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Hey there :D

I've decided to add links to show the designs of things that i may have mentioned, or a copy as close to the design i described, to give readers of my fic a clearer image.

I apologise that you will have to copy and paste the links yourselves to take a look.

A Dryad


Susan's hair by the dryads in chapter 7-11


Susan's dress by the Fauns in chaspter 7-11 (ive managed to create it as i could find anything like i described)


Lucy's hair by the Dryads in chapter 7-11 (With flowers)


Lucy's dress by the Fauns in chapter 7-11


Evil Witch/ Queen of Underland's dress (As close as i could get to it)


Susan's hair in chapter 13 (Only longer, to her waist and gentle curls at the ends)


Susan's dress in chapter 13


Lucy's hair in chapter 13 and again in chapter 16 (I didnt actually mention it but i thought i could give you an idea.)


Lucy's dress in chapter 13 and again in chapter 16 (I didnt actually mention it but i thought i could give you an idea.)


Susan's training hair in chapter 14 and in part of chapter 15


Susan's training dress in chapter 14 and in part of chapter 15 (Only in hunter green)


Lucy's hair in chapter 14-15


Lucy's dress in chapter 14-15 (Only in brown)


Susan's hair in chapter 15 - 16 when she is clean from mud.


Susans dress in chapter 15 - 16 when she is clean from mud. (created from scratch)


Susan's horse Argo.


Lucy's Grand Ball hairstyle. (With sapphire headband and flowers.)


Lucy's Grand Ball dress (This was the only dress i could find with the type of flow and sleeves i wanted.
Of course Lucys dress material is sparkly midnight blue and will be many layers and thicker material than that on this photo.
Her dress is also more fitted on her upperbody, i hope you all get the general idea though.)


Melitta's Grand Ball Dress (As close as i could get to it)


To get an idea of Caspians new look, bring up this link and place your finger over only the side of his beard,
leaving his mustashe and goatee beard,
imagine him with slightly shorter hair aswell and hopefully you will be
able to see a glimpse of the look i was going for. :D I hope you all like it too... i really took a chance here :D


Or click on this one and see him with his hair short and it looks like his mustashe and goatee beard are just starting to grow and you can imagine it slightly thicker


Princess Serena's dress.


Susan's Grand Ball hairstlye (With silver curls threads and blue gems)


Susan's Grand Ball dress (Close Up shot - please ignore the wings)


(Full length shot - please ignore the wings)


Susan's Grand Ball Shoes. (Only imagine they have backs on)


Susan's dress chapter 18-20 (in cream with circlet of pearls ontop on her head)


Susan's style of dress in chapter 21...


in this material...


Peter's adventure outfit.


Edmund's style of adventure outfit (Only dark purple undershirt, blue overshirt and black leather vest over it with black pants.)


Caspian's adventure outfit (Only with a hunter green shirt.)


Susan's adventure outfit (Only with a sleevless, round neck, dark red underdress as this on its own is too revealing for Susan)


Lucy's style of adventure outfit. (Only dark blue dress with a hood and the leather bodice is just plain dark red - no detail.)


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