery by one chapter if someone wants to know just how different things will be for Earth 2 after the discovery of the treasure trove left by Admiral Adama and the other story is Stargate Atlantis: Battle of Asuras AU which I plan to one day build up to the end of season 5 of Atlantis at which point things will take a dramatic turn, plans for a crossover are already in motion but likely won't fully come to fruition for about 2 years (I can only write so much without losing my job).

Well I guess that's it but one last thing is I really appreciate feedback on chapters I write since it helps me see where I'm both going wrong or right and the extra ideas - while I may not go with them - do sometimes help me to get other ideas and sometimes build in the original idea and hey, the reviews allow me to stroke my ego.

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