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WELCOME to the official protest page of the petition! Keep an eye out, everyone, for immediate action will be taken!

ATTENTION interactive story readers/writers. Interactive stories get deleted because they are against fanfiction guidelines. This petition is to show Fanfiction.net that we want this guideline revoked or rewritten. Sign up if you want interactive stories legalized! PM Demigodgirl1000!

1. Demigodgirl1000

2. BillyTalented

We're teenagers, not dumb. We can figure out what is appropriate and what is inappropriate by ourselves, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

3. Dinashadow

4. Blu.balloon

5. nb1998


I AM 'Unleashing my imagination'. Or at least I'm trying to. Fanfiction is supposed to be a place where I can write whatever I want to, read whatever I want to, and review anything I want to. Who are you to say we can't submit our creatively-made OC's to a writer who may have trouble coming up with her own?

This is Panem. We are the rebels, the Districts, the 13. You are Snow, the Capitol. WEWANTOURSYOTS is our Mockingjay.

Remember what happened to the Capitol?

Don't shoot yourself in the head. Don't lose site visitors to this. Give us our SYOC/T's. Or you very well might go the same way as the Capitol.

7. Shikasgirl107

8. BXE

9. Avenrose

10. Shadowheart10

11. Katthewriter

12. Morgan Odair

13. Solaria Daughter of Apollo

14. just a liar

15. Toadetterock15

16. Write All the Time

17. MyrtleFalls

18. PatnissEverdeen124

It's so unfair that they're taking away the right to right interactive stories! Why now? Why when there are so many SYOT's ?!? Fan fiction should not mess with hunger games fans! We will fight for the right to write our stories!!!!

19. crabsareamazing14

20. moonmagnet

21. himynameisian

22. Hime-koi

Fanfiction, how exactly can we "unleash our imagination," if you're oppressing
it? Most interactive fanfictions also include characters from the series. If
you get rid of interactive fanfiction, you'll have to get rid of 3/4 of the
site, including every fanfiction that has an OC. Therefore, in the end, you
will also come to a downfall. Or if you'd like a quote to further explain my
point, "Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!" - Katniss
Everdeen, Mockingjay. You are the Capitol. We are the Districts. Game on.

23. Moolit Kit

24. skittlesgirl99

25. FallingDown98

26. roxgirl01

27. XxxCloudyxxX

28. CloveRue

29. fashionandstylegurl

I love interactives, and I own one. I'm devastated to see FanFiction do this to us, and I won't stand it!

30. reven228

31. Golden Warrior Eagle

32. CommanderFettt

People have poured hours into those stories, only to have them deleted. There is nothing wrong with people giving tributes. It's no different than sending them via PM, and it ensures readers

33. EmmaTheHomicidalSquid

34. bookluver143

35. TDI 4 Ever

36. sithlorde1988

I'll help your petition as OC's deserve to be in fanfics!

37. JetJake

38. Xylia Ren

They took down almost 20 chapters of hard work and I'm so mad now!!

39. Awesomenesssss

40. EverlastingActress

41. XxXAlways-a-DreamerXxX

42. TaylorMan021983

43. NitronKind

44. UPwithTHEsyotsDOWNwithTHEadmin

45. xXFivexMinutesxToxMidnightXx

46. The Rogue King

47. CupCakes11

48. A.Goto

49. kcrb0202

50. SomeoneBeautiful

51. PurpleSmoke

52. Narnian Pirate

This is absolutely rediculous and when I say that I consider the fanfiction admins to be the Capitol, I mean it and you can quote me.

53. Ishi Bana-Bana

Why are they choosing to do this now? This has been going on forever!

54. TD Crossover

55. Tewi Inaba

56. Queen Of Derp

57. invader sugar

58. The Mysterious E

59. Writers8block

Whats the big deal? You say you want us to be creative, then don't stop us from writing what we want!

60. Dark-RoseMarrie

61. RandomGhostie

It's unfair they don't even bother telling you before hand, what if you have deleted that story and you wanted to save it?

62. ChloeRhiannonX

63. ThatBlondeGirl30

SYOTS/SYOCS improve people's writing. It takes skill to take a brief description of a character and make that character come alive; not to mention adding a story to it. Why not try reading one of those stories? I bet you just report them for fun, don't you. It's disgusting how you just want to ruin someone's hard work like that. It's rude and unjustified and I won't stand for it. In fact, no, WE WON'T STAND FOR IT! WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED! Mark my words Capitol of if you do not let us have our interactives or at least justify your vendetta against them, you better listen out for the whistle of a Mockingjay. When you hear that, you'll know we're coming. SYOTS/SYOCS FOREVER!

