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Poll: At the moment I'm working on Slendermon and The Chase, and I have many other ideas. When I finish these two stories, what do you guys want me to write? Vote Now!
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Dated 11/04/2013- I would like to take this opportunity to apologise that my fics have not been updated for a while, and will not be. I am going on an enforced educational hiatus to prepare for my final exams, plus family life is very difficult (my parents are being absolute assholes, and there's two cases of cancer in the family) AND I am having to deal with horrific block/lack of time AGAIN. I can not say how sorry I am. I just hope you'll stick by me, and I thank you for your patience while this state of affairs continues.

Hello there amigos! Just me, Sharkness! I've been reading Fanfiction for over a year now, and I've FINALLY decided to get an account! Hooray! Here's a little bit of info for you:


Name: Sharkness. You thought I was going to tell you my real name, didn't you? Well tough luck! :) My penname contains 2 letters from my name (not telling which), plus it's reference to the fact that I once caught a baby Basking SHARK while fishing in Loch NESS on holiday. The achievement of my life: no-one knows how a saltwater shark made it inland.

Other names: My friends nicknamed the shark Jaws, because apparently you have to call a shark Jaws, and it's now stuck to me too. So I guess you can call me Jaws.

Age: Still a teen. Any further, and it's confidential, classified information... Oh fine, 16. There, happy?

Gender: Male. Straight. Single. That is all. What? I'm just being honest..

Nationality: English. I will ALLOW British, but I declare myself English. And no, I'm not a la-dee-dah snob English/British stereotype. I'm just a normal guy, really. Honestly, I am.

Location: England. Well, I'm not telling you all what part of England. I don't want a Fanfiction authors' outing to England turning up uninvited. I'll give you a clue, its not up north.

Likes: Football (or soccer, to you Americans. Liverpool FC for the win), tennis, rugby (I support Sale Sharks. Again, see. Bloody sharks EVERYWHERE), swimming, FIFA, Nintendo, Pokemon, Football Manager, my iPod, rock music, apple pie, baseball (Go Red Sox!), basketball (Orlando Magic all the way), girls (of course)

Favourite thing: Football. I INSIST that its football though. Not soccer.

Dislikes: Dubstep, rap music, salad, mayo, American football, blackberries, Blackberry phones, COD, Xbox (if I wanted one, I'd choose PS3), golf, manga.

2 Things I Most Hate: Twilight, Justin Bieber

Future prospects for Fanfiction- I will probably mainly write Pokemon stories, with a bit of Primeval, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Discworld and anything else that tickles my fancy. I have many Pokemon fics lined up for publishing, and many more ideas for Pokemon fics, but my work on here will be hindered by the lack of access to my own computer, the fact that my parents monitor my internet vigourously (but not vigorous enough to find this account. Take that suckers!) and the fact I'll be doing most of the work on my iPod, which is as slow as a hungover, obese tortoise. Updates for stories won't be easy (if I even get something up on here); I'll do my best for you though. Your patience with me is greatly appreciated. Important Info- My school has now started. Please be patient with me, updates may take a while as I have less writing time, but I'll work as hard as possible! :D

Facts about me-

• I am the only person on Fanfiction in its entirety to have written a story starring the Seven Sages of Team Plasma.

• I am the only person ON THE INTERNET to RP as Don Paolo from Professor Layton. Truly, one of a kind.

CURRENT STORIES: (many of my stories will be Pokemon. I have 20x the amount of ideas for Pokemon than any other fandom):

•Slendermon- A Pokemon fanfic based on the Slenderman urban legend, with a Team Plasma rebellion, an epic battle and tons of suspense. Rated M (for mild sex references, quite a bit of swearing and a heap of blood and gore), but please read and review it! I will update as quick as possible for you all! CHAPTER 14 NOW UP!!


•Death Worm: The sequel to Slendermon, based on the Death Worm myth. Aaron and Ronnie have survived the Slendermon's rage, but can they survive in the harsh Unova desert sands against a monster that hides in the sand, spitting poison and electricity? Only time will tell, and that's running out, as the Death Worm stops hibernating to begin its hunt... CHAPTER 9 NOW UP!

•The Chase: My new fanfic, starring Detective Looker of the International Police as he and his trusty Croagunk travel to Unova to hunt down the Seven Sages of Team Plasma and bring them to justice! With special appearances from Ghetsis, the Shadow Triad, N, Hilda, Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca, Alder, the Gym Leaders and many more... CHAPTER 16 NOW UP!! (WARNING- will probably contain many scenes of action, gunfights, car chases, a plane crash, possibly romance, general badass behaviour and many Die Hard references. Because I can and will!) :)

•Fireworks: A Ferriswheelshipping oneshot, for the New Year, set at a fireworks display. Normally I struggle writing romantic/soppy fics, but I've done a decent job with Fireworks, and it is, per chapter average, my most successful fic.

•New Divide: My first ever oneshot, starring the Seven Sages of Team Plasma (it is officially the first ever fic to star the Sages. I can claim a Fanfiction record :D). It hasn't been that successful, but I enjoyed writing it, and its a good bridge in Team Plasma's history between B/W and B2/W2. Give it a try, you may like it :)

MY FORUMS- Yes, I have branched out into forums! Its certainly a new experience :D give these a check when you're passing!

•PMD- New World Order: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon forum where you submit your own Pokemon species as an OC, and battle with each other and against a formidable new enemy. Not that popular at the moment, but try it!

