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Author has written 23 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Saints Row, Resident Evil, Fruits Basket, A song of Ice and Fire, Dungeon Fighter Online/던전앤파이터, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Devil May Cry.

Name: Sly Silver (Formerly Artimis Lee)
Age: 19
Gender: Female, to the shock of most people.

I have a few of these I'm considering coming back to... I'm bored, pissed and sick of humans, so I may go back to writing... if any of you are out there still waiting for updates, feel free to message me and let me know what you're interested in seeing. Maybe I'll pick it up again!

Yaoi is yummy, yummy is good, therefore Yaoi is good!! if you agree add this to you profile

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1. If you had a title, what would it be?

Angry Punk Rock Gamer

2. How old are you?


3. Favorite color?


4. Favorite video game?

This changes so goddamn often... Dragon Age: Origins.

5. Favorite fictional character?

This constantly changes (seriously) Peter Quill/Starlord

6. Favorite ship/pairing?

Baird/Marcus, Dean/Cas, Harry/Draco

7. Yaoi or Yuri?

Yaoi. Lots and lots of yaoi.

8. Manga or Comics?


9. Soda or Coffee?

Both. And lots of it.

10. Books or Movies?


11. Warcraft or Elder Scrolls?

Elder Scrolls. I love Morrowind's Dark Elves.

12. Squall or Cloud?

Squall. I can literally pair him with anyone. ANYONE.

13. Mass Effect or Call of Duty?

Mass Effect. For so many reasons.

14. Sex or Kisses?


15. Hugs or Holding Hands?


16. Rock or Rap?

Rock. And LOUD.

17. Dogs or Cats?

Both. :) I have two dogs and a kitty

18. Pants or Shorts?

Pants. Always pants. My legs will blind people if I wear shorts.

19. Leather or Lace?

Leather. I get cold easily.

20. Favorite Final Fantasy?

VIII. So many pairings, great story, combat makes sense, and I love Selphie.

21. Fate or Chance?

Chance. All the time.

22. Edward or Angel?

Angel. A lot.

23. Text or E-mail?


24. Power's out. What do you do?

Whine. Bitch. Hope my boyfriend’s home to entertain me. XD

25. Football or Baseball?

Football. Because it sucks less to watch.

26. Aragorn or Legolas?

… can I have both? Fine. Legolas.

27. Red or Blue?

Blue. I love Caboose.

28. Fallout or Bioshock?

Fallout. I enjoy Bioshock, but I suck at it.

29. Actor you would sleep with?

Chris. Pratt. The. End. Now.

30. Song you blast when it comes on the radio?

Pretty much anything by Trivium, Metallica or Lamb of God.

31. Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Deaf. I stumble enough without being able to see.

32. What's your favorite fictional world?

Virmire. I want a summer home there.

33. Draw or Paint?

Draw. I can't paint to save my life.

34. Love or Money?

Love. Money can't keep you warm at night.

35. What's your irrational fear?

Bugs. Even the ones that don't bite. I scream. It's not pretty.

36. Favorite comedian?

George Carlin. RIP.

37. How many times a day do you swear?

A lot. Over 20. If I'm playing Halo, that's per hour.

38. Cake or Cookies?

Pie. That's right!

39. Johnny Rotten or Joey Ramone?

Rotten. I love a bad boy.

40. Favorite Joss Whedon series?

Firefly. Captain Mal is awesome.

41. 6 hour car ride, what do you do?

Car 'ride' doesn't exist for me anymore! I always have to drive!

42. What is the answer?

You're not funny.

43. What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?

I'm finding personality is what matters. I would rather fuck someone I find to be an awesome human than just someone attractive .

44. What would you have as a pet, if you could have any animal you wanted?

A Chocobo. I'll keep him in my back yard!

45. Favorite weird swearing/sugar coated swearing?

Cockbiting fucktard, shitpickle, fuckberries.

46. Ninja or Samurai?


47. Space Marines or Space Pirates

Marines by a hair. Kaidan, Cortez, Joker, MShepard, and most of all, VEGA. Yummy. But... shoutout to Mal Reynolds.

48. Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Yes please.

49. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Night Owl. Badly.

50. Do you believe in god?

No. I believe in faeries. Seriously.

51. Do you wish you were older or younger?

Younger. Well, not really. I like being an adult, but when I have to act like it I wish I wasn’t! XD

52. Any feature of yours you wish you could change?

Not really. Maybe my teeth, but they'll be fixed eventually.

53. Favorite object in your room?

3DS probably. Or laptop. Depends on the day

54. What is the nearest object to you that's not electronic?

My purse

55. Last thing you read before starting this?

Surfing tumblr

56. Favorite day of the year?

Not a clue. XD Probably first day of spring break, which happens to be my boyfriend’s birthday.

