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I hate to do this, especially seen as I just got here but I'm gonna have to leave. Below this is the story of how me and Hotdog got together. She's having some big problems right now though and she needs me to support her.
Truth be told, that's the only reason I have for leaving but it's enough because I love this girl more than anything. She's my world and I don't know what I'd do without her.
She left this site because of these problems she's been having and I can't help but wonder if somehow it's brought it all up again. I dunno. But it's just gonna be about her now.
And maybe some Friendship is Magic because we've both grown to love that show. :) She is the Cadence to my Shining Armor. I'll probably keep writing them for her because it's an amazing show that makes us both feel better about the world.
So, I'll be on FiMfiction if you're following me there.
Thanks a lot for all the support and awesome reviews and I'm sorry that I can't stick around longer. I hope you all understand.

Peace out, much love,


A Simple Story About a Real Relationship (or A Reason Why Mustard is Never on Here)

He isn’t a romantic. Well, he is but he’s just so bloody crap at showing it that the best he can do is smile stupidly, blush like crazy and hope that she’ll understand just how much she means to him. He tries; God knows he tries but sometimes he just wishes he could get the words out right. It’s just like, he’s got so many things to say that he ends up saying none of it at all. It’s really frustrating. He isn’t a confident guy, in fact, he’s quite abominably shy but he still can’t help but hope that one day she’ll realise that he isn’t just around because he cares. He’s around because he really cares.

He hasn’t known her long, not long at all really. It’s kind of silly actually, they got talking through mutual friends and then all of a sudden they’re talking on a daily basis. At the start, all he wants is the chance to be her friend. She’s fun and he’s drawn to fun and besides, she likes to draw. He loves art. He wishes he was as good as her and though she’s often busy, she doesn’t seem to mind taking the time to spend teaching him what she knows. She tells him about Anselm Kiefer, Yayoi Kosama and a whole bunch of artists that he’s never heard of before. They take to listening to music together. Older music mostly, they’re both not so into modern music.

Johnny Cash is a favourite of theirs.

They sit in his room and she’ll open her bag and pull out a selection of arty things; oil pastels or acrylic paints, watercolour pencils or even just coloured paper and a pair of scissors. Then they’ll sit on his carpet and he’ll wait patiently and after a while she’ll look at him and smile and she’ll talk. She doesn’t just tell him about artists; she tells him about herself, funny little stories and he always feels amazing when she does that. It feels like she’s sharing some part of herself and he always feels proud that he’s trustworthy enough and he always feels amazing that she has that faith in him. He laughs with her a lot. She’s hilarious. She’s so sarcastic and witty with it and she smiles and rolls her eyes when he doesn’t notice the sarcasm. He isn’t the most observant of people. She doesn’t seem to mind though, it’s just something else to laugh about. She’s got such a good laugh. It’s contagious.

Her laugh makes him feel good.

He also likes that she’s not wholly English. She has heritage from everywhere. She made a list once, of all the places that she has family from. It was quite a long list. She makes a point that she can say one phrase in all those languages. She hasn’t got a reason for it, it’s just a quirk. It’s something she likes to able to say she can do. He marvels when she recites basic greetings in all of them and when she’s finished, he breaks into thunderous applause and cheers. She laughs at his childishness and internally, some part of him grins in success.

At first, it’s enough just to be around her but oddly enough, it’s when things go wrongly for her that he realises just how much he needs her... because she doesn’t visit so often and they don’t talk as much and when they do, she has a weight upon her shoulders and in her voice like it’s an effort to say a thing. He isn’t the most observant of people... but he knows her better than he knows himself and he knows her well enough to know that something is chewing her up. She’s hurting. He has no idea what to do. It’s all well and good when they’re joking and laughing and maybe sometimes they’d talk about more serious things, like the future and their plans but he’s never seen her cry or anything. She’s always been so strong that he doesn’t know what to do when she starts looking... worn. He’s never been good with emotions. Mostly bad ones. But it sort of stings to see her like that and so he goes to her house and she opens the door and he’s chewing on his bottom lip and shuffling on his feet with nerves and he says the only thing he can think to say.

