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I've been avoiding writing a profile because I have been uncertain as to what shape it should take. Ultimately, I am writing this one to thank all of the people out there who have set up "follows", "alerts" and "favorites" on the first story that I've posted here "Stubborn Survival". You all rock.

It is true that feedback feeds the writer and I am no different.

As for me, I like to write and read and am especially enamored of "me" time. That is when the family is out and the house is quiet. I'm a bit of a hermit and probably spend too much time in my own head.

I used to write a lot of fanfiction. I have several Due South and Stargate SG1 stories posted on other fanfiction sites. About eight years ago, my life took a significant turn and I had to concentrate on that rather than this but, recently I've returned to it. In those two fandoms I wrote both "gen" and "slash" depending on the story. With Supernatural, I don't write slash. I have a 'squick' about incest and I just don't see any of the characters as gay. That's just me, of course. A lot of people obviously do see it and more power to them.

I love reading quotes from famous people, especially if they are smart or funny. Currently, my favorite quotes are "You can't fix stupid", "I like nonsense, it breaks up the brain cells" and "Writers aren't really people. They're a lot of people trying to be one person".

Here are a couple new quotes (new to here, not to the world). Both by Henry David Thoreau. "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." "Be true to your work, your word, your friend."

So, that's me. Hopefully, my list of stories will grow from the one here now. I am writing but I'm an extremely slow writer so it's usually months between posts. However, I am generally working on more than one thing so I'll hit with two or three stories in a short time and then there will be another lull.

6/6/13 Hey, look at that, three whole stories posted. I'm on a roll. :-)

Fun fact: My story "Mass Hysteria" includes a monster called the Aswang. I typed a monster search into Google, chose the Aswang because I'd never heard of them and thought they were sufficiently creepy. I did a bit of research and wrote the story. About a week ago, I started reading a Supernatural book that I downloaded from Amazon. Lo and behold it features the Aswang. Their monster has a lot of features that mine doesn't. Apparently, our research highlighted different facts. It's a cool coincidence though. The book is by Alice Henderson and is titled Supernatural: Fresh Meat.

9/18/13 Is is possible to become too obsessed with a television show? I suppose it depends on your point of view and responsibilities. I am loving Supernatural right now. Can't get enough of the trivia, back stories and the show, of course.

I am quite proud of the four stories I have posted here. I'm sure if I re-read them I'll wish I had done things differently here and there but when I posted them I was happy with how they turned out. At the moment, I still am.

Currently, I'm working on two more SPN fics. For some reason I'm having trouble getting into the rhythm with these two. It's not really writer's block but I can't quite get around the plots. I'm thinking I should write something easier to re-light the fire, but that seems like cheating.

So, that's it for this update. Still here, still reading the wonderful fics put out by the writers here and still having fun with all of it.

12/30/13 As we sit on the abyss of another new year, I thought I'd update my profile with a history of how I came to be here. My first fandom was Due South. It was a short-lived television show about a Canadian Mountie who moved to Chicago. It only lasted three seasons and I didn't start watching until it was on in reruns on TNT. In any event, Due South was the first show that led me to the world of fandom and fan fiction. Due South gave way to Stargate SG1. I also started reading The Sentinel fics which were better than the television show and I started reading X-Files. I wrote DS and SG but not either of the others. Then in 2004, my niece gave birth to my grand-niece and they moved in with me. Having an infant in the house changed everything. I dropped out of writing and reading fanfiction and stopped participating in fandom.

I had always liked Supernatural but hadn't the time to write or dive deeper into the show. Then about two years ago the kid was older and I gained a bit of freedom and voila, I started writing again. That led to joining a Facebook list and that landed me to this point.

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