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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Gravitation.
For another time I am updating my profile. Why? 2 reasons. One: no one is updating. Two: I forgot to include Sugar the Demon Cat! Who is Sugar? Well she is a demon cat who is like my yami and watches over me. Also makes sure boys don't get wondering hands. She scares many anime characters including Sessohmaru, Hiei,Yami, and Bakura. Yeah she is that scary.

Sugar:Took you long enough to remember me.
Jodea: Sorry.
Sugar: I forgive you.
Jodea: Yeah (goes and takes out her gaint box of plushies)
Sugar: You found them! I thought I hid them better.
Jodea: I have recently bought many plushies of all my favorite anime characters and am reacting fanfics (Makes Sasuke and naruto plushies make out)
Sugar: Good Lord.
Jodea: Lemons are a needed part of a hentai diet.
Sugar: Does Inuyasha know about the plushies.
Jodea: Nope. Hehehehehehehehehe. He doesn't know about all my "pets" eiter.
Sugar: By the way what did you do to Kagoame and Kikyou.
Jodea: (evil smile) Well I took away Kikyou's soul and gave it back to Kagoame. Kikyou turned into stone and now she is my bird bath.
Sugar: That explains why I haven't seen a bird around here.
Jodea: And I sent Kagome to another planet withoug oxygen.
Sugar: I thought I was the evil one.
Jodes: (giggles) You are. But I need a little evil in me.
Sugar: Well I am done talking. So on with the regular profile Jodea is to lazy to change. Or is too caught up with her plushies to update. (What Jodea is doing with her plushes is being censored. Word to the wize Jodea is a yaoi fangirl that is crazy! Don't interrupt her plushy playing unless it is an emerginecy like alll her bisheyes escaping.)

Inu-Yasha and I am married as of September 6th, 2003. He was posined by Jaken so now Jaken is now dead. Killed by my loving oneechan Nika and her mate Sesshomaru. We are still happly married.

Name: Jodea Moondreamer
Age: 15 (in human years)
Race: Hanyou (mom is a demon hunter, dad is a demon. Family reunions really are hectaic)
Favorite Animes/Manga: Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Naruto, Ranma 1/2,Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic Users Club
Occupation: Writer, student
Martial Status: Married to Inu-Yasha. I am so happy!
Mental Stabilty: None

I have an older adopted sister by the name of Mistress Nika. She is a writer now go read her stories.I am in 3 of them being my hentai self. Hehehehehehehehhehe. Also a younger sister, Yuki. She is sweet when we are not trying to kill each other.

As for fanfics I am helping to write one with crazy DOOM kitten (one of the coolest authors) and have written one that was banned (curse you unnamed loser who didn't sign review) and am really just coming up with ideas. I am also working on a few myself.

I have began 3 orginal stories here is a small summary of each:

Song of the Phoenix : In a place were human are slaves to demon, a young women named Phoenix (she is actually a hanyou but does not know that) fights for her people and finds not all demons are bad (hint hint ROMANCE)

Jodea's Tale : A half elf princess is chosen to bring peace to her people. Problem she has no idea neither does anyone else. Another problem she is meeting her fiancee for the first time and is having to deal with an unloving father and a cold handmaiden. All she wants to do is have adventures and visit her friends in the Fairy Realm. Well maybe her fiancee is not a problem...

The Guardians: 10( 5 boys, 5 girls) teenagers from differnet backgrounds and family are the reincarnations of their planets greatest heros. But the lines of gender are drawn. They are meant to one day marry yet they hate each other. Maybe there trainer Madame Jean Pendragon can help. After all one of them is her grandaughter.

If any of these stories sound interesting please email me and I will get back to working on them. I need encouragement.

Favorite couples ( so many of them. I love YAOI)

Yu Yu Hakusho



Ranma 1/2


Magic Users Club



Petshop of Horrors


4/25/04: My first real update in like forever! Wasting away has been updated and the rest of my fics (except for GAS) will be updated this week and a new story will be added at the end.Why? Mistress Nika's birthday of course! Sorry I have gotten into Gravitation, FAKE, Petshop of Horrors, and Saiyuki. I have been spending most of my time on Boy meets Boy. Here are the some fanfic/web comic sites to go to. Be warned all are yaoi/slash.

- an Inu-Yasha Fanfic site, all pairings allowed. I write for them. SouthPark rules! Also now accept other anime fics.

- another fanfiction site. Rinchan Flower runs it. Not just Inu-Yasha though.

- another yaoi site. Many stories excepted.

- an all Gravitation fanfiction site.

- a funny parady of Lord of the Rings done with Marshmallow Peeps.

- best web comic on the net to me! Too bad it is finished.

- cool Lord of the Rings fanfic site. Has other stuff also.

Okay I am an anime fangirl. NOW EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!! I NEED ALL THE FRIENDS I CAN GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finally in the directory. I should throw a party.

Well this is all for now. But as you know now is never for very long with me.

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