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So every once in a while I completely update my profile. No, not even update. Revamp, because I just delete everything that was on the page before and start it all from scratch. Yeah, that's the right word. Anyways, I thought that a good way to help ring in the new year with some fresh material was by updating my profile while I'm stuck in a car going up on I-95 for fifteen hours. Don't ask. Anyways, since this is my profile and I'm supposed to tell you about myself, my interests, my work, and my experience, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I just like talking.

My name is MechanixAngel, obviously, but better known by my friends as Chris. I'm not telling you my last name because that would be weird, and besides, my friends call me 'Chris', so why would you call me 'Chris (Last Name)'? It wouldn't make any sense. But formally, I'm just Mech. Short for Mechanix. Short for MechanixAngel.

You're probably wondering how I came up with such an odd sounding profile name. Usually I do my first initials and then something football or hockey related, but this site presented a new opportunity. What if I started using something ELSE? So, I fused together Mechanix, the name of a Megadeth (probably haven't heard of them) song that Dave Mustaine wrote while he was in the band Metallica (probably heard of them, though). Then he got kicked out of the band before their first album, and changed the lyrics of the song to what is now The Four Horsemen, and didn't give Mustaine any writing credit. So for us Megadeth fans, The Mechanix is a rebellion. Now that I think about it, Metallica's lyrics are much better. After all, I'd rather listen to a song warning us of an apocalypse rather than one about a car mechanic who is attracted to one of his customers and uses all kinds of freaky car related innuendos... Yeah. And the Angel part is dedicated to Clockwork Angels, Rush's (Come on, they just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. You MUST have heard of them) new album that was set to come out about two weeks after I joined this site. So MechanixAngel was born.

If you weren't told to go to this paragraph, please skip over and go to the next one. You'll see the humor later. If you were, then go to the eleventh paragraph now. Go on! Shoo!

As you could probably tell from the last paragraph, I'm more of a rock and metal fan than all of this Taylor Swift crap. Like, 'I Knew You Were Trouble' isn't that bad, but really, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' could have been written by any idiot. Along my favorite bands are Rush, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, UFO, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Metallica, the Allman Brothers Band, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Chris Cornell's solo effort.

Though I'm just twelve, I very much enjoy a lot of television that isn't meant for people my age. I mean, everyone watches Family Guy anyways, so why should me and my friends be any different? So when I've got the clicker in hand, the screen is usually set to shows like Family Guy, the Simpsons, SNL, Regular Show, Adventure Time, 30 Rock, the Office (the BBC version with Ricky Gervais), The Big Bang Theory, or Impractical Jokers.

Even so, my dad is usually watching with me, so I'm usually watching sports. I play football and golf regularly, and I cycle, run, and play hockey, although the last one I don't do that much anymore. That doesn't mean I don't like watching other sports. The NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, PGA, Formula 1, the EPL, and the Tour de France are all followed in my house. If it's American, then I like Chicago teams (White Sox, not Cubs for baseball), Illinois and Wisconsin for college sports, Chelsea, Fernando Alonso, Steve Stricker, and the Schleck brothers. Except Frank Schleck got busted for PEDs and Andy was injured this year.

Yeah, and then a lot of the time I'll play these fancy things called video games. You may have heard of them. Although I may not actually play them that often, I find a lot of them very interesting to write about. Included are Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and Madden. That's really it. Although I don't play that often, I am really, really good at the first two.

So yeah. That's all about who I am for future reference. You can now judge my personality based on those paragraphs however you like. And while you're at it, make your mental image of me based on these facts. It isn't going to be important later or anything, its just a test to check your listening skills. Now, if you're really reading, go to the next paragraph.

If you reached this point, you have passed the test! Wait, what? (Someone explains that if someone really weren't paying attention, they would've reached this point anyways). Darn. OK, so I'm going to have to make it harder. Go up to fourth paragraph and follow the instructions there.

Welcome back. Now, if you've reached this point, now you really were listening. So good job. (Thumbs-up) Anyways, here is some stuff I've done on this site.

Current Projects

TPoM II: One Shadow Stranger - The sequel to my famed story The Prophecy of Minecraftia. Dylan Richter's son Jay ends up discovering Minecraftia according to the Prophecy of the First Realm, and then hell breaks loose. Most of the story will take place from the point of view of Jay being interrogated, and a full synopsis of how the story works is inside it; it's kind of complicated. XD But anyways, this will be the same length as TPoM and since I'm writing two stories at once now, this is going to take a long time to complete.

Ignition Point - This story is unrelated to the TPoM stories, just so you guys all know. It follows the story of Crystal Flakko, a girl who has a mysterious ability that scares her just as much as it amazes her; she is able to conjure fire. Kept a secret from everyone, including her parents, she is found by another person just like her. Together they fight a threat that Minecraftia never saw coming, traveling through different realities where things are... different. Betaed by FullMoonFlygon!

Completed Projects

The Prophecy of Minecraftia - My first story on this website, and I heavy success it was! Thanks again to all of you who helped support over its seven month long run, and now that we've reached the conclusion, make sure to check out the sequel as many things that had been left unexplained in the original will be solved by a new main character, a new generation, and a new threat.

Future Projects

TMD: The Story of Mech - A spin off of FullMoonFlygon's popular Minecraft story The Miner's Destiny, which TPoM is second to in reviews and views. Or it was, until I had to reupload every chapter of TPoM, but no hard feelings. Basically, it follows the story of the very mysterious OC that I submitted named Mechanix from before the plotline of TMD begins to his triumphs and failures throughout it.

Server Story - So although its official that we're planning on it, FullMoonFlygon and I haven't actually confirmed that this is going to happen. Basically, the two of us will start a server together and write our own stories about what our experiences on it are, fighting our way through it until we reach the End. Its just speculation for now, but hopefully we'll start doing it at some point.

Chasing Shadows - So obviously I have the cycle of stories going, and for now what I want to do is finish TPoM II and Ignition Point. When Ignition Point finishes I'll start on The Story of Mech, and ultimately whatever finishes first: Mech or TPoM, I'll start on this in place of it. My first story outside of the Minecraft category, this will be my own view of a 'sequel' to Black Ops II, as of right now the newest Call of Duty game. It takes place after the ending where Alex Mason dies, Chloe Lynch dies, and you execute Raul Menendez. (The worst ending. XD) But what happens is that the cyberattack succeeds and the 99% rebel with Menendez as their martyr, and images at the end of the game suggest the collapse of the United States government. My idea is to pick up on David Mason's story where that left off, while also following a high ranking Merc in the 99%'s army.

Compilation Story - So if you come from the Minecraft archive then you've probably heard of Broken Realities, a collaboration between five of the archive's most talented authors. Well, some of us felt a little left out, so when they're done we're going to start an even bigger one! If you're part of our Skype then you might know about it, and if you know any of us personally that might be part of it in the future then you can contact us about it, although we must have an even number of people. DX

Although I am just twelve years old, I want to believe that my writing level matches those of professional writers as I would love to be one someday, and your feedback and support helps me a lot. I'm sure that you'll enjoy my work, and I hope that you find as much entertainment in reading it as I do in writing it. Thank you, and happy reading!

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