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Author has written 2 stories for Super Smash Brothers.

Basic facts about me:

  • I've been trying to get this profile right for the past two years.
  • My favorite fruit is dried apricots and/or an orange.
  • I live in the USA
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I can't keep a schedule to save my life.
  • I have terrible memory.
  • I will always reply to a review.
  • I've had an account before this. The pen name was Kamanari (listen I'm too scared to go look it up, I think you should be terrified and never touch it, let old relics lie.) it had only one crappy story that I had actually rewritten and had full intent of re-posting. I was actually on my way to do so when I then realized that I had forgotten my password. No problem! This can be easily solved with the use of recovery email, right? Nope, I forgot the password to my email account. Then I forgot the password to the backup email account. It's as bad as it sounds.

    So I recreated a FanFic account and an email account. Don't worry I have every password, username and email address all written down on a piece of paper, because I have very bad memory. I may or may not forget where the piece of paper is... I make no promises.

    I'm not really mourning the loss of my old account. What I am mourning however is never getting the chance of re-posting that story. It'll forever be a blight on this sight. If I'm lucky, I might remember one of my three passwords later on down the road, probably after this entire ordeal is no longer be a problem.


    I suppose I should talk about myself... So aspiring writer looking to get better, seem to suit me best. The best thing I do is write. Other things I do is play clarinet in marching band, I'm in NJRTC, on and off artist, passable cook and I'm just full of random facts that come out of nowhere (Did you know it takes the ISS ninety minutes to orbit the Earth?) For the past year I've been in a karate class and I have just achieved a green belt advanced, I apologize if my fight scenes seem a little to detailed, that's just me. But I mostly write, and of course I have room to approve.

    The things I like includes video games (Metal Gear, Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Tomb Raider, Mario, Minecraft, Portal Etc.), I'm obsessed with Metal Gear and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess tops my list of favorite games (go figure). I prefer books with a bit more action than romance, as I tend to overanalyze things I can have trouble getting into a story but I like authors of Tamora Pierce ilk. Recently I've gotten into role-play and I've attended a few cons. You know, typical nerdette stuff.

    My weakness, is romance and hot guys with abs. The first one because I've never experienced and my idea of how to end a love triangle is to have on of the love interests hit by a bus. We don't need to talk about the second one.
    If you have questions about -well anything really- just PM me and I'll do my best to answer it, we have that function for a reason.

    Story Stuff

    Zelda to That Thing That Happened Today:

    First, a little exposition. The first story I wrote this site is called Zelda, it's a rare ZeldaXSnake as that was the first pairing I ever supported. Now don't get me wrong the story received good reviews in proportions to it's chapters -and to those of you who reviewed, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!- but the story went south. I'm having trouble finishing it because I have no inspiration for further chapters, I'm going to finish it for those that are interested but it'll take a while. For those who aren't, you are more then welcome to That Thing That Happened Today.

    It's an alternate to the original story, and it has many changes. All of which I will list here:

    1. Pairings, Zelda did ZeldaXSnake, but I'm scrapping that. I am terrible -stress terrible- at romance, you have never seen such a terrible female romance writer since me and the pairing is challenging, period. So I'm not going to do that, instead That Thing That Happened Today will show SamusXSnake from Zelda's point of view which will be easier for me. There will be other romance arcs with other characters, but Zelda won't be involved in it. Mostly because of the long list of reasons I should stay away from romance and the other because romance has a stubborn tendency to take over the plot.
    2. What if I liked ZeldaXSnake? Don't worry my friend, there will still be heavy hints to the pairing but it just won't be legit. I plan on having them kiss at least once -it'll make sense in context- don't worry!
    3. Plot, there will be legitimate plots (I don't regard romance as a plot, one of the many reasons I should stay away from the genre...).
    4. The subspace, is explained in it's entirety from Zelda's point of view in the 'prologue'(if you can call it that), I didn't want to leave that hanging in the air. You know and just be like, "Oh, that, yeah that happened last week."
    5. Zelda, in the original she was a kick ass Queen with ninja training thanks to her mother, because you know if Zelda can become Sheik than she has to have the same skills right? I mean, otherwise it has some unfortunate implications... Well that's different in many ways in That Thing That Happened Today: One, Zelda doesn't have the ability to change to Sheik, that will be covered later in the story. Two, she does however have hand-to-hand combat skills which are based heavily off of the style aikido. Aikido is basically a style where if you grab me you will suddenly find yourself on the ground because I flipped you over your own butt, it involves next to no strikes except for knife strikes. Zelda however can do kicks.
    6. Zelda is still portrayed with the same confidence as the original, however she is a little less sarcastic. (Maybe)

    Well, the rest you'll figure out on your own, this is for those who just want to know how does one story differ from the other. Any questions, or comments you can just PM me or review one of the stories, I'll get back to you A.S.A.P

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