64. HawkHeart-and-Sandflower


65. gordhanx

66. Evanna.the.Dauntless

67. icarlyfanatic101

68. Paperman0

69. martigirl2

70. OrangeNinjaAttack

71. CharlieHarperFan88

72. everdeenandpotter

My SYOT got taken down, I worked really hard on it!

73. NerdyBarista

I may not write these kinds of stories but I love reading and participating so it'd be a shame to see them get deleted.

74. Dharma the Polar Bear

75. Nacissus123

76. Blackrosesroit

77. nexusXgirlX4Xlife

78. Bittersweet Applesauce

79. The Epic Bookworm

80. Shadowming1998

81. Plancor

82. Rebel Autumn Summer

83. ThornyRoseIsTrue

84. shadow bender 7271

Admins. You are the Capitol. We are the districts. This is the beginning of
the rebellion. We will see the end. We will not play by your rules. Deleting
us was your bomb. This is ours. "Down with the Capitol" and let the games

85. shadowboy8456

86. Crazy-ForeverxXx

87. BTRGirl4ever

88. Chelsea Mockingjay

89. Katarina Hawke

90. xxteamjacob3xx

91. SilverPhoenixFire2000

92. ChocloateTear

93. HungerGamesFan3000

94. StepUp3

95. StephenC96

my story got deleted too after pouring hours of work into it, I'm so mad!

96. wjjmwmsn5

I had around 56 chapters that I put extreme effort into and had
a lot of people who actually liked it, now gone, and then 17 chapters for my
unfinished SYOT written! And the tons of people who created their characters
just put their time and efforts to waste too! It's absolutely NOT RIGHT for
them to steal our HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of hard work and throw it
mindlessly down the drain! And some of them probably do it for FUN! As IF they
could do better than half of us SYOC and SYOT writers and submitters! They're
doing it so quickly, too! One moment there were tons, and the next, there are
so few! It's like story massacre! So many wasted characters and effort... It's
not fair, honestly, no matter how childlike that sounds.

97. Dwoughter

I logged in just like a normal day. Hmm.. I'm going to submit a chapter to my syot and check up on some of my characters in other syots when suddenly.. Wai wha wha where is my story?! Wait.. where are the stories my characters are in? GONE. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

98. Gidgette1fan

I'm her for your cause!

99. junebugz21

100. npluv

101. diamond-fox

thats horrible!

102. fiddlegirl

103. androidilenya

104. MrsDracoMalfoy1022

105. im Richtofen kool 115

106. Yonna9queen

107. EchoingBreeze

I think that it was highly unfair for fanfiction to sudenly delete all SYOT's
without warning, many people lost hours of hard work, creativity and carefully
plotted stories. I think that SYOT's help to improve your writing skills by
letting you put together characters that you have not invented, in doing so,
you bring together muliple people's creativity and imagination to create on,
more complex and advanced piece of writing that you could not have done alone.

SYOT's also help to boost your confidence and give you a chance to recieve
valuable feedback from other writers like yourself. You have people waiting
for your next chapter, trust me, it feels so good to know people want to read
your writing.

108. MysteryintheShadows

109. angelwolf2929

What about the people who are really good at make character profiles and backgrounds, but
aren't really good at creating story plot lines; or just witers block and syot's help with those people.

110. vampirevampirevampire

111. osborne1211

we spend hard earned time writing these.

112. POMForever

Even though I don't have a SYOC story of my own I submit my OCs to alot of
them and I enjoy seeing how each author shows their veiw and thoughts on my
OCs. Without the SYOC stories my OCs wouldn't be what they are today.

113. thedragon48

114. TheMilkCarton

OC stories are so fun to read, as well as write! I understand and i get why they woukd put it up, cuz' hey, this
is a FANDOM site. I personally hate it when authors post just their own OC and
not others. However, when multiple OCs are involved, it makes it so
interesting and fun to read about, as well as challenging to write about. The
more challenges writers face, the more skilled and experienced they become.
Isn't that one of the main reasons that this site was created? I mean, theres
always FictionPress...But you can't just add the canon characters on thar site
as well as your own original characters. It just doesnt work like that. They
should at least alter the rule, so its not just no original characters at all.

115. Kunnaki

116. Jaide00

117. NJ7009

118. XMistressChaosx

119. GuitarArt

120. potterheaded-mockingjay-fly-on

121. Fluteorwrite

I just got past 100 reviews, up to 106 actually. About 10 hours after that, I
got an email stating that it had been deleted! I also received about 10
messages from 10 other people telling me theirs had been deleted, or they
couldn't read my SYOT anymore. When you've just gotten past 100 reviews, and
to the final eight tributes, it really sucks to have it deleted! Please, how
are we supposed to 'Unleash our imagination" if we can't even write these?

