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We still have a while until this story is released! Don't submit yet, but feel free to check out the guidelines and advice.

PUTP: The 81st Hunger Games

Release date: 2nd August


Females Submitted: (NONE. YOU CANNOT SUBMIT YET)

Deadline: 31st August

Guidelines (Beware, I'm not as mean as I sound in this! I just want tribute forms to be done correctly):

- Please read these guidelines! Honestly, I'll be able to tell if you haven't read these guidelines, and your tribute will not be accepted.
- I will only accept tributes through PM. If you don't have an account, make one? Or tumblr me? I won't accept tributes through reviews.
- Don't submit to me, and walk away, never to review again. That's unfair, and just plain rude to the writer. If you're one of those people, then get out. Now. Unless of course, you PM me a reason why you can't review :D
- Deal with it. Your tribute might not be accepted. Your tribute probably won't become a victor. If you tribute dies, or if they are not accepted, then please don't kick up a fuss about it. It's just a tribute, no matter how much you might love them.
- No reservations for places. It's a free for all. Come and get 'em ;D
- Detail is important. I don't want a tribute with three lines for a personality; I need something to work with here, come on ;-;
- I love reviews. I'm thirsty for them, I admit that. Reviewing the prologues are more likely to get you accepted, and reviews let me know that you're not neglecting your tribute. Plus, I want to know if I'm writing your tribute well enough! Reviews really don't take long to type out. I don't mind one liners, y'know ;D
- I love diversity in race and in age.I seriously can't stress that enough. I don't want a load of eighteen year olds, or a load of white people. District Eleven tributes should be black. I want a nice mix, please. A difference in age will not have much of an effect on where the tribute will place, nor will their race. Be creative please!
- I'm doing a blog, so I would like a faceclaim please! I need a name only, thank you. No faceclaim = you won't be accepted. Please don't say "I can't find one!", because that's not cutting it either.
- Strengths and weaknesses are personality based e.g. Resourceful, Brazen, Oblivous, Gaurded etc.
- Any recycled tributes will not be accepted. If I have already accepted them and I find out, then they will die at the earliest opportunity.

The Tribute Form:

Name: Whatever you want!
Age: 12 - 18 only. Make it a mix, please!
Gender: Fairly obvious, unless the character is transgender or gender fluid. In this case, put down the gender they identify as/resonate the most with.
Pick three!
Appearance: What do they look like?
Faceclaim: I only need a name. No links please. And don't say you can't find one; I know you can!
Personality (Detailed):
By "detailed", I mean, at least two decent sized paragraphs
Past (Detailed): Again, at least two decent sized paragraphs here.
Family/Friends: I'd like brief names, ages, relations, and appearances of all family members and friends here.
Strengths (Five or more): Personality based, for example: Resourceful, Headstrong, Candid, Brazen, Intelligent...etc
Weaknesses (Five or more): Personality based, for example: Arrogant, Rash, Withdrawn, Merciless, Obnoxious...etc
Weapon of choice: No guns or bombs.
Reaped/Volunteered: Were they reaped, or did they volunteer?
Reaction/Reason: How did they react to being reaped? Why did they volunteer? The reason has to be a very good one if your tribute is not a career.
Sexual Orientation: Are they straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, asexual, transgender etc? Are they likely to get into a relationship in the Games?
Allies, or going solo?: Do you want your tribute to team up, or to go at it alone?
Anything else?: Add as much as you can to make your tribute stand out. Anything is good, remember! For example: tokens, quotes, interview angles, interview outfits, chariot ideas, reaping outfits, pet peeves etc.

Enjoy submitting! I hope that everyone who submits will have read these guidelines, and will make a tribute for me! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, although please refer to the announcements section to check if I'm around or not. If I don't answer your question, I'm sorry! Maybe you can just wing it and submit to me anyway? ;D

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I consider anyone that talks to me as a friend, it's just that these one's are very special to me :3

The Fawkes Verse:

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark sparked a rebellion after they refused to kill each other in the 74th Hunger Games. This spark threatened to catch fire, causing President Snow to fear for his iron grip over power. On suspicion of helping the rebel movement, all of the other living victors that were not reaped for the Hunger Games, were brought in for interrogation. All of them, apart from twelve, were killed in cold blood. The remaining eight victors chose to stand by President Snow in defiance of the rebellion. Peeta Mellark drowned at the bloodbath of the Third Quarter Quell, being killed by Gloss Catch of District One. Both Mags Flint and Finnick Odair died on the second day in the arena, not being able to run from the deadly fog that chased them. Katniss Everdeen, left alone, was killed by the monkey mutts. Johanna and Beetee died in a tidal wave. As the Games finally drew to a close, Wiress Surge surprised the Capitol by reigning as victor.

