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Author has written 31 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Power Rangers, Crossing Jordan, Pacific Blue, and Mummy.

Coming Soon:

Dark Inheritance: Chapter 21
Ranger Scrolls: Chapter 28

Notes: 1/6/2016: Happy New Year everyone! So I did start a new chapter of Dark Inheritance. And did a good chunk on it. And then started working more in the afternoons. I want you guys to know that I promise it hasn't been abandoned. The new chapter will happen. I hope soon but I am done picking dates since clearly I can't keep them :P

Thank you to all my readers for sitting patiently and waiting for new chapters! They will be here soon I promise :)

Some of you wanted to know a little about me.

I am a 29 (and holding lol) year mother of two from South Carolina. I grew up in the southern states (I've lived in Jackson, MS, Atlanta, GA, Simpsonville, SC and spent most of my life in Charlotte, NC) and in 2008 I moved to Missouri before moving back to the south. I graduated high school in 2000 and went on to obtain a useless bachelor's degree and still have no idea what I want to do "when I grow up" lol.

Obviously two huge interests of mine are reading and writing. Besides reading fanfics I'm into mystery novels (like Kathy Reich's books) as well as supernatural books such as the Rachel Morgan (the Hollows) series and the Mortal Instruments series. I grew up playing sports (basketball and softball) and watching sports (I love the Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers). I still enjoy playing softball and basketball, I used to bowl weekly (averaged 173) but the only sport I participate in regularly is Tae Kwon Do, where I am a second degree black belt.

As for what I watch (which for the record is waaaay to much tv lol), my favorite current TV shows are The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Flash, Arrow, Once Upon A Time, Grimm and Criminal Minds. I'm into some of the shows on the Discovery Channel (I could watch Mythbusters for hours lol) and stuff on the Food Network. I also watch some reality TV (by some I mean I spend three months each year obsessed with the Big Brother house lol). And then of course there's the shows that have come and gone that I miss such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed. Of course we can't forget the Power Rangers, past present and future. I am into movies and there is so many that I have seen that I loved but I'd have to say my favorites are Armageddon, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Spaceballs and Major League. And for my music interests, I love the stuff from the 80's and 90's and my two favorite bands are Offspring and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

At the moment I can't think of much else interesting about me but if I do I will share :)

Image Note: I have been using the old one for so long I thought I would change it up. That is my dog Loki. Why the dog and not PR? I don't have a good one right now :P Besides he has cool ears so he deserves his five minutes on my page :)

I don't mind people writing using characters I created as long as you email me ahead of time and tell me. I don't think I've ever said no, I just like to know that someone is using my stuff as well as be able to be given a link to it when you're done so I can read it (and, obviously, to be given credit for the characters).

I also enjoy doing collaborations series related or not. If you are interested, let me know.

A little bit about my series...

Ranger Scrolls

This series was created many years ago, when Power Rangers Zeo first aired. It assumes that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era occurs almost exactly as it did on television (with the exception that I place my faith in MMPR:TM and Dulcea and tend to ignore the Ninjor side of things, which of course would slightly change some of season three). The major changes to the cannon universe occur slightly after the beginning of Zeo. Back then I was unhappy with Zeo and wanted to make changes of my own, mainly with characters. This is why I created Carri Hillard, to use as Tanya's Zeo Ranger replacement.

As for the character of Carri Hillard, she came from my imagination. She is not supposed to be based off of anyone in particular, although I suppose throughout the years I've brought aspects of myself into her personality as well as qualities from people I was close to at the time. I can't tell you what exactly what was going on in my mind when I created Carri (nor do I think I'd want to go back into my fourteen year old mind lol) but I can try to give you what I've got. I have always been a huge Kim and Kim/Tommy fan however I never hated the character of Katherine (only her relationship with Tommy) so I thought it would be cool for Carri to be Kat's cousin. She is different from Kat which is what led to their turbulent relationship throughout the last few years. I wanted to have her grow up in Angel Grove and have a passion for the town and the state of California. I also thought as Kat's cousin it would be cool if she had duel citizenship which is why she was born in Australia. She was truly a California girl at heart, into the sun and surf, and her other major passion was baseball as she loved watching it and her brother taught her how to play. She moved to New York before she started high school which kept her from meeting any of the rangers in Angel Grove for a few years. In New York she let her mom push her into cheerleading (which she hated) and she met friends and got a boyfriend she wasn't big on either. The only thing in New York she could convince her mother to let her do that she liked was karate. The summer after Kat moved to Angel Grove Carri moved back to live with her aunt and uncle, but not before finding out from an evil Katherine who the power rangers were. Ranger Scrolls picks up the day she arrived in Angel Grove, which was the day before she started her senior year at Angel Grove High School. At this point she's wiping the three miserable years in New York off of her slate and going back to being the girl wanted to be.

As for the non cannon characters that she surrounds herself with, a lot of them were based on people I knew. Matt, Luke and John were guys I knew in middle and high school (although those aren't their real names). Mollie is based on a power rangers fanfic writer (who as far as I know no longer writes fan fiction). She and I worked together to add her character in and create the plot for "Two Loves". She also worked with me on creating the character of Chris, although he's taken on a life of his own since his original character development.