122. team-this-isnt-twilight

123. raiden221

124. aim for the heart

Even banned things require hard work, and we will not let our hard work be deleted without a say.

125. Naotoki Yamanouchi

126. ThEoC

How are we supposed to unleash our imaginations when you are stifling them?
I've never written an SYOT or SYOC, but I have submitted before, deleting
people's hard work is not the answer... change is.

127. goldie031

I love writing for the 96 characters in my story. It really challenges me and my creativity and plot development. Please don't delete more stories!

128. Vyrazhi

129. Erudite-Dauntless Girl

130. Willow's Rill

SYOT/SYOC stories allow writers to get better at developing multiple
characters and they allow submitters to improve with coming up with there own
characters... all while still having the ability to write about the things
that they love. Ironic that a place for creativity decides to delete

131. IchibanSweetie

132. CaptainCherryBlossom

133. Double Dee Edd Boy

134. June Bell

135. Kyramellark7

136. CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal

137. Amber Tate

138. Rose Hunter

139. Harlequin Ace

140. FollowTheWhispers

141. theonetheonlyjabey

142. Turtlezz4eva

143. Valkyrie99

144. bullriding lover

145. jodiexluvsxanime

146. aglee123

Its not fair to restrict the
types of stories we write-it goes against the whole reason for fanfiction
anyway-expressing yourself through writing.


Interactive stories tend to be some of the
better stories I've ever seen, as they have multiple personalities and they
all have their own strengths and weaknesses, something that a single author
would have a lot of trouble with. Interactive stories should be allowed, even
if they aren't given their own sections.

148. neveragainsetup

149. SeekerDraconis

150. LovePeaceHugs

It wasn't very smart of them to mess with Hunger Games fans. I mean, The Hunger Games. Put two and two together and BAM. You get a rebellion



153. Araka-chan

...WE JOINED THIS SITE FOR A REASON!!!! They take down people's hard work and theirgreat writing skills. Cus when they do something like this, it destroyspeople's dreams of probably becoming the best writer in the WORLD!!!! But if the Admin. destroy their dreams, they're never going to get the chance!!! And not to mention the fact that they give the Admin. position to people that don't even CARE and just delete stories... One of my friends on here had an SYOT and it was deleted. ...This is exactly like the Hunger Games... Only, we don't have our Mockingjay that will kill the Iron Grip that makes the rules. When you play with fire, Prepare To Get Burned.

153. Phantom Crest

154. ElephantEyes

155. Seo Jung Hee

156. Camp Half-Blood

157. Irelynn

158. Ellsweetella

159. sco23

160. HeroinOfDarkness

161. Mr. Mxyzptlk

It is not your place to tell us what we
enjoy. Nor is it your place to help us become better writers or reviewers. It
is our responsibility to do these things. Your role is to offer a place where
we can post stories to fulfill these objectives. When you start limiting what
you accept or place restrictions on what we are allowed to post, you place
limits on creativity and our ability to enjoy the very things that you claim
to want us to enjoy. 'Unleash your imagination'? Bit hard to do that with
restrictions. I appreciate what FFN does, a free site where we can post stories, but that alone does not excuse this. Please, come to your senses.

162. Kosmic

163. TheSinnerWithin

164. Fina2212

165. Schmidten

166. curly guy

167. LunaloverHP

168. GirlOnFire09

169. greenkittycat

170. ThisLil'NinjaStoleYoCookie

171. Jeldaly

172. I-Angel92

173. maximumridefan111


175. PsychoBookworm121


177. Jesse's Twin Brother1

178. WaffleManiac


180. FresianFire

181. titans vs gods

182. XoXMariah n' SieoreXoX

183. o0M4RK0o

183. martigirl12

184. martigirl

185. Mywingsarecooler

186. tragedymaster01

187. LawrenceLee93

interactive in the sense that
characters are submitted by other parties; the plot and such are directly from
the authors imagination so I don't see as to how SYOT stories are somehow
preventing us from unleashing our imaginations

188. RockSolid

189. how-mellarkable

This is a site for fanfics, meaning they're a different version of
a story of whatever we're writing about. If someone is clueless enough to
think a story someone wrote about The Hunger Games or something is truly that
person's, then that shouldn't be the writer's concern. If people write at the
start of their story that they acknowledge the fact that The Hunger Games or
whatever is not by them at all, then the stories should not be taken down.

190. Pax Cronin

191. hiilikepie1937462

192. Zoey-DeThug

193. maximumridefinga

194. The Girl In The Pointe Shoes

It's stupid that they take the stories down, they are just as much a part of the fanfiction archives as the next story, take them down, and well over half of the site's stories will disappear, let's stop this before it really starts.

