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Welcome, dear fanfic fan fellow! I don't know why you're here but please, feel at home in this humble account of mine.

If you are here to know more about me as a person, then, you're to be disappointed. Because all you'll see is who I am as a fanfic obsessed girl! Now that you know, I'll start right away.

First, I absolutely love reading fanfictions, and I'm particularly keen on what I deem original plots or good characterisation (basically, coherence in the way characters and relations develop).

Second, I have my periods (not those ones!) meaning that when I'm obsessed with a universe or a pairing, I'm obsessed with it and will read all the fics I can find on this fandom, whether they're good or not. (I can be that desperate!) But worry not if I've ever left you a review! It means something in your story genuinely touched me, pleased me, amused me, interested me, and you should have an absurdly long review where I desperately try to explain what I loved exactly. Furthermore because I easily drift away from what I intend to say. So just be wary of my frightening parenthesis (that usually are not important at all!)

However, I don't only say what I liked in a review. Reviews are made to speak your mind. If something disturbed/annoyed me in your fic, I'll tell you. I'm always afraid to hurt the author though when I do so, which isn't my intention at all. I can spend a lot of time on a review, and I wouldn't bother if I didn't think it's worth it. So it means I think your story has potential. Anyway, if you feel hurt, be sure to tell me.

You should also know that sometimes, I review on my DS or my phone (upgrade!). Which means:

- I can't see your text when I review, or anything else for that matter.

- You know this awesome 10 000 character limit (or maybe you don't because those details aren't important to you)? Well, on my DS it's not so long, so instead of an awfully long review, you'll only have a long review. (Yep, and I usually reach the DS limit. It was so frustrating the first time, now I got used to it!)

- No automatic proof reader and no online dictionary. You may discover words the world has never heard of.

Oh! and I should have told you already that English isn't my mother tongue but maybe you could tell by now. If you didn't, wow, it means I'm good! So I speak French, English and Spanish and read in those three languages.

As an author, well, I'm more a reviewer than an author anyway. Criticism is easy, art is difficult. (Something like that).
Still, I do write sometimes, usually, I write when I have the urge to do so. So my fics and chapters depend on my mood. But if you read me, you'll see. And I don't want to publish a story that isn't finished yet. So for now, I have some projects but I don't think I'll publish them anytime soon. (Maybe I should review less, and write more? ... Nah!)

As a review receiver (which is even rarer!), I try to answer every one (it's not so hard for now! see the previous parenthesis). I respect any point of view about my stories, as long as you have arguments to claim what you say. You can always send me a "that's shit" review, I won't mind at all. But you'll be sure to receive a PM asking you what you thought was shit exactly and what you think I should have done to make it better. (See the ranting part for more precisions on my view on reviews.) If you're telling me something like "I loved it" and that's all... I'm human, of course I'll be pleased! But I'd give more importance to it if you explain why.

As a PM exchanger: If you have no sign from me, try a PM. When I'm busy (and it's becoming more and more common), I try to at least keep tabs with it. However, I have some conversations that can be made of very very long PMs. It takes me a long time to answer those ones, so you'll have to wait too. But if you want some news, send me a short something and I'll answer right away.

Being busy, I can't review every chapter you write. But if you have no news from me, it means either that I didn't read your new chapter because I wanted to have time to savour it (and review it), or that I do read the story but have no time to review it and think that nothing urgent needs to be said. So it will never mean I decided I don't love your writings any longer. Same with the PMs. If I don't answer regularly, it doesn't mean I don't like talking with you any longer. Just that you don't find me at the best moment to answer.

My fics:

So here is where I'll put a summary, explanation of my published fics, or projects. To show you I'm more active than it can seem!

Teen Titans

The Day when the tears fall: this one is very special to me. It's not my first fic (even though it's the first I've published here) but a lot of what it tells is inspired by my personal experience.
The narrator is an OC but don't worry, she can't be a mary sue, this is not what the story is about.
And if this IS sladin, there's absolutely nothing sexual (they don't even kiss, I think!), again, this is not what the story is about.
I hope you'll understand what this is about, I don't want to spoil the story (but is it a story?). I'll just say that this illness is a bitch. oneshot.