•The Villain Rage Club: My personal first foray into another fandom! Yay! :D The Rage Club is a Professor Layton forum where you can rant and rave to your heart's content about your least favourite villain. My most popular forum :)

Layton Life RP: NOT MY FORUM! I just RP on it :) credit for this amazing forum goes to The Mocking J, and its great fun to take part in :D


1) Sage Indigo

(Those of you who have read Slendermon will know that I have created my own Sage to be Ghetsis' replacement in the Seven Sages. That Sage is Sage Indigo. If you have a Team Plasma story, he would be perfect, even as a non-Sage! Here he is)-

•Name- Tarquin Indigo (Sage Indigo)

•Age- 65

•Occupation- Sage of Team Plasma (or a high ranking member at least)

•Height- 5 foot, 4 inches

•Weight- 90kg

•Appearance- Short, grey hair, with a very curly grey moustache. Perfect teeth, blue eyes. Always dresses in a brown tweed jacket with matching trousers, a white shirt, pink tie, and a brown Trilby hat with a pink band around it. Quite portly- always carries a briefcase around, and has a gold pocket watch on a chain, with Team Plasma's logo on it.

•History- Indigo was born in Castelia City Unova to rich parents who spoiled him in childhood. He grew up to become one of Unova's most successful and rich bankers, before joining Team Plasma on retirement.

•Pokemon- (Psychic and Fighting type Pokemon Master)- Gallade, Alakazam, Mienshao, Beheeyem, Scrafty, Machamp (all high level 80s, strong Pokemon)

•Personality- A very jolly man with a sharp wit and a fantastic sense of humour, Indigo likes to be friends with everyone. He will immediately try to make friends with everyone. He is a fantastic businessman, but if someone offends him or makes enemies with him, he is quite vindictive and spiteful towards them.

•Other info- Has a strong, posh English accent.

2) The Slendermon-

Yep, that's right! My original creation, the monster that started my Fanfiction career, the monster that starred in my first fanfic Slendermon. My favourite OC! :) BUT YOU BETTER NOT STEAL IT!-

•Names: Slendermon, PW102, Slendy (the author's affectionate name)

•Species: Zoroark

•Gender: None.

•Appearance: Ten-foot high, with legs at least 4 foot long and 4 foot arms. Very thin, almost emaciated, but is very wiry- has very strong muscles that stand out on the thin limbs like beads on a wire. It has black fur and a black mane, with foot-long claws on each paw and foot, always razor sharp. It has no facial features (no eyes, nose, ears or snout), except for its long teeth- its black fur covers over where its eyes should be.

•History: After N cancelled Team Plasma's construction of Genesect, Ghetsis and Colress agreed to continue the research in secret, building a stronger Pokemon weapon. This weapon was the Slendermon, or PW102 as it was known.

•Special traits- numerous because of the experiments conducted on it. It is the first Pokemon to have two abilities, keeping its Illusion ability and gaining the Wonder Guard ability. It can only be damaged by Bug and Fighting type moves, and can create illusions to help it hunt (popular ones include a no-faced Tropius, a tree, and a copy of itself to act as a body double/distraction). It has extremely boosted stats because of this, including HP, but as a result of this cannot use normal moves. To overcome this, it has been injected with Shadow Aura, making it a Shadow Pokemon. With its Aura (combined with its Illusions) it can manipulate shadows, to hide in or to attack, either by throwing a projectile ball of Shadow Aura or by summoning tentacles of Shadow Aura. It is extremely powerful.

•Favoured battle style- RAGE. Kicking, punching and clawing at enemies is its physical preference, along with jumping away. It also likes to play tricks on its enemies by substituting with an Illusion double, and will attack from range with its Shadow Aura.

•Other info- Because it is a Shadow Pokemon, it is uncontrollably angry, bordering on psychopathic, and will attack almost anything. It enjoys hunting and killing victims, and has a gruesome, sickening smile with its teeth when its happy at killing something.

My Awesome List-

I've seen a few authors do this, so I will too! This is a list of my favourite people on here-

1) EchoingBreeze. Echo is a fantastic friend, my best on here! She is the girl who got me out of writer's block and on here writing, she helped me when I was stuck, and she inspired me to write Slendermon (a fic now dedicated to her because of it). Echo, you're simply amazing! :D

2) Ri2. If Echo is the girl who inspired me to write my first Fanfic, Ri2 is the writer who got me first interested in writing full stop, and in writing Pokemon Fanfiction. Absolutely stunning at weaving a story, 'Brave New World' and 'Latias' Journey' are supreme, without a doubt two of the best fics on the site. Thanks for inspiring me Ri2! :)

3) The Mocking J. MJ is a great laugh, and an even better writer of Professor Layton Fanfiction, which I have a soft spot for. She's also the girl who got me interested in roleplay forums- check out the 'Layton Life RP' forum, where I have my OC, Henchley the cat :) and she's helped me quite a bit with The Chase too! You are great MJ!

4) Smash619. Smash is just a great guy! He is the guy who Reece Davis from The Chase belongs too, he is a great supporter, very fun to talk to over PM, and he's the first ever person to win one of my 'Guess the Monster' competitions. And, he's a great writer! And, he's British too! Hooray! :D

5) Lucama221. You know how Smash won my first ever GTM competition? Well, Lucama was second by 20 minutes. It was that close :) Lucama is also a great guy, also British, also my age, and also a fantastic writer (I'm just waiting for him to post it online). He also has supported me quite a bit with my work, so thanks Lucama! You're a swell guy! :)

6) Canadian Sasquatch. What a name :) and what a guy! He's more experienced than me, and has given me plenty of valuable tips from his experience. It shows in his writing too- 'The Merging' is so good! He's also very genre-savvy, remarkably psychic when predicting character deaths, and he's fun to talk to too! :)

That's all for now! Until next time, adios! :D

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