195. TeamLIVitUP

As much as I support and love this site, if this guideline rule is not revoked and/or rewritten, I can assure you that plenty of your members will disappear one after another. And slowly, this site will crumble down to the point of non-existence in a chain reaction of rebellion against the once beloved founders. This rule limits our creativity, and honestly, I cannot even think of a reason this rule is fair. All fanfiction is fanfiction, correct? This includes SYOTs, which allowed us an excellent opportunity to expand our circle of readers and even friends. We love our SYOTs, and we cannot have them here, don't worry. We will be more than happy to leave this corrupt and biased part of the internet. And to my fellow rebels, I'm making a video to send to staff, and if you would like to be apart of it, all you have to do is send me a picture of you doing Rue's salute (three fingers extended) at my email ( supermegafreakingawesomeperson @ rocketmail .com )

Let the Games begin, let them begin for real.

196. WomenAndChildrenFirst

197. SocksInMahLocker

198. princessjen211101

199. Irish Templar

"Unleash your Imagination". Is the main headline for fanfiction yet hundreds
of syot's have been deleted simply because they go against "the guide
lines".For a website that's based for people to use their imaginations on
other creations they certainly like to keep a iron fist on what can be used.
It is just Hypocritical, plain and simple.

200. t00 lazy to log in

I've heard people say that they deleted stories that broke rules, but they are lying. They deleted any story with the word 'SYOT' in it. Completely blindly. Without checking at all. A story I was in asked for characters via PM, put the form on her profile and had several content chapters. The summary said SYOT and therefore the story was deleted. They told us that we had to follow certain guidelines and deleted the stories anyways. We don't need these false ideas anymore. What's the use if you still get rid of these stories? I'm joining this petition because fanfiction is being utterly ridiculous. Imagination? Imagination is a figmant of the imagination with the way they're going about it. You mess with Hunger Games fans, your going to get a rebellion. You mess with Percy Jackson fans, you're going to get a war. You mess with Harry Potter fans, you will get a revolution. We fight for what we believe in, we were taught by the best to do that. And right now, I believe that change is needed.

201. XxNyx.of.the.moonxX

202. XxxPaperHeartzxxX

203. scintillatingshards

204. Mellybean23

By taking down SYOTs and STOY Guides, many authors have not only lost hours, days, and even weeks of hard work, but also incredibly valuable resources. The true indignity of this situation, though, is the fact that there are still obvious trolls all over this site that Staff has done NOTHING about. An SYOT is not going to hurt anyone! Ten SYOTs will not cause problems. SYOTs are not spam! Deal with the trolls and flamers and let us have our SYOTS or at least warn us before we get locked out of our accounts.

205. blackrozen21

206. ladyyuuki16

207. MrsEverlark

208. Katniss16

This is absolutely unbelievable! I can't believe fanfiction is doing this. This is stupid. Why do they have to do this? It makes no sense! There's no harm in it! This is f*cked up. This is our last chance to change this? "You never foget the face(account) of your last hope."

209. ilovenutella99

Admins are the Capital, we are the districts. I poured days of hard work into my SYOT just to see it all deleted. I loved writing it, and now, i have nothing to do because that was my only story, and i really cared about it. So here is what i think is going on: "Fire is catching. If we burn, you WILL burn with us!!: -Katniss Everdeen, MOckingjay. Bring it on, Capitol.

210. TaraxXx

211. MissSamiSings

212. Teh Troll

213. lifesapicturetakeitwell

First of all, it's not right of them to dump the many hours of work that people put into stories right down the drain, and second, the readers of these SYOT's really look forward to seeing what happens next!

214. xWideEyedInnocencex

215. captain-random64

216. Brookebyhercover

How horrible I don't understand how they see it as breaking the rules when the submitters are actually giving their CONSENT to use their characters in the stories.

217. JadeBlueIvy

218. 2ndVuvuzela

Me: Why are interactive stories not allowed? Why can't they just get their own section?

Them: One of the goal of this site to help people to become better writers. Besides, a properly written story will present a very enjoyable read and truly "unleash the imagination".

Me: Hello, I must have emailed support ten times and I still haven't gotten a response. I am starting a petition to have SYOCs legalized, or all least given their own section. We as a community love FF, especially our SYOTs, and many people lost hours of work when they were all deleted. How many names must I get to prove to the owner that we want this change? Or better yet, as the representative of the SYOTS community, how may I contact Xing Li so he can hear our thoughts on the subject?

Them: If the authors had done so via the Forum or the Communities, that would have been okay. Just leave the story section for stories.

What I should have responded with:When exactly were we told this before you deleted EVERYTHIG? SYOTS are stories too!

If you agree that this makes no sense, PM me and support the petition