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Author has written 9 stories for Harry Potter, and Wheel of Time.

I'm a late-20's guy who only recently started dabbling in writing. My professional-grade skills lie in fields diametrically opposed to creative writing, so I can't promise anything fancy in terms of storytelling. But I hope I can become good enough to some day write my "some day" story.

I got sucked into Harry Potter fan-fiction in late 2010 by LessWrong's Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which I believe I found while browsing Goodreads. I've since branched out a little, but the quality of some of these Harry Potter stories are astounding. So the Potterverse is where the majority of my stuff will live here. Although, I should mention that I recently discovered a weakness for self-insert fics, so I can't promise to stay away from that.

And it's a good thing I didn't promise to stay away, or I would have already broken it.

A note right up front about the usage of elements of my stories:

If I could place a license on my stories, it would be CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0, but that implies some level of ownership. I call them my stories, but I do not own most of the characters or ideas within.So here's the long version: you can do whatever you want with them: use the characters, ideas, and settings in your own story, quote large chunks of it for ridicule, finish one of my WIP stories on your own profile*...anything you want. You don't even have to ask. The only thing I ask (and that is a soft ask, it's not required) is that you send me a PM with a link to your story so I can read it. If you want to be extra awesome, mention me or my story here on FF.net and my website. If you see a story that has used something from one of mine without attribution, don't report it, just let me know about it so I can read it.

It's a little different with the stories as a whole, though. If you find that somebody has posted one of my stories verbatim, well, you should probably report them to whatever site they've posted it on, if possible. Not that the above terms restrict that, but plagiarism is icky. The only exception to this is translation, which I definitely want to know about because that's awesome and I'll want to brag about it, and link it from here in my profile.

if you want to finish one of my stories, or write a different ending, or write a different beginning, don't copy my parts, just leave an A/N describing how to reach my part of the story. Save a backup of my part, though. If my part of the story disappears from here and my website, you have permission to post it wherever you like.

tl;dr version:Do what you want, with the obvious exceptions of claiming them as your own or selling them.

Projects that you are allowed to know about:

Harry Silvertongue - My first 'real' novel-length fanfiction. AU, Slytherin!Harry. Starts before Harry receives his letter and follows him through his Hogwarts years.

Harry Potter and the Story Breakers - Just a ridiculous parody to blow off steam from writing more serious stuff. I have the ending planned out, I just haven't written it.

Untitled Sequel to A Curse of Truth - yes, still 25% done or so. Posting serially wasn't really working for me, so I was planning on waiting until it was nearly finished to start posting. Now, I may just start posting it in hopes that you can inspire me to keep writing it.

One Universe to the Left - I've had this title in my head for a long time for a series of humorous HP dimension travel oneshots, but I haven't actually written any of those. Instead, this is a more serious, quick-paced dimension travel short story/novella with short chapters to make the commitment of effort seem lesser.

Completed Stories:

Betrayal - a short story that explores how damaging it could have been if Hermione accidentally abandoned Harry along with Ron during the Horcrux hunt, and got caught. Much darker than my other stuff. Written for the DLP February 2013 Apocalyptic/Dystopian fiction contest, and it won!

Note that the title was supposed to be a working title (it fits the first couple chapters), but I never got around to coming up with a better one. Sorry about that.

A Curse of Truth - novel-length self-insert. First-person, present tense story where the PoV character is the insert. I hope you give it a chance, I think it gets better as the story goes on since it's my first published novel-length fic. I think it's quite funny -- yes, I'm lame enough to laugh at my own stuff -- and I hope you do too. The reviews for this story are extremely positive, so don't be afraid of the self-insert-ness!

A few select story quotes:

"I wish there were more stories about me in your head like that, though surely you realize as an enchanted article of clothing I am neither male nor female?" — Sorting Hat, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 1

"It seems odd to worry about the sanity of an ancient, semi-sentient Hat, Mr. Lerner, yet I must confess I was quite concerned there for a few minutes." — Professor Dumbledore, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 2

"I agree, it's completely snogging ridiculous if you ask me." — William, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 3

"You have to hand it to (Hagrid), he knows how to lay on the guilt trip. He also knows how to accidentally attempt to drive people into the floor like a railroad spike. I hope my shoulder is okay." — William, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 7

"I've learned that the tilt of [Luna's] head is a more accurate indicator of her tone than her actual voice, and so far this particular angle has consistently corresponded to mild curiosity and surprise. Well, either that or wanton lust, but I may have misunderstood that particular comment." — William, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 14

"Judging by the number of times that you've tried to kill me with your eyes, I think I'm a lot funnier than you think I am." — William, A Curse of Truth, Ch. 16

Cover images:

Made myself some new vintage-style covers, of which I am quite proud (unlike the awful covers that were there before).

Harry Silvertongue cover

A Curse of Truth cover

Betrayal cover

In the unlikely event that anyone artistically-inclined finds themselves inspired by my works, I'd be happy to feature them here.

Completed Oneshots:

A Kiss of Clichéd Proportions - oneshot parody of harem fics. A lot more sarcastic than the humor in A Curse of Truth.

Through Butterbeer-Colored Glasses - oneshot response to a challenge. It's only 1600 words or so, so read it! In fact I think it works best if you don't know much about it before you read (and if you ignore the gaping plothole).

On the back burner:

A Summoning Gone Awry - HP/WoT/possibly other crossovers. I wrote this while I was writing ACoT, and it's meant to be silly. I'm placing it in the back burner section for now but I'm not sure if I'll return to it.

Untitled HP/Bleach Crossover. Don't hate. This was my first attempt at HP fanfiction and I got about 25k words in before I succumbed to my kink for self-inserts. I still like the idea, but it might be a while before I get to it.

Untitled Fire Emblem Self-Insert - Yeah, the bug struck again. My apologies. I'm not far into this one at all, but it's another novel-length fic.

Very, Very Mad World - dark, post-5th year AU, where the Dept. of Mysteries ambush went quite badly. Got a couple thousand words in, got too depressed, so I went back to work on A Curse of Truth. Except for the HP/Bleach crossover my other fics have very heavy comedy elements, so this is not surprising.

Indefinite hiatus/being cannibalized:

Unkindness of Ravens - Harry/Multi story that would almost certainly be reported here. I wrote 8k words of it before I realized I had no idea where I was going with it -- I just liked the title. Elements of this have filtered in to one of my other fics, but I don't want to ruin it by saying which one.

Future Harry Merge - The oft-abused future Harry's soul merges with young Harry. This has been almost completely cannibalized by A Curse of Truth (both of which involve using future knowledge to go AU), so it will most likely never see the light of day.

Untitled SW:KotOR self-insert - My first fanfiction ever. I killed it. I killed it with fire.

I have set up a website for myself so I can share my stuff. Not just my stories, but references for them and some of my noveling tools. I'm working on a re-design so it doesn't look so ugly, but if you want to point and laugh at me until then:

Lastly, I've modified my choice of noveling tools to pandoc, which lets me write in plain-text using Markdown and convert to HTML, epub, PDF, etc. It even has an option that lets me change -- to — and -- to –, which is something I used to do with my own script. Something to look into if you're like me and can't seem to plan well enough to make use of something like Scrivener.

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Assorted Adventures and Miscellaneous Malarkey reviews
The obligatory collection of fun little oneshots and story beginnings that have collected over the couple of years I've been writing.
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Ten-year-old Harry Potter meets a kindred soul in secret who changes his whole outlook on his life with the Dursleys. Burned into Harry's mind with the violent death of his only friend, the lessons imparted guide him through his time at Hogwarts. AU, Slytherin!Harry.
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