Ranger Scrolls starts with "A New Ranger". That story was originally posted sometime during the first run of the Zeo series. It was posted on my site and other Power Rangers fanfic sites such as Jenga's Library. The way the story works is as follows:

In the cannon storyline, "A Zeo Beginning" parts 1 and 2 happen as is, only at the end of their junior year/beginning of the summer. I essentially ignored the next few Zeo episodes. In my AU, shortly after "A Zeo Beginning", Tanya and Adam start dating, with Tanya never meeting Shawn. "A New Ranger" occurs during the first week of their senior year.

After that, Ranger Scrolls starts to sync up with the cannon universe as much as possible. The second ranger scrolls fic, "Best In The Bigs" is my version of "Rangers In The Outfield". After "Rangers In The Outfield" the assumption is that essentially every episode of Power Rangers Zeo occurs in my timeline, with a few exceptions. The most obvious is that the storylines would be a little different, mostly where things about the yellow ranger were concerned as I had Carri as yellow. For example, "Song Sung Yellow" is essentially scrapped and Auric would have been discovered a lot differently.

The stories in the Ranger Scrolls series are meant to be adventures that occur in between the Zeo mostly cannon adventures. Most of the Ranger Scrolls stories give hints as to where they would be in the official timeline (assuming Carri was official), hinting to which villains are there, which rangers are there, ect. Ranger Scrolls doesn't sync up with anything official after graduation as it has nothing left to sync up to. The Zeo team is around until "Day of Destruction", after which I created the Ninja Zeo team , whose adventures essentially occur alongside the mostly cannon version of "Power Rangers in Space".

For the longest time the series didn't have a name, but I eventually settled on Ranger Scrolls as a play off of Xena Scrolls, as someone was writing down the adventures of these rangers to keep their stories alive. The original series was posted as single fics (as that's how series were done back then) and I didn't know much about chapters when I started posting here. I didn't consider the fics as chapters of the same story, I considered them different individual stories of the same series, which is the reason all the stories were originally posted like they were.

I wrote the first part of the series (through Homecoming) while in high school and I picked it up again a few years ago, finishing with Armageddon which concludes the Space and Ninja Zeo rangers runs.

Power Rangers Legacy

This series is the sequel series to Ranger Scrolls. It assumes that as far as the Power Rangers universe goes, everything from Lost Galaxy on happens just the way it does in the television series. This series goes back to following the same set of rangers from Ranger Scrolls. It starts off eight years after Armageddon with Kim and Carri's return to Earth from their personal ranger related missions. Those missions come back to haunt them with the arrival of Callisto and Rita and Zedd's daughter Rhianna on Earth. To protect their planet they reunite with their old teammates, some of whom they hadn't spoken to in years. While protecting the planet from these enemies, they find themselves faced with personal issues as well as ranger issues, and one ranger finds themselves with a change that completely alters the rest of their life.

Dark Inheritance

When Kim and her two Planetary Rangers, along with three former rangers, go to rescue the Nova Rangers from a villain named Arius, Kim's Muirantian legacy is revealed to a new set of foes. Arius returns to his boss, Deimos, a demon with dreams of uniting the old evil empire, with news of a Muirantian power ranger. Deimos knows that Kim as a Muirantian is heir to Maligore, which makes her the heir to Dark Specter and the only being in the universe with the power and the influence to unite the evil empire. He sends Arius to do whatever is necessary to convince Kim to return and marry Deimos while taking her rightful place on the throne.

Arius returns to Earth, threatening to capture the two Planetary Rangers and destroy the planet if Kim does not comply. Kim knows she can't give in, besides the ramifications of reuniting the evil empire Kim knows that she cannot embrace her evil heritage. If she were to become evil she would become another Kemora, a being with the ability to hop across dimensions and destroy countless worlds as she saw fit. It was for this reason that searched out team members for her remaining Planetary morphers. Kim's only hope is that four new rangers are enough to destroy Arius and save countless worlds from her dark inheritance.

Viva Las Vegas

This story was inspired by another fic. It follows the cannon universe until the events in the story take place. (Once again following the assumption that the Dulcea story was true and not the Ninjor one - can you tell which side of that story I fall on?) I wanted to have Tommy and Kim reunite and I figured what better place to do it than Vegas. This follows Tommy and Kim's accidental meeting through they're moving in together in Reefside and Tommy's proposal, which occurs shortly before the start of "Return To Action" and Kim's call back to duty.

Return To Action

This is the sequel to Viva Las Vegas. I felt like I had done a lot with the Vegas aspect and the romance aspect in Viva Las Vegas. I wanted to add some action and I was pulling the story way off of the original premise so I decided to end Viva Las Vegas and continue it on in Return To Action. In this story Kim and Tommy's quiet life in Reefside is interrupted when an old rival of Kim's returns. After Kim thwarts her yet again, she sets her sights on Earth and destroying everything Kim has ever cared about. To stop her Kim must assemble a team made up of retired rangers who gain their power from an ancient crystal, the Sonic Crystal. These new Sonic Force rangers now have to juggle between stopping Cerlina and dealing with the drama in their everyday lives.

Pictures of the original ranger teams by Chris:

Ranger Scrolls, Ninja Zeo Rangers

Dark Inheritance, Planetary Rangers - Note, the design is mostly complete but it has been so long since I wanted to show you guys what I was going for. The girls are missing skirts and the front of the uniform on the chest is missing an emblem similar to the one on their belts. And for those wondering, yes there is totally Sentai influence in the design.

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A Second Hellmouth reviews
The mayor finds a way to distract the slayer
Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Pacific Blue - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,116 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 1/12/2000 - Buffy S. - Complete