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I love to read and I love to write. I also fear I am a little obsessed with fan fiction. I spend way to much time on here when I'm supposed to be doing something else. At various times I have been told I'm a little crazy, and that I tend to live in my own dream world at times. My brain tends to work quicker than my fingers can follow which can lead to some very interesting sentences being written. It also tends to lead to random capital letters appearing in the middle of words and sentences - I try to edit them out but I usually miss one or two :)

The main Fandoms I tend to read (at the moment anyway) are Merlin and Harry Potter. I tend to swing between the two with an occasional different fandom thrown in if something catches my interest on another's Favourite List.

I tend to ship Canon in most things, though I happily read other ships as long as the story catches my interest. I also have no problem with Slash though I don't tend to seek it out. Anything that I write will have either Canon romance or no romance at all.

I adore the fics that focus on Friendship or Bromance or things like that.

Harry Potter -

I love Fics that focus on the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione, or between the Marauders. Sirius is one of my favourite characters and I absolutely adore Remus. I'm a sucker for happy endings so fics where characters tend to survive the final battle or other moments within the books tend to be high on my reading list. So are RTB Fics though unfortunately with Fan Fictions purge a lot of the good ones have been lost. I also tend to think that Draco has a chance to be redeemed. Fics that go AU before the end of Order of the Phoenix are high on my list because all the players are there but no one major has died yet, apart from Cedric, but I don't consider him that major. The build up of James and Lilys relationship catches my eye sometimes as well :)

Merlin -

I LOVE BROMANCE. I adore the friendship between Merlin, Arthur and the knights of the round table. My favourite place to go AU from is between series three and four. I think there are so many options - Uthur could stay mad, or he could recover to various degrees, or he could die. Morgana is still learning, Morgause could live or die. You have all of the knights of the round table. Arthur and Gwens relationship can take whatever route you want it to. (As much as I like Lancelot, I would always put Arthur and Gwen together.) Mordred could turn up or stay away - he could be good or bad.

I always loved it when the show played on the brotherhood between Arthur, Merlin and the knights and fics that do that as well are among my favourites to read. I also like magic reveals :)

If anyone knows any good fics feel free to let me know.

At the moment, seeing as my Reading with Hope Fic has been deleted, I am swinging more towards the Merlin fandom - I've had an idea for a plot that's been niggling at me for a while but its a bit longer and more complicated than what I've tried before. However, I have started to plan it out and write it so all going well I'll get some confidence up and post it. However I want to have the majority of it at least planned and the first few chapters written before that happens. I might actually achieve some semblance of regular updates then :)

Well if you have taken the time to read some of my rambling thoughts, thanks :) And I hope you enjoy any fics I might eventually post on here.


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Mama d'Artagnan isn't pleased when her boy doesn't see fit to come visit her so she decides to go to him and thoroughly embarrass him. Chapter 3:After finding out he's been commissioned, Isabelle is ready to surprise her son with her visit but instead of arriving healthy, he arrives in the arms of Porthos, shot and unconscious.
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The knights, Arthur, and Merlin are told that in order for them to fulfill their destinies, they must truly understand and trust each other. A sorceress makes it so they all have a chance to listen to a song that describes each of them and their pasts and struggles. Set after season 4, reveal fic. Knights/Arthur/Merlin brotherly bonding. No slash.
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Season 1 Episode 11. What if Merlin manages to stop Arthur from drinking the poison and takes it himself? It turns out to be real poison, not a sleeping draft. What will Arthur do? Will he let Merlin die, or will he spare him? One-shot. Disclaimer: I don't own Merlin.
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Merlin is forced to use magic to save Arthur and some of his knights. What happens when they discover the truth about Merlin?
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A Small Problem by AbbyJForever reviews
Uther is faced with a small problem. And by "Small Problem" he means the crown Prince and his Manservant are now seven years old. Pure fluff. I've been attacked by the mental image of seven-year-old Arthur Oneshot. A take over of the royal court ensues.
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Defending the DA by Ramos reviews
Harry must answer to the Hogwarts Board of Governors when unusual O.W.L. results bring allegations of cheating.
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Fates Table reviews
Magic sparks and fates conspire to give those sat round the table a chance to see what they have missed, and a chance to change what will come. But will the secrets that come to light break the fragile bonds of trust and brotherhood that lay between them? Or will it strengthen them?
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,932 - Reviews: 36 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 86 - Updated: 8/12/2015 - Published: 6/13/2015 - Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Gwaine
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Running in to a dragon was not what Arthur expected when he and the knights had left the castle that day.
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