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Hello guys out there. (:

Hey, that was my awesome greeting for everyone that visits my profile. Honestly, I don't know what you guys may want to know about me, or what I should tell you about me. It's a quite difficult task, becuase: "Why should someone be interested in who you are and what stuff you like/dislike?" I mean, yeah I could tell you what I like or what I dislike. But to tell the truth, I don't think it is necessary to know stuff about someone I aren't really going to interact further with. (No, offen.)

But okay, I'm going to tell some things about me, nevertheless. (Even tough I don't think it is really that necessary or interesting for you guys.) (:

So, I'm from Germany; I'm half german and half spanish. I was born on 30th of September, 1994 in Ulm - a city in the so called region "Baden-Württemberg". I'm speaking three languages; german, english and a little bit of spanish. It's quite the shame for me to just can speak just a little bit spanish, but I'm learning it by now.

I'm a really tolerant person; I have no problems with people that have other opinions, a different religion (I'm not even belonging to a religion, I'm not baptized), a different sexual interest/orientation. I'm not judging people by their appearance. So, I can get along with a various amount of people.

To the things I really like to do I count writing stories, or poems, sometimes I also only write down what's on my mind; it somehow helps me to get over my little problems and the challenges my life brings up to test me.

Maybe, I should now come to the things you might be interested in to know. What Animes or Mangas I like.

The #1 Anime/Manga I like is: Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is teaching people many differents things. Such as how to treat your friends, and to have faith in them. It also shows how different people can easily get along with each other. So, if you would consider that having different types of magic would be in real life be having a different belief or a different nationality, then Fairy Tail easily can teach you that this fact is normal, so you still can be friends no matter what.

My favorite character of Fairy Tail is Juvia. There're quite a lot similarities between her and me.

The #2 Anime/Manga that I like is: Defense Devil. I'm a person that put much into justice.

#3 of my favorite Mangas is: Girls of the Wild's. I'm totally in love with the Manga right now. My favorite character of the Manga is Lee Moon Young; I just love her.

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