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Hey everybody! First thing you will all need to know about this account is that there is actually two of us! ChloeBee is actually ChloeBee901 and AlexisPrime is AlexisOptimus/ or A and A Pikachu Prime. We're best buds and we'll be working together on stories... obviously. This profile will also be split up into two sections: ChloeBee and AlexisPrime. Also we are both actually from two different countries! ChloeBee = Britain/Uk and AlexisPrime = Canada

ChloeBee's Section

Hey! A bit of info about me! I'm more of the crazy-hyperactive one with a serious streak in me, so yeah, I reckon I'm bipolar but it isn't for certain and that DUN MATTER. I adore Transformers and Hetalia and have got a newfound love with the musical pantomime troupe Steam Powered Giraffe! I love about four of their songs ('Brass Goggles', 'Me and My Baby (Saturday Night)', 'Ice Cream Parade' and 'Automatonic Electronic Harmonics') and I think it's safe or bad of me to say I'm obsessed with The Spine (the tall shiny silver one... HERP. *dies*). So, yeah, I'm the weirder one of the two with a crazy side, a serious side, a very moody side and an insane side. Yes, I'm like I'm insane. An example for you all? I was sat in one of my French lessons where we were in the IT suite. I was sat at my normal computer I have for it and I thought "Hey, let's scare the crap outta my friend Lady Jones on our shared account! *mad giggle*" So I derped over to our Doc Manager and saw one of her stories that were in progress ("I Put A Spell On You") and decided to write a short one-shot about Denmark brutally murdering Iceland (Hetalia). :I

Name: Chloe (duh thought it'd be obvious)

Age: 15

Birthday: 10th March 1998

Other User/s: ChloeBee901 (changed my name BTW!), PixiePie12, LadyKirklandJones (shared with Dark Side Of The Light), LadyCreeperMustachio (shared with another friend whose name escapes me)

Nationality: British

Likes: Transformers (G1, Animated, Prime, sorta Bayverse), Autobots, ice cream, chocolate, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Perceptor, Jazz, Prowl, Hound, Ironhide, Starscream, Megatron, Knock Out etc with the TFs, art, reading and writing (duh again), Hetalia, Steam Powered Giraffe and Alice In Wonderland/Alice Madness Returns, PewDiePie etc

Dislikes: Most Decepticons (Breakdown, Airachnid, Blackarachnia, Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, Constructicons, Insecticons), tomatoes, G1 Optimus Prime's death, Cliffjumper (do NOT ask, he just annoys me sometimes and i can't really put him in likes), Tobuscus, gore, horror, Cloverfield, Haters on Hetalia etc

I am very rAnDoM and sometimes I may randomly start nattering on about stuff that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I worship Primus as many TransFans may do. My favourite Transformers:

Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Prowl, Perceptor, Hound, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Blaster, Sideswipe, Ratchet, Ironhide

Decepticons: Starscream, Megatron, Skywarp, Knock Out, Blitzwing

If I could be a part of any Transformers universe, probably a fight between G1, Prime and MAYBE Bayverse. If I could be an Autobot or a Decepticon, Autobot all the way!! But I might have a little bit of Decepticon in me somewhere...

The Drum - By John Scott

I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round,
To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields,
And lures from cities, and from fields.
To sell their liberty for charms,
Of tawdry lace and glittering arms,
And when Ambition's voice commands,
To march, and fight, and fall, in foreign lands.

I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round,
To me it talks of ravaged plains;
And burning towns, and ruined swains,
And mangled limbs, and dying groans,
And widow's tears, and orphan's moans,
And all that Misery's hand bestows,
To fill the catalogue of human woes.

Copy and paste this into your profile if this touched your heart and you hate wars and the consequences of them...


... do NOT ask... Alexis started it... :D

Me and You

Tell me why you're crying,
Tell me why you're sad,
Tell me why you're silent,
Tell me what's so bad.

I've got no one to talk to,
I'm always on my own,
I've got no one to call a friend,
I'm scared and all alone.

Talk to me, I'll listen,
I'm sometimes lonely too,
Together we can beat it,
Together - me and you.

By Clive Webster

To Alexis,
This poem made me think of you a lot. And I mean, a LOT. It reminded me of how much our friendship means to me and how much I miss you when I can't talk to you at all or not much. It reminded me of how our friendship started - over my review on Anyone But Him. It is hard for me in some ways to think that this, our irreplaceble friendship, has only existed because of one little review. I know there may be miles between us but really, there is nothing stopping us from being together. Either one of us, probably me the most, would and could move heaven and earth to make one another feel better. Heck, I know I would. And while most people - like our families - may think we are perhaps the strangest girls in the universe, I know that we are one of a kind as is our friendship. If you are down, upset, angry or just feeling a bit blue, I swear I will follow you to the ends of the earth to make you happy again.

Thank you, my friend.

AlexisPrime Section

So I don't come across as the random fangirl sitting in the back here, (which I seem to be) I need to give you a bit of information about myself too.

Name: Alexis

Age: 16

Birthday: January 22, 1997

Other Accounts: AlexisOptimus (I'm REALLY hard to find if you think about it. AlexisOptimus, AlexisPrime), A and A Pikachu Prime

Nationality: Born and raised in Canada

Likes: Just about anything Transformers. I'm an Autobot all the way though. My favorite Autobot is Optimus Prime. Ironhide and Ratchet are a close second. Reading, writing, drawing. Sometimes I like Soundwave, depending on the situation

Dislikes: Most of the time, Decepticons. Hot Rod/Hot Shot.

I love to write requests. I'm just as likely to write them as I am to write my own ideas! I'm probably just as random as ChloeBee. Just a little warning. ;) My brain is constantly on Transformers. I live under a rock though, so I'm pretty unaware of the world around me. Oh well. I know a lot about Transformers, and I've watched just about every version that is in English. I'm a shy girl with a low self-esteem. I seem to be obsessed with saying "sorry" and "thank you" to the point that in the middle of gym class a couple of years ago, my gym teacher finally just said, "Stop apologizing!"

Something you should know about me: my spelling is a hybrid of American, British, and Canadian English. Forgive me. I can't figure out if it's spelled "colour" or "color". So I switch between the two. There are several words that work the way. One that drives me nuts is "armour" and "armor". If this bothers you, than I'm sorry, but my writing's not for you. I'm not going to change, since words like that are right, it just depends where you live.

You know you're on the strange side when... go down the stairs yelling, "Timing, timing, timing." curl up on a small trampoline to try and take a nap.

...a dog lives in your home, and yet, you're afraid of dogs. develop a fear of your young kitten, and she's only lived with you for a few days. think of how to write a small passage about the numerous scratches you've acquired from your cat. name your new kitten a Transformers related name, then get embarrassed when your family tells its meaning to others even though you're secretly proud to have come up with one worth sharing.

A note for my true friend ChloeBee. No matter what gets you down, I promise to be there to pick you right back up. Every time you get upset or want to scream, my shoulder's always ready for you to to cry on. You fix me up when I'm broken, and I'll try to do the same for you whenever you need it. Even with so much water and land in our way. I'm there for you forever. Yup, you're stuck with me. If the world's ever hurting you to the point you want to die, I'll be there, whether in your heart, mind, or over facebook. Until the end of time. I promise.

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