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This AU will feature new Characters from the newly created Bagstaff royal Family. King Antony is like the monachs of old leading from the front lines. As he values life highly and as his body can take alot of punishment he would rather risk his own life.

This storey explaines some of the mysteries and myths created for babylon 5.

Chapter one has a coment stating that the final truth to be told will come last. Some hints are put out but not all.

Earth gets help from a warrior race of first ones called the Kirishic Lords who travel to Earth thousands of years ago to help Earth. They even brought captured vessels during there many conflicts to give Earth a massive help.

First oneschave the ability to travel in time. However due to The Hand mind controlling some Vorlons send those mind slaves to destroy Earth to prevent the Human race taking whst was their birth right.

Any questions please private message me or comment on my storey in review form many thanks

Chaprer 8 part 1. Is with my beta reader now

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