57. Christmas or Halloween?

Pretty equal. xD

58. Thanksgiving or Easter?

Thanksgiving. As I said, I like pie. (Like Dean Winchester.)

59. Bioware or Blizzard?

Bioware. No contest

60. Star Wars; Original Trilogy or Prequel Trilogy?

Prequels. Don't shoot me. I love Ewan McGregor.

61. Favorite Quote?

I like me….-Caboose

62. Guilty pleasure music?

Adam Lambert and Gwin Stefani.

63. Favorite Girl Band?

The Runaways or t.A.T.u.

64. Canadian or British?

British. I love a guy with an accent.

65. Favorite song lyrics?

The only way to make it through with hearts and wrists intact is to realize two outta three ain’t bad.

66. Pet Peeve?

Misuse of the word 'gay'. Makes my blood boil when people do it.

67. Do you ever talk/act like a fictional character? Who?

Constantly. Jar Jar Binks comes out often, as does Caboose… Tucker… Church… pretty much ALL RvB characters.

68. Metallica or Guns N' Roses?

Metallica. Enter Sandman bitches.

69. Do you have more nightmares or dirty dreams?

Nightmares. A lot more.

70. Sony or Microsoft?

Microsoft. Barely. Can I pick third option Nintendo?

71. Favorite voice actor?

Gideon Emery. His voice is heavenly. He voices Fenris in Dragon Age II.

72. Vampires or Werewolves?

Not a fan of either anymore. Vampires I suppose.

73. Are you sarcastic?

Me? No… never…

74. What word/phrase do you overuse?

Ya know. It's bad. I sound like Raijin from FFVIII sometimes.

75. All-time favorite hero?

FemShep. She's just fucking awesome.

76. All-time favorite villian?

Sephiroth. No one who has played seven hears One Winged Angel and doesn't shudder.

77. Black or White?


78. Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Rock Band, by a lot.

79. What do you dip your fries in?

Ideally, a chocolate milkshake. Otherwise, mustard.

80. Life or Monopoly?

Neither. I like Risk. Or even better, Catan!

81. Favorite fictional weapon?

Gunblade. Squall style.

82. Favorite cannon pairing?

Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon in A Song of Fire and Ice.

83. Rain or Snow?

Rain. I hate the snow.

84. Math or English?

English. I suck at math.

85. Favorite font?

Segoe UI Light. Simple, but elegant.

86. Little car or Big truck?

Apparently I have become a truck person. My Dodge has never refused to start. Therefore I love it.

87. Weirdest thing in your closet?

Sadly I no longer have a closet. Fuck you roommates. Asshats.

88. Weirdest pairing you like?

Reno/Cloud or Caboose/Church. Whichever you think is weirder.

89. Favorite pizza toppings?

Chicken, tomatoes, parmesan.

90. What kind of apples do you like?

Golden delicious.

91. Who was the last person you said 'I love you' to?

If my dog counts, it was her. xD Otherwise boyfriend.

92. What's your bad habit?

Other than the excessive yaoi? I suppose I bite my nails.

93. Ever been in love?


94. What post-apoctolyptic world would you live in?


95. What's the weirdest thing you've eaten?

Fried meal worms. Seriously. And not on a dare. They were actually good.

96. Incest or 10 year age difference pairings?

Age difference. I love Kyo/Shigure. That's more than ten years.

97. Got any nicknames? What are they?

Arti, Lady Artimis, Sis, Kailana, Aurelia, Sly, Silver, Lady…

98. IGN or G4?

IGN. Because I don't get G4 anymore.

99. Sandals or Tennis Shoes?

Neither. I hate wearing shoes.

100. What time is it?

1:26 am

Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole-Dean Winchester

They can't see me! I can't see them!-Micheal J. Caboose

Super duper mega bummer!-Selphie Tilmit

Mages in glass houses shouldn't throw fireballs-Fenris

Commander, the Normandy isn't built to land in active volcanoes. It tends to fry our sensors and melt our hull. Just for future reference.-Joker

I swear to drunk I'm not god- ...don't remember

I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is my favorite spot on the Citadel-Garrus Vakarian

Hot buttered lugnuts!- Sarge

All destinations are final! That's what it means, destiny, final. If you haven't got where you're going, you aren't there yet.-George Carlin

Five-by-five- Faith

We have just witnessed a classic display of what I like to call 'misdirected rage'. I believe the technical term is 'being and ass'.-Shigure Sohma

My covert bandaging skills are a little rusty. -Arcade Gannon

I think we're gonna need a bigger boot, commander. -Kaidan Alenko

It's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?-Axel

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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When Dante arrived on the Ravager's ship, Peter took notice instantly. The two are told they will have to work together. Neither of them expects to care about the other at all. But it's easy to change your mind when you find someone an awful lot like you. Set pre-movie. Terrible summary I know, slash, M/M and such, Peter/OC. I promise he's not totally lame.
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