Little additional thing about this one, in answer to a lovely and quite interesting review from an anonymous reader, unfortunately: If this fic is in the teen titans fandom, it's because I imagined the whole thing with Slade and Robin. Those two characters have some characteristics (Unfortunately, I can't be more precise, not to spoil other people reading) that made me unable to imagine the story with any other character, other couple. However, the names aren't used much in the story, and the universe isn't so important, so you may feel that to put it under the TT fandom, and with the characters of Slade and Robin is too much. I think someone who has never watched teen titans and doesn't know about Slade and Robin would be unable to understand though. And the narrator made it impossible to use their names. But the center of this story isn't the narrator. The heroes of this OS are Slade and Robin. It's a kind of what if, if you want. Anyway, it's difficult to explain... but thank you for speaking your mind! (to other people who read that part... It's always good to speak your mind and I respect it! Don't be afraid to do so.)

And another one!
(up to chapter 12 for now... yeah... I had written 19 already but my external hard drive died on me. Lucky I had the first 12 chapters already on this site! Anyway, I'm still totally stuck.)

Ares (manwha)

I don't think this fandom is huge but well... it should! (try it out, the plot may not seem very original, and the drawings may seem very strange -I personally love them- but it's a lot more interesting and subtle than it seems because of the psychology of the characters and the absolutely not manichean approach. This is war!)

To have it all: Spoilers! Michael's thought during his battle with Ares. one sided MichaelxAres. My way of accepting it is finished. one shot

The shadowman: Spoilers! Baroona's thought during the last battle. My tribute to this wonderful character! And an excuse to analyse the main characters! one shot
(not so soon on I'm not confident enough to publish it)

Death Note

Snow white: ahem. Crack? I mean total crack? I just thought it was strange I couldn't find anyone who had done it so I had to. Even if it's not good. one shot
(Published! Thanks to Imoto-kun)

Saved: MattxMello shounen ai. NOT A STORY. (no plot or whatsoever) They could have been saved. This is what could have happened. Just because what happened to them is unfair, I wanted to imagine what could have saved them. Some times, you just have to wear your seat belt to survive a car crash, right? one shot
(It's already written. One day, it'll be published. I swear, I'll publish it! Right now though... not very likely)

Darkness shining in the dark: Who will survive Whammy's monster? multichaptered
(I'm at chapter 4 right now and have the story planned up to chapter 7!)

Near and Matt: All eyes are on the screens, watching with dread as the red car speeds through Tokyo's streets. And did someone ask him about this person driving so recklessly, he would tell them a story. The story of his only friend.
Inspired by the plot of a movie. 4 chapters. MattxMello and NearxMello
(published... still can't believe it!)

Matt and Mells: another way of adapting this movie. one shot?
(I've not written anything for now, not sure I will ever do it actually)

Vanishing act: for now it's just an idea forming but I wanted to write about it! It would be about Matt and 1/26. It's inspired by Lou Reed's Vanishing act... but I may put it in another fic.
(I'm thinking more and more about putting it into TLT)

The language of Time: another project (I have too many of them already, I should try and finish one, just for the hell of it!) Since his childhood, Matt Jeevas has been fascinated by a statue from a long time ago (period not decided yet, if you have suggestions, I'm listening!) of a man. But why does every museums seem to have a piece of art showing him now? Art from different periods of history? (or how twisted the Italian plot bunnies can be during summer!)
(First chapter written, some others as well but I'm stuck at chapter 2... I have to decide exactly what I want before continuing it)

Harry Potter

For now, it's in French. Just a prologue for a story that may never be completed as it was supposed to be a project with a French friend. (but avengers and Sherlock took her away from the HP fandom and I'm not as fan as she was.) But this prologue is written and I may decide to continue it. I may even try to publish it in English (thus I'm writing all that in English.)

Les poisons de l'âme -Prologue: Donc si l'anglais vous gonfle, voici l'explication française: cette oeuvre risque fort d'être l'unique rescapée d'un projet que j'avais avec une amie qui est hélas allée voir ailleurs (Avengers et Sherlock) mais ce chapitre était né d'une de mes pulsions d'écriture alors... pourquoi ne pas le poster quand même? Qui sait, je serai peut-être inspirée pour écrire la suite (et c'est même très possible! La liberté absolue maintenant... mais j'ai d'autres projets plus urgents) Pour l'instant, cela restera au stade de one shot en tant qu'ode à la timidité, aux médias, et aux secondes chances.
Si ça vous intéresse, c'est inspiré du petit journal et de notre cher Philippe Poutou!
(publié, mais sera sûrement modifié plus tard pour le rendre plus complet...)

