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Author has written 5 stories for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Bible, and Charles Dickens.

First of all, let me begin by saying thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my works over the past few days. There has been overwhelming responses/hits regarding the four pieces (especially The Long Journey Home) I have displayed on the Fanfiction website.

I know your time is precious and it has certainly been an honor for me that you would take your time to read these four particular works. Thank you again!

I would appreciate any remarks you may have and any kind words of wisdom; good, bad, or indifferent… All comments are welcome. I know writing is very subjective, and you simply can not appease everyone. But as a writer, you look for trends; the masses tell you what they want to read about.

I just wanted to mention for those of you who have explored reading The Long Journey Home, this is actually a sequel to A Dairy’s House. This novel continues the life of Landon Hampshire as a young man, exploring the very tenacious elements of love, of rebirth into the life he once knew, and the struggles he discovers through his ventures home. Nothing in life turns out the way we expect it, and The Long Journey Home is a testament to this very antidote.

Some of you may be curious regarding about myself and who I am; thus the reason for this being presented on my profile section. Like many people who write; I have an undying passion for it. To move the individual mind into imagination; to formulate and articulate internal visions into movement and motion, and so bring it into words; to form characters, lives, dreams and hopes, give dimension to those who otherwise would be stuck in your head has been a great adventure for me all the years I have been writing. It’s amazing how such venues can not only bring light to those who read your works, but also how much, in immense proportions, I am taught through each individual journey. Nothing can predispose a writer from his/her works than the true novelty on ‘what sits on the next page’; kind of like ‘what sits around the next bend’. It’s a fascination with a life all its own. I wouldn’t prescribe it as a religion, but there is a sense of awakening to the person that you are when you are writing your works. I can’t imagine a time in my life when I am more closely linked to God than this.

The early births of such a destiny came at an early age. I nearly died twice as a child; and if it were not for a spectacular mother who had the Christian Faith unmatched as she had in her own individual life, I would not be here today, doing what I do. My life that has bridged from then until now is truly a miracle.

Such ‘burnings’ for writing came around the time when I was 6 years of age. My second grade teacher (Mrs. Painter) had the class write a Halloween story for a class assignment. Most children at this age are thwarted by the simple materials of spelling and simple composition. I wrote a ten page piece with complex composition, dialogue, character development, descriptive scene measures. Much to the point my teacher asked to keep the piece because she felt, in her words, “David, you will be a great writer one day… and I want to keep this when you do!”

I told her I didn’t know much about such things; only that I enjoyed writing something from an imagination that, shall we say, never stops.

I crept along my schooling without any noteworthy tasks or any special relevance to talent; all the way into and thru my senior year of high school. I had an English professor in my senior year whose general approach was that the only toleration she could stand was the intolerable nation she had to teach. A former drill sergeant; she kept us in shape through that year. But I will never forget the day of my graduation; me being in cap and gown, I was talking with my parents and she came up behind me, put her arm around my waist and faced my parents “I just wanted to let you know that your son is the most gifted writer I have ever taught”. I told her I didn’t know much about such things; and since she never said that to me before, I was quite surprised by what she said.

I have always considered myself a man of simple measures; of simple traits; non-assuming; not shy, but not overly gregarious either. This was how I was raised, growing up in the south and living my early years by humble means. You learned to live with what you have; and my treasure was the sound upbringing I had, with my four sisters, in a loving household. No child could expect more, but every child deserves this.

My adult life has had its share of joys and sorrows. I lost my only child, a son, for which some of this work is bred from.

I hope this gives you a little bit about me…

I wanted to give you a brief element on each of these works. I’ve already put in the content a brief synopsis or description of each, and some also have a preface. But here goes:

A Diary’s House is about the early years of Landon Hampshire; growing up in the mountains ofNorth Carolina during the years just after the civil war, it details a magical and adventurous world he lives in, the discovery of a diary, the lore of Cherokee legends and pirates. But most of all, the venture of love, the articles by which love comes, the endurance of all, and how love can transcend age and time. As a writer you not only listen to what people tell you when they read the full novel, but the most telling signs are how they relate the value of that work to others. If this is any testament, early on I released two dozen copies to various friends; and at last count, there had been over one hundred reads – copies going all over the country. I’ve had people tell me they have never had a novel ever remind them of their ‘first love’, of their most treasured loves in life, until reading this work.

This book has been well guarded for nearly ten years. I had a publishing contract on it within three weeks of submission; but there were three years of delays and mis-steps by the publisher, then the publisher went out of business. Since then I have been very cautious about trying to publish it again, until now. With the explosion of downloads and the invention of the kindle, it will be fully published within the next sixty days or so. You should see it on sites like amazon and barnesandnoble.

