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Hello there, dear people who decided to check out our Profile for whatever reasons there may be!

Hello this is WhiteLion and blacksheep we are sorry to all those anon reveiwers to our story however we are now running all anon reveiws through a check due to some suspected trolling we have gotten back in the form of reveiws, it is not feed back and it is insulting to post reviews like that on our story, we do this for fun, not to get chewed out. the fact that you do not have an account means that you can do a number of anon reveiws without us noticing so untill this guy go's away we will be stopping anon reveiws for a while im sorry i know it isnt everyone. Please remember people are not your punching bags. thanks guys.

We are BlackSheep - Hello there :) - and WhiteLion - Hello Guys XD

I like tea :D. We all know you do.

Quick Explanation; BlackSheep will be talking in bold while WhiteLion will talk in italics. Just so that you can see, who the hell is talking to you at the moment.
Blacksheep is from Austria, which means english is not her first language, while WhiteLion is directly from the UK, so we beg that you may forgive us for failures at the english language.. or failures in general.

We were brought together by the wonderful world of Yuri and by fate!
Indeed, that we were.. although I would rather say we were brought together by a review I wrote on your story. While you offered me cookies.
Cookies make the world go round! XD
...Sure they do. Whatever you say. *facepalm*

We have been friends for a year now, and WhiteLion just suddenly proposed to create a tagteam-account so that we could write joined stories for you guys. So, after some discussing and some thinking on BlackSheep's part, this account was created. We do not know, when updates or new stories will come shooting out, since BlackSheep sometimes is a lazy *ss - Hell yes, that I am sometimes. But we'll try not to have too large gaps between the updates. As many people probably know, inspiration just randomly smacks someone with a pan over the head, and noone can really tell when that will be exactly.

I'm sometimes lazy too but i'm trying not to be.
Yes, that we also do know.
The first story ironically will be called Black and White, a Mai HiME ShizNat story. The idea was originally mine buuuuuut I kept on pestering BlackSheep and asked her if she would like to do this with me together instead of just giving ideas and poking me.
Don't worry. i'll continue poking you until I shall not be able to poke ever again.
Don't poke a sleeping lion, Sheep!
You are not sleeping, so I am allowed to poke you.
Uwha o///o pedo.
..the hell?
What if I was sleeping, though?
Then I wouldn't poke you, of course.
Yes you would. Then you'd run away
No I wouldn't.
Yes you would, you love bullying me!
Well, sucks that you love bullying me as well, so you had it coming.
...True story.
Told you so.
You still love me, though :P
*Sighs* sometimes I wonder why.

updates fall once every month avoiding any real world drama :D we will treat u guys somtimes with double updates and stuff so be good, and reveiw. in any case we cannot say dates only it will be one per month any day of the month. ok :D

Sheep is occupied at the moment, unwillingly. She absolutely hates Dentists, but it has to be. We will still try to update as soon and as regularly as possible, but it is not easy to tell when Sheep is feeling well enough to do so.. and noone wants to see what Sheep can come up with when taking pills. Trust us.

We'll try to come up with more stories and whatnots, so we'll hope you stick around with us..

STORY IS NOW UP. Go read and don't forget to review :D

Also, do try to check out our other accounts!

WhiteLion -

BlackSheep -

Black and White reviews
When people think of the Kuga family, they think of wealth, or power and they think of.. curses... 200years have passed.. since that day... They say blood, is thicker than water, and this rings true especially for demons.
Mai HiME - Rated: T - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 7 - Words: 41,266 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 1/29/2013 - Published: 6/4/2012 - Natsuki K., Shizuru F.