To read:

And now, I'd like to advert one or two fics that I absolutely loved, and that you'll find in my favourite stories. (you can check it out again and again, it won't always be the same fics here!)

The hacker: a beautiful story about Matsuda meeting Matt, a long time before the Death Note story. It's not your usual fanfic, with action and/or romance, but it's absolutely marvellous, and very intelligent. And it's not popular enough! (maybe because of the unusual association.) So if you have enough time to read this profile, read this fic instead, I swear it's better! (though I'm honoured if you hesitated)

That is the question: Wonderful Matt x Mello, it's a canon AU of some sorts and has one of the best Death Note cast characterisation I've ever read. If you like intelligent stories that feel realistic, if you love irony and sarcasm, if you're not afraid of a Matt playing with everything, even death, if you want great first person point of views, read it, you won't regret it! Xinde did an awesome work!

Tu as gagné, je t'aime: So this one is in French but even if you're not very fluent but still know the language, you should totally try it because it's good French (so you'll practice it) and even if it can be difficult to understand (I wouldn't know) it's a very beautiful story! So I'll talk about it in French (that reminds me I should write this profile in both languages... Well, when I'm not that lazy!)
C'est du MelloxNear. et ça devrait suffire à vous décider parce que autant le MattxNear passe très bien, autant ce couple là, pas du tout. Et pourtant voilà cette fic dans mes favoris. Parce qu'elle est si bien écrite, parce que Matt y est quand même dans toute sa beauté d'âme, parce que Mauguine est une auteur formidable... et pour le soldat de plomb et l'enfant coquelicot qui m'arrachent des larmes à chaque fois.

The Storm: French, by the same author as "tu as gagné, je t'aime". Cette fois c'est du MattxMello. C'est magnifique. On y voit des OC plus délirants les uns que les autres, un Matt dépressif puis luttant pour pouvoir vivre, le soldat de plomb. Dès le début (après le prologue) on est pris dans l'histoire, et on ne la lâche pas car les personnages sont si attachants! Et puis il y a cette scène absolument poignante avec Matt chantant Ne me quitte pas. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, peut-être parce que cette chanson je la connais bien, je la comprends bien, je l'adore, mais aucune autre fic de ce genre ne m'a autant touchée, toutes langues confondues. Et j'en ai lu des fics où Matt chante! Et une fois qu'on l'a lue, on est marqué pour longtemps! Vraiment, si vous ne connaissez pas encore cette fic, lancez-vous, ça vaut vraiment le coup!

Ses grâces mécaniques: French by Les Nerles, Harry Potter. Que dire? C'est incroyable à quel point Les Nerles maitrise son intrigue, ménage le suspens, les fausses pistes. En soi, il ne se passe absolument rien dans cette fic. Ce n'est qu'un dialogue. Et pourtant, on est plus suspendu à l'histoire que dans beaucoup de films d'action. Vous voyez Usual Suspect? Ben voilà, au final ce n'est qu'un dialogue. Là, c'est pareil. D'ailleurs s'en est même presque le problème. Ceci est une fic policière, chaque chapitre compte. Mais le suspens est si intense que l'on peut être tenté de tout lire d'un coup (comme je l'ai hélas fait!) et je pense qu'il vaut mieux la lire en prenant son temps, tenter de trouver la vérité, le criminel. Parce que c'est vraiment bien fait et l'annonce finale n'en devient que plus savoureuse. Si vous aimez le genre policier, lisez la. Il n'y a pas vraiment de pairing, ce n'est pas un yaoi, vous n'avez même pas à être fan de HP ou à le connaitre parfaitement mais c'est une merveille de suspens et de psychologie.

Robin, we're moving: more than a fic, this one is a goodbye. I'm sure everyone remember what happened not so long ago on this site (I don't know if it stopped now). Well, some authors decided to leave this site and publish on other sites. This story is one of those author's goodbye. I'd say that even if you don't know teen titans, even if you don't like sladin, you should have a look at it. Because the author showed clearly what her feelings were through Slade and Robin's words, and that's something anyone, in any fandom, could have gone through.

Then, you have great authors, as ShinigamiMailJeevas: I think I loved all her fics!, Alaena F dragonstar (detective Conan/Case closed!), well you know where to find them. If I put an author in my favourite, it means I loved pretty much all her/his fics (and they published more than a couple of those). Simple, right?