The Long Journey Home is the continuation on Landon’s journey as a young man; the perils of love when life really begins, and how duty and a sense of obligation can bring conflict within your present situation. This novel is not yet fully written. The vast majority of it has been sketched out and it will be very comparable to A Diary’s House. I have some further research to perform, site studies regarding locations which will need to be performed. Seven chapters are written and I can complete 60-70% of the book before this additional work will need to be done. I expect this work to be completed sometime this year or the first quarter of next year. I would encourage everyone to read the first novel; I believe it is well worth the read. Not only from my perspective, but also from those I have received feedback from. The book has not had a bad read yet.

This novel reads much like the triangular nature as with Pride and Prejudice. The novel centers around Landon’s love interest(s), which creates the primary conflict throughout the book. I don’t want to dispel too much at this point. Just let me know what you think!

When Tomorrow Never Comes was actually published under a different name, In Winter’s Moment, in 2005. This story is from a personal element; our family’s trial and the time when our mother became sick from a long-enduring illness, and how this event affected our family’s lives in unscripted ways. The first half of the novel deals with Conner James’ early years, growing up in Boston; his love of baseball; the joys of childhood; finding his future wife and how they met; their time of falling in love, marrying and building a family. I had one Barnes and Noble manager read it and stated that it was 9.5 on a scale of ten; and that I should “Send it to Oprah… If she reads it, you’ll be on her show… It’s that powerful of a novel” It is an earnest tale; of love in triumph and in tragedy. You can see it under the previous title on amazon and barnesandnoble as well. All the feedback I have received from those who have purchased the book have given it very high remarks. I had one individual read it in 3 days.

The Chronicles of Good and Evil / Dracula’s Lair / The Darkest Tower was just recently finished. It perhaps is the most complex of all the works, which chronicles the death of a child, who in turn is the chosen one to become the 13th warrior in an elite group of angels. Sent down by God to battle the forces of Satan and Dracula, who have aligned themselves together to overtake the world and bring about a dark age for all humanity. Perhaps one might think that this is a campy scenario at first glance, but this is far from the case. It really deals with the perils of humanity and our struggles to do good versus evil; and the consequences of our actions. It’s more along the lines of Paradise Lost than any superhero scenario. In allowing others to rule our fate, we relinquish our freedom and incite the opportunity for one without a moral compass to destroy the very foundation of what we truly believe in. It will be published within 30-60 days in tandem with A Diary’s House.

I would encourage anyone to read this book, due to its prolific themes, long-ranging scope; the battle scenes are epic in nature; the dramatic loves which are created; the hopes and dreams which are once again rekindled. It is Christian in nature, though also violent in some measures to its content. Researching the real Dracula and his ulterior methods were as disturbing to my rationale as they were in requiring my sense of understanding how one person can reach the depth of such inhumanity for the sake of power and the lust for killing. If this book is well received, it will be the first in a series of books dotting history and the times to come; the volume stories of this angelic legion and its perilous times cutting across human history.

I have also written two Shakespearean-style plays called In the Years of the Ages and Hildengrass. The latter is a sequel to the first; speaking about the lives of two brothers during medieval times; their perils, struggles for survival. Both have been reviewed by a gentleman who runs an elite writing workshop in the mountains ofNorth Carolina (encompasses writers from all over the world) and was the repertory director one of the largest theatre groups inNorth Carolina. He also owned the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival. His review is also enclosed as follows:

“I have read the play by Mr. Murphy.

For content, I have nothing but praise. His canvas overflows with compassion for the human condition. I believe Mr. Murphy cares about ‘the garden” and wishes us all well. Too many storytellers delight in dunking us in our own worst effluvium. Mr. Murphy, it seems, seeks cause to affirm and celebrate.

While I have nothing but personal praise for his style, I fear it will leave the overwhelming majority of viewers in the residue of the dust. It is simply beyond the capabilities of most people to comprehend, to ‘hang in there’ as it were. For this is contemporary human nature; at the first sign of trouble, ‘change the channel’. For example, King John, Timon of Athens and the second half of Winter’s Tale are off limits to the vast majority of theater goers. I find the Murphy piece to be considerably more sophisticated.

Structure. I have read several (18) pages out loud andcompletely at random. Allowing for punctuation only, and respecting only those pauses required for breathing, each page took an average of 2.75 minutes to read. There are 186 pages of text. 511.5 minutes. Eight and one half hours to perform this piece.

If Mr. Murphy wants this to be produced as a play, he should consider making it more accessible without compromising his ideals or standards which is the hardest thing you can ask any serious writer to do. As a literary work, Mr. Murphy may want to contact the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC and ask someone there to have a look.

Finally, I have never in thirty five years of professional theatrical life, encountered a work of such daring scope. Mr. Murphy deserves oceans of respect for completing a work of such magnitude and intelligence.”

I can place the first act of both plays on this website if anyone has any interest in reading thru the pieces. I will say this however. The first play took nearly three years to write; the second approximately six months. Hildengrass is much similar to Hamlet and it perhaps is the best, most ambitious piece I have ever written.

Please contact me at your leisure… I would love to hear any of your comments!


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