“You can talk to me if you want... I don’t mind listening...”

And she looks away and her eyes are dark and tired from lack of sleep. They glaze with tears that she won’t allow to fall and with all the uncertainty he’s ever had, he offers her a hug. She steps into it, her arms looping around her neck and he holds her a while. They say nothing for a long while, then she invites him in and they sit with mugs of tea and after another long moment, she starts to talk...

She tells him about her granddad and about how ill he is. She tells him about her mum, who’s upset and frustrated about what’s happening to her dad and who can’t seem to stop snapping at everyone. She tells him about the worry for her brother because he’s picked on at school. She tells him about her own worries and how scared she is. She tells him about a bunch of little and big things and he listens because though he has no idea what to say, he likes to think he’s a good listener. She tells him about the depression and the insomnia and the nigh constant migraines that cripple her like nothing else.

She tells him all those things and he listens. She looks so weary of it all. It hurts to see her like that and so he sits with her with a few hours, mostly listening and sometimes talking and letting her get it all off her chest.

When he leaves, she hugs him and kisses his cheek. He promises that he’ll see her again soon...

He does his best. He spends evenings with her, he starts sleeping over at her house and he’ll have to wake himself up at some absurd time because he’s got to get home, change into his school uniform and actually go to school.

It’s during school that he gets a text from her though. He’s sat in English Language and dying of boredom and wanting to jump out the window to escape when it buzzes and beneath the table he pulls out his phone. He sees her name and before he reads a word, he is panicking. When he opens it though, it only says three words.

‘My granddad’s died’.

That’s it. Nothing else. It scares him more than anything though and he can only be grateful that she found out when her school ended, not long before his own. He darts out the door as soon as the bell goes and yanks on his coat as he walks. He stares at her text, his stomach twisted into a knot as he thinks about what to put.

‘I can be there in ten minutes, if you want me to be?’ He puts and he sends it. Her response is almost immediate and for some reason, it makes it hurt more.

Yeah. I feel like I need you right now.’

He doesn’t think he’s ever run so fast in his life...

He holds her close as she cries into his chest and all he can do is wrack his brains to think of a way to make the pain a little less. Once again, he has no idea what to do. So he just sits with her and whispers reassuring words that he knows mean very little but he figures that maybe just being there will help. He hopes it will anyway. He hates feeling so bloody useless...

Over time, she gets better and as she does and she starts to smile more, he realises just how much those smiles mean to him. It’s frightening really... because she’s his best friend and maybe it was odd to have a girl as his best friend but she was and it was kind of... special. She once said that she liked him because he thought with his heart, not his head and he wasn’t too sure what she meant at the time but he looks at some of his mates and how some of them treat girls and he supposes that in comparison he’s positively a gentleman. He won’t pretend to know everything that goes on in her head but he tries to and that must count for a lot because when, one day, as they walk through the park and snack on too hot donuts in the cold and damp, and he makes a complete mess of himself and she laughs as he makes a stupid face and gives her a thumbs up with sugar coated everything, well... he figures that maybe he should ask. He didn’t plan to but seeing her laugh like that, it made him wonder. She wipes the grains of sugar from around his mouth with her thumb, a smile on her face as she looks up at him.

“I was just wondering something...” He says and she quirks a brow and waits patiently for him to continue and he pauses. “I was just... thinking that... maybe...” He trails off helplessly and his face reddens. She fights a giggle at his embarrassment. It tugs at the corners of her mouth.

“Don’t worry. Take your time,” She says playfully and he huffs a sigh, glancing away.

“I... really... really like you,” He mumbles. “I might actually... kinda... love you a little bit... and... and I wondering if maybe you’d like to... maybe... try... going out? Y’know... dating... maybe?”