The rebellion died, its fiery flames doused by the death of their idols, and the eradication of the mockingjay symbol. Wiress, the victor of the 75th Hunger Games, had become mentally unstable; twice as bad as she was before. She hid in her room and refused to come out of it. Two months after her Games ended, Wiress committed suicide. Due to their aid in the rebellion, President Snow reduced District Thirteen to rubble, killing the population underground. Peacekeepers flooded the underground civilisation, gunning down any survivors. Plutarch Heavensbee was sentenced to death for aiding the rebels in their plans. The twelve victors that stood with President Snow watched on as the Hunger Games continued. They continued to mentor their tributes as each new year arrived, also joined by newer and more recent victors who won the Hunger Games after the rebellion ended. Escorts now pose as mentors for Districts that do not currently have a living victor.

After Plutarch, President Snow hired a woman by the name of Debra Miles. Debra was ambitious, and she worked hard, but she pitied the tributes in each Games. A plan was organised between herself and her Gamemakers to get several of the tributes out of the arena. However, the plan was found out by the President, and the entire unit of Gamemakers, including Debra, were killed for their actions. Caesar Flickerman was also sentenced to death on the suspicion of collaborating with them. A few Capitolites noticed that people were going missing, but President Snow covered up his tracks by warning the Capitol of a deadly illness that was killing people. Everyone was instructed to take a "vaccine" to be immune to the "virus", and those that had been killed by Snow were the "victims" of this "outbreak".

President Snow had long grown tired of unreliable Head Gamemakers. Each person that applied for the position as Head Gamemaker was too nice, too kind, too clever. He needed someone arrogant, someone who didn't give a damn about the tributes and their lives. He needed someone who wouldn't open their heart to the tributes. President Snow almost gave up. That is, until he met Luca Fawkes. President Snow believes that this man is arrogant enough to feel nothing for the tributes and their various back-stories, but little does he know that he is wrong. For Luca, this "arrogance" is simply a mask, a way for him to get into his dream job. Can Luca keep President Snow convinced that he is the man for the job? Can Luca distance himself from the children in the arena, or will he open his heart, and possibly spark a rebellion...?

The Fawkes Verse:

Victors Blog link (Take out the spaces): h t t p : / / t h e f a w k e s v e r s e v i c t o r s . b l o g s p o t . c o . u k /

This blog will be updated once the victor is announced in each Games. (80th Hunger Games people might have to PM me the faceclaim details if their tribute wins.) Many of the Victors/Mentors are likely to appear in my next few Games. The Fawkes Verse is an ongoing series of six SYOT's, spanning the 80th-85th Hunger Games.

Seeping Wounds: The 80th Hunger Games

Status: Day Four
Tribute Count: Fifteen
Arena: Forested Cliff Valley
Best Death:
Best Review Quote:
No Blog Available (sorry :/)

PUTP: The 81st Hunger Games (Ooh! I wonder what it's called ;D)

Release Date: 2nd August 2015
Tribute Count:
Best Death:
Best Review Quote:
Blog link (Take out the spaces):


Veil Of Ignorance: The 36th Hunger Games - written with mikitty bast (Kitty)

Status: Training Day Two
Tribute Count:
Best Death:
Best Review Quote:
Blog link (Take out the spaces): h t t p : / / v e i l o f i g n o r a n c e 3 6 t h h g . b l o g s p o t . c o . u k /

Submitted Tributes by Moi:
(If you need me to submit a tribute, just ask! I'll try to submit if I'm not busy!)

Katarina Wade, Sixteen, Arizona. Blood Money. (JabberjayHeart)
Victoria Landly, Fifteen, District Five Female. The Deceptive and The Deceived. (FireflyLlama)
Arika Rillon, Fifteen, District Six Female. A Messenger's Angst. (nevergone4ever)
Danté Pearl, Thirteen, District Eight Male. Counterbalance. (Starry Infinities)
Winslow Earnest, Seventeen, District Nine Male. Fear Of Falling. (SomeDays)
Nietzsche Cirque, Seventeen, District Eleven Male. The Deceptive and The Deceived. (FireflyLlama)
Nina Silverglass, Sixteen, District Eleven Female. Counterbalance. (Starry Infinities)

The Fallen:

Alexia "Lexi" Wattinger, Fourteen, District Five Female. The Falling Leaves. (TomTheWriter) Placed 7th
Xander Drift, Eighteen, District Four Male. The Falling Leaves. (TomTheWriter) Placed 9th
Oscaron "Oscar" Linnerchip, Sixteen, District Six Male.Epitaph. (jakey121 and Cashmere67) Placed 20th
Priah Monochrome, Sixteen, District Three Female. Forlorn Hope. (TitanMaddix) Placed 23rd

Thanks to you for reading. Feel free to give some of my fics a try, and provide criticism or praise in a review if you want to. I'm often here to PM too, so don't be shy :)

You also get a recognition of sexiliciousness (omg i make up words) awesomeness for actually reaching the end of this profile alive. Go you ;D

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