I should now say that I'm currently obsessed with Death Note, and more precisely, MattxMello (yes, yaoi!), and even more precisely Matt. I also like teen titans (sladin, robinxredX), One piece (Sanji/Zoro/Sanji), Detective Conan (Kaito/Shinichi/Kaito), Fullmetal Alchemist (Roy/Ed/Roy), D. Gray Man (Lavi/Allen/Lavi, Tikky/Allen/Tikky), Harry Potter (Draco/Harry/Draco)

But don't worry, I don't only read yaoi or shounen ai. It's just that I'm usually more demanding with hetero pairings. For instance, I won't read any main WinryxEd because I think the author made a great job with them already! But I actually quite like MisaxMatt (when she's not an airhead, that is. For instance in Picking up the Pieces from DNAlchemist77.) However, yuri or shoujou ai is harder for me to read (though it's okay when it's not the main pairing.)


Yes, new section, if you have read this profile before (what are you doing, reading it again? Are you that much of a masochist?... though it's true some things change in it...)This is because sometimes, I need to share little stuffs I've found out. Today, I really need to rant about something... and that thing is REVIEWS. But you'll see, it's not only about that. If you're up for the challenge, then read it. If not... the only thing left is the Congratulation part and I think you already deserve it so just skip this to the last two lines (I should give a map at the beginning of the profile...)

So, many of you may know that the real world is discovering fanfictions because of a book that I won't name. It had way too much advertising already. So people are discovering this little universe and, as anything new coming out of the shadows, some are getting worried. Is this the future of our culture? Those poorly written stories that seem to only be porn in disguise? And I've read a very interesting debate over that where fanfic readers/writers defended this "new" phenomenon.

I've read interesting arguments. There are good things in here too, people have a chance to express themselves, it's a way of seeing our favourite characters a bit more when the real story is finished, a way not to tell them good bye.

And I thought there was something missing. In this site, stories are written by fans, for fans, right? It's not a site for professionals and we all know it. In this site people publish stories. But it's not really publishing. It's sharing and here we get to the important part of this rant. It's sharing with readers. Sharing what is in your imagination, your talent and your flaws. But to really have an exchange, you have to have some kind of answer. And here is where the reviews are important.
People writing and publishing fanfictions aren't professionals, as I said. They have flaws (well authors too but maybe it's not the same). But it's up to us, readers, to point out what is good or bad in their writing. A real author who publishes a book only have his publisher's view and maybe his friend's and family's. On this site, we can always better ourselves by receiving advices from people all around the world. What a chance this is! Why do so few people use this right they have to express their views on what they've read? Why don't they give the chance to authors to see what they do well or what they do badly? I've read commentaries for that book I've told you about in the beginning. Poor vocabulary, clichés, shallow characters... you name it, it seems you can find it in that story... Those things, I remember thinking them about other stories. Even in some stories I like, I can see some of the flaws pointed out. But guess what? in that case, I point them out! Because contrary to a book, what is published on this site can always be changed.

So just to tell the author you liked their job is important because you acknowledge they have worked on it and shared it with you. And it can be frightening to share a story, let me tell you. This way, you finalise the exchange, you show the author he shared his work with something other than the cyber wind.

Even better, you can point out what was particularly good, the best sentence, the last thought after reading it, something like that. And you can also tell when something wasn't good because you can like something and still see that it could be better. It's called not being blinded by love!

Here, today's rant is finished. Hope you weren't bored as hell, and if you want to react and tell me what you think (even if what you think is that I must really have nothing to do if I write this kind of thing. Which is totally false by the way) you can, there are PMs for that. What a wonderful site!

10/04/2013 (yes, I'm not using the american way of life! so guys, it's April the 10th!) So, I had something more to say about reviews. As a reviewer, I think a lot about it. This time, it will be about three things: Reviews (obviously)/ favourite list/alerts. Something we all know!

By reading stories, I've noticed authors who were asking something like this: "stop putting me in you alerts or favourite, I appreciate but I don't care. What I care for are reviews!" Objectively speaking, a review telling someone "I loved it!" or "interesting!" is quite the same as being added to someone's favourite or alert list. But well... in reality, it's not.

First, a review is more specific to a chapter. The authors also want to know if someone keeps liking the story. Once you've added the story to your favourite list, or your alert list, how can they be sure you still like it as much as before? How do they know you're still reading? The answer is simple: they don't. The stats can't show you this. And then, chapters after, you may read a call for reviews by your favourite author. And you feel awful for them. And sometimes, you feel angry at them for using their own story to threaten you.

