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Hey guys... if there is anyone actually looking at this! I have only written one story cos', frankly, I am usually a REALLY bad writer!

I am addicted to reading any kind of gender-bending stories. Particulary The Avengers with a female Tony Stark, Harry Potter with a female Harry and How to Train your Dragon, with a female Hiccup. There's also... uh, Yu-Gi-Oh, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free! Iwatobi swim club, Black Butler, Inuyasha... Naruto.

Now, there are a few fics I highly recommend you definitely read (they qualify as my favourite fics). They are in no particular order:

1. Echo by A Dueling Heart (Shingeki no Kyojin)

2. Making Arrangements by CrownsofLaurels (Naruto)

3. Diminishing Orange Flame by Watermelonsmellinfellon (Naruto)

4. Malfunctioning Time by Kiragirl17 (Avengers)

5. Harriet Potter and the Minister of Magic by Slytherin-nette (Harry Potter)

6. Angel Undercover by SailorChibi (Yu-Gi-Oh)

7. Unexpected by Itooshii Koneko (Naruto)

8. Finding Life Through Love by Youngbountygirl (Yu-Gi-Oh)

9. Hikari Strong by PartheniaTargaryen (Yu-Gi-Oh)

10. Incomplete by SailorChibi (Yu-Gi-Oh)

11. The Sealmaster of Konoha by FaerieLight (Naruto)

12. The Kitsune's Curse by Natarii-loves-Chocolate-milk (Naruto)

13. I Have To Marry Who? by Layelle (Naruto)

14. Forget Me Not by angelbunnycakes (Naruto)

15. Ambivalence by Genki-angel-chan (Naruto)

16. Of Balls and Brides by TooDarnLazy (Naruto)

17. 10 SureFire Ways To Get Uzumaki Naruto Into Bed by Benq (Naruto)

18. Things That Merlin Isn't Allowed To Do by Itar94 (Merlin)

19. The Girl's Dragon, Toothless by Little Miss Wolfie (How To Train Your Dragon)
(This is part of a trilogy, the others are- The Village's Boy, Asher and The Dragon's Girl, Hiccup)

20. Rider's Destiny by X-Jinxa-X (How To Train Your Dragon)

21. She Creates Herself by doctorrosetyler (Doctor Who)

22. A Life With Rose by Krazy Ky-Sta Hatter (Doctor Who)

23. Suit of Iron, Heart of Glass by BreezeInMonochromeNight (Avengers)

24. A Terrible Privilege by ConfessionsofaRebel (Avengers)

25. A Study in Crimson and Viridian: Part 1 by Last.Echo
(sequel- Crimson and Viridian: Everything Burns)

26. Love Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be by Schadenfreudessa (Avengers)

27. As this Death is by Cannibal Incorporated (Naruto)

That's about it ;) Although, I do cherish and love every story I read

Outside of my fanfiction life, my hobbies are;

Playing piano. I love it and have been playing for around 10 years.

The occasional game of soccer. No sport for me

Drawing. I love to draw. Unfortunately though, with my lack of 'imagination', I have to have something to base my picture off. Which is quite annoying.

Okay, thanks! xoxo