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[Update 2/20/13]

Still thinking about the sequel...==". Anyway...I'm still working ut at Typical Highschool days and got a new one-shot fic of SerIzumo for K project. So don't think I've already given up that story ok? xD


Hi there! I'm a Xiaoyin fan

A quick and random things about me.

I'm a Filipina

I'm a college student! [Bs Psychology]

I super duper ultra mega hot yeah love Tekken!

I love Xiaoyin, HwoaLili, AsuSteve, whatever.

I like playing Tekken [after class, I go to arcades and challenge other players there]

I like making them a story!

I love reading stories about them.

And ...I have a blog ... ericasblogbasket.tumblr.com ..all about Tekken!

So, I have OCs of my own, each featured at 'The time I protect you' story of mine.

Yua Mitsuki [Gemini, back at ECF]

- came from the one of the most pwerful clan in Japan, Mitsuki clan.
- She had 2 eldest brothers; Yuuma Mitsuki (eldest) and Yuuji Mitsuki (2nd eldest)
- she was taught by his father
- she is rather best at holding a samurai.
- team unit captain at age of 17 ( at ECF)
- both martial artist and weaponry proffesional
- Yua was once a cheerful sweet and playable girl, but after the incident, she became a strict, feisty, and serious girl.
- weapons: guns, samurai (given by Yuuma while they were trying to run away from the ECF), gadgets
- skills: Mitsuki-based Karate, Kung Fu, Bajinkua, Aikido, Hakke Sho, Tai Chi, and military developed skill fights.
- leader of the PIC (Phoenix Intelligence Agency) CEOs

(more about Yua)

- Yua's character is a personification of ME
- wears eyeglass, but removes it when in battle
- her eyes gleam red [like at Blood plus] whenever she is at extreme battle, rage and emotional anger. However, at her emotional anger, she becomes 'another person', unleashing the 'real power' of the Mitsuki clan [Phoenix's Gaze, inspiration for the company] that made their clan last for a millenium. Her father had taught both Yuuma and Yuuji this 'gift'to control it, however, Yua didn't had a chance because of her young age. She begins to kill many people out of her control. But, William was the only one who could stop and calm her, in the process going back to her senses.
- Yua was the only female in their family [from the beginning of the clan] to have this gift
- Yuuji resembles Chris
- ill-tempered
- and most of all, a BOSS xD

William McLorne [Leo, back at ECF]

- American
- raised from a foster family (found him in front of the door)
- real father (president of the USA, Henry McLorne), Mother (died when he was a baby, trying to get away from the miscreants who wanted to kill the McLornes due to political fueds)
- foster family killed in an accidental fire.
- after that he joined a gang to be able to live
- enemy gangster (Chris' side)
- Chris and him met when they were fighting each other, and after the polie had caught them both at the outskirts of Nevada.
- has a kind and calm heart, like how he was raised by his foster family.
- weapons: guns, musket, gadget, daggers.
- skills: Street-developed fighting skills, Aikido, Tai Chi (by Yua), and military developed skill fights.
- one of the CEOs of PIC

(more about William)

- He is the personification of my dreamboy xD
- more liable in fighting close range
- merely inloved with Yua
- bestfriends with Chris
- considered a genius [a handsome geek!]
- wears an eyeglass
- first discovered Jin and Xiao's relationship ...accidentally.

Chris Lamonte [Aries, back at ECF]

- Venezuelan
- sharp shooter, learned to handle a gun at 10
- came from a rich Mafia family, originally from Palermo, Italy then moved to Venezuela.
- his beloved mother got killed, Chris blamed all of it to his father for failing to protect her.
- Chris hated his father, he decided to ran away from their home and make his way to Nevada where he met William.
- naughty, hyper-active, a womanizer (failed at Yua), and sharp shooter more than Will and Yua.
- skills: Street-developed skill fight, sharp shooter, assassin-type, Karate and Tai Chi (by Yua), and military developed skill fights.
- weapons: Guns (any kind), gadgets, muskets, daggers.
- one of the CEOs of PIC

(more about Chris)

- He's the personification of the kind of guy I like the most.
- resembles Zack Fair [attitude, actions, and behavior]
- hair is as messy as Miguel Caballero Rojo's, but shaded back. His eyes are sky-blue, and his skin is fair, considering he originally came from Palermo, Italy.
- dislikes being seriously cryptic sometimes.
- hungry for adventure [even if he DOES have enough adventure]
- speaks Spanish, Italian, a bit French, a bit Japanese [by Yua].
- his past resembles a bit from Jin's

Gen. Maxwell [Gen. Max]

- general of the said military federation
- responsible for Yua's family death.
- raged war at Yua, Will and Chris after they knew his secret.
- blinded Yua at first for making her believe that he could be trusted.
- age, not mentioned. (mid-50s)

so there you have it! Hehehehe!!! I'm full of imaginations about Tekken too, and I want to write all of them! Hope you like my stories!

AND also, I'm thinking of a story again, they're 2 actually, but I think I have to finish 'The time I protect you' before such.

Hmmm... maybe a story about 'Project K' too will do. Argh! I have so much stories in my mind!

Twitter: @imclytierica

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