Second, we all have different views on what should be in our favourite list or alert list. I remember a talk I had with a great someone. That person asked me what I thought meant more between favouriting an author or following a story. We had different views on it. For said person, following a story showed you didn't want to miss a single chapter and waited for them. To favourite it was more like creating a book mark when you were trying to find the story/author again. To me, I follow a story when I don't want to miss an update. But I favourite it when I really love it! That's why I always favourite a story when it's finished. If the author creates 2 or 3 good stories, I'll put them on alert. If the author wrote 10 stories I loved, I'll favourite them. We all have different views on it. So you don't know how the author will take it when you favourite their story, and they don't know what you thought when you did. It doesn't mean much. With words in a review, you can make it clear! (and even put in the end: that's why I favourite it)

Third, it starts with a little game I've played, as an author. I had a look at the favourite list of the ones that favourited my stories. In some cases, I was honoured because I found myself being the only representant of a fandom or the list wasn't big. But when you're the favourite story of someone who is on this site since two months ago, with 300 other favourite stories from the same fandom, it doesn't mean anything anymore. And if you use favourite lists every time you like a story, then you're likely to be in that second category. I know that if I listened to myself, I could easily reach the 300 favourite stories in the MxM fandom! But with reviews, you can show what in that story is great, what you liked. Reviews are way more personal: you can tell exactly what you liked in the author's fic, and that fic only.

So try and think about it. We have alerts, we have favourites and we have reviews. We have to give everything a value and know what they represent to us. But as we're all different, we have to explain it somehow to someone, when we use it to show something. In a music score, there is a symbol in the beginning to understand if we should read this key as a G (sol) or a B(H/si). With the lists, if you want to be understood, you have to let the author know the key. Else, it doesn't mean much. Isn't it easier to simply review a few words that are more likely to be understood right away and where you can even give this key?


I was minding my own business some days ago when I found out that FF IS GOING TO BE 15 on the 17 or the 18 of this month, this year! Just needed to share it with you!


So today's rant will not be about reviews, for a change There is a practice I've been noticing on this site that makes no sense to me. I've been wondering for quite a long time why so many authors need to precise "Third person point of view" at the beginning of their chapters. I must say I hate it because I think it's totally useless. When the narrator is only using the third person, it's obvious the point of view is third person. We are not in a grammar lesson where you have to show you know what third person is... So when I read this, I feel the author does not expect me to be able to think and that makes me upset. Now, I wonder where this habit comes from. I understand the need to precise whose point of view you're using when using first person point of view, and when the person whose eyes you're writing through is changing along the story (because if it is always the same person, the beginning of the story should make it clear. For instance:

For as long as I remember, I've always thought fate was something you saw coming. In every story, every anime, every video-game, there are foreboding events before the life of the hero is definitely changed. The family being awfully nice to the protagonist, the neighbours breaking a window, the sun being brighter than usual, or just a feeling that something today is different. But when I woke up that morning, there was nothing amiss.

"Matt, breakfast's ready!"

I glimpsed at my alarm clock. It was 8:12, as usual. My mother was calling me to eat, as usual. I sighed.

"I'm coming mum!"

And paf! You know who the character is, have a name, and see that he uses anime and videogames in his thought process. No need for "Matt's PoV".

So yes, is it because someone used to writing with changing first person point of view decided to try the third person and wrote "Third person point of view" out of habit? But why is it so popular nowadays? or is it that nowadays people like to have everything handed to them right away? I just think that it is good to let readers think for themselves a bit. We are used to reading books after reading the summary first, when we go to the cinema, we saw the teaser before. When was the last time we saw a movie or a play, or read a book with absolutely no idea of what it was we were going to see?

Anyway, I'm wondering about it because someone told me they hated it when the point of view used was not written. So to you who reached this part of my profile and has obviously nothing to do right now, what do you think? Do you prefer it when it is written or do you prefer to discover it for yourself? Do you feel sometimes that too much information is made clear and that authors shold trust their readers' brain more and actually imply some things instead of writing everything explicitly? Or am I on my own with this thought?

Totally Random, but no one will read it anyway:

xxbeyondxbirthdayxx is my Statler! XD
And now let's get things started, why don't you get things started, It's time to get things started

Bravo! you've reached the end of this profile. I don't know if this was useful to you but I have to say something not to let this page desperately empty, don't I?
So goodbye, you're free now!

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