He looks back to her and she herself is blushing, her gaze on the ground. She looks up at him and smiles slowly.

“Aren’t we already?” She replies and she steps closer and wraps her arms around him beneath his jacket, resting her chin on his shoulder. Honestly, he isn’t as tall as he’d like to be. He frowns as he hugs her back, almost on autopilot.

“Are we?” He questions and she laughs.

“You did it again, goon. I was joking,” She says teasingly.

“I knew that...” He replies and she laughs again and he smiles with her. “So... is that a yes then?” He quips and she pulls back.

“... It is,” She agrees then she strokes over the stubble on his chin and kisses him softly. He smiles and she leans back into him. It’s a cold and damp day, his tongue is burnt from scalding-ly fresh donuts and he can no longer feel his ears... or toes. But still, it’s pretty bloody perfect...

He takes to walking her to school, at least until he’s got his driving license. He can’t help but smile ruefully when he steps up to the front of school and finds some of their friends there. Some are hers and he doesn’t know but others are familiar. They spot them and a couple of the lads spot their entwined fingers and wolf whistle.

“She got you whipped, mate?” One of them shouts and he has to chuckle because they’re not all wrong really.

“About time!” Another adds and he roll his eyes, looking back to the girl whom has her warm hand in his and she smiles before she kisses the corner of his mouth.

“See you later, goon,” She murmurs and he releases her hand somewhat reluctantly. She straightens the collar on his coat and he steals another kiss.

“See you later,” He says in a whisper and she strokes her thumb down his chin and over the stubble as she’s taken to doing then she smiles again and heads off to join her friends. He watches her go for a while before walking back the way he came. He can’t help glance back though...

He sits with her on his bed. She is lounged beside him, an arm draped around his shoulders as she watches him type. She adds a lot to the story, mostly things that make him look like a dork but he figures that maybe, for her, he can deal with that. She kisses his cheek and lets him finish their story with dignity mostly in tact and a smile on his face because through all those rough moments, he’s been around and he doesn’t think he’s ever felt so close to anybody in his life.

He isn’t much of a writer but this was just one story that he had to put down...

The Following Was Added by HotdoginaPineappleWorld without Mustard’s Astute Supervision and Is an Accurate Account of What Was Said After the Writing of the Above Story (Seriously, word for word):

“So... what do you think?”

“It’s not bad... Not bad for a writing rookie.”

“You wound me.” :(

“Don’t pull that face, you know I don’t mean it!”

“I know... but you’re just too fun to mess with...” :P

“... Thank you... for being the mustard to my hotdog...”

“Nothing to thank me for because if you think about it, mustard needs a hotdog more...”

“... I’m hungry now. Have you got food?”

“‘Have I got food’? Of course I have. Remember who you’re talking to. :D So, do you want me make you a sandwich? We can look in the fridge if you want?”

“That’d be great. I’ll be down in a second...”


“I love you, goon!”

“Only for my sandwiches!”... “But I love you too. Not just for your sandwiches.”

“... I know.” :)

I wanted to write our story because people often wonder how we can be so... real, I guess, where other relationships(especially at our age) fall apart and I won't pretend to know much of anything about relationships, I'm still pretty terrible and I make my fair share of mistakes but at the end of the day, she's with me and it's an awesome feeling. I wrote it in a way to understand it better myself, to allow me to put it in words.
I didn't plan on posting this. It was just gonna be a little thing for me and her to play with, to remember all those things but alas, she added that last bit
and told me that I should put it up. I can't do it properly because it's not fanfiction so I'm having it here instead. Also, she thinks it's a good story (however badly written) and I rather like it too. It proves that, sometimes, loving your best friend can turn out to be pretty great.
So, that's about it I reckon. It's one of the reasons I'm not on too often (or ever). Basically, because life is kind of too great right now for me to spend a moment typing anything that isn't for Hotdog. This came easy really. After all, I was writing it for her.
I love you, Twinkle. ;) x

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