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I'm a pretty boring person. That's why I like writing things. It makes me seem a bit more interesting. I have no delusions about my writing skills, but it doesn't stop me from trying. I like video games, movies, music and skiing. There really isn't much to say, so stop wasting your time reading this and get to reading my fanfiction or click on the link below.

When I'm not writing fanfiction, gaming or studying, I work on original fiction. Like many amateur writers, I dream of fame, fortune and critical acclaim.

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ScottPress' Top HP Fanfic List That Lacks A Clever Header

The HP fandom is a particularly lively one and as such, it has spawned enough fanfic that if you were to print it all out in 12pt Times New Roman on standard A4 sheets, you could stack it high enough to reach the outer edge of the Kuiper Belt (true story). The number of fanfictons on this site alone is staggering, so you may ask, "what should I read?" I'm glad you ask, because I shall provide you with a selection of the best the fandom has to offer (that I've read).

1. Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama

It is by no means perfect, there's frankly an abundance of flaws: annoying typos and other mistakes, general mess that comes with the lack of polish and the prose, while it can be really good, isn't anything to write home about. It still does a good job, mind you, but you will find fics on this list that are written better. So why is this number one?

Because of everything else it does right, better than any other fanfic. The worldbuilding is well thought-out and revealed at a good pace. Canon characters are the best AU mix of familiar and strange, those OCs that gain prominence are well-developed, the character arcs are clear and well-paced, plots are great... I could go on, but really, all those things pale in comparison to the main draw of PotDK: Voldemort.

Voldemort is unquestionably the central character here, everything that happens happens because of him. He is the lynchpin of this world and if he was any less than magnificent, he would drag everything else down. But he is magnificent. He's awesome and incredible, a villain and hero in one, a tyrant with a few soft spots, inhuman but not alien. He has motivations and desires and agendas aplenty and his relationships with Harry and Snape (the other two main characters) are incredibly well-done. Both Harry and Snape deserve praise here too, but there so many more good portrayals of them available that it's Voldemort who stands out more. The relationship between Harry and Voldemort is the central theme of this epic and Voldemort isn't just the best tyrant mentor in the fandom, he's the best I've ever read period and the author makes it consistently better throughout the intimidating wordspan of over 1,2 mln words.

PotDK has the best Voldemort in HP fanfic and almost everything else about it is great too. Legendary-tier.

2. A Black Comedy by nonjon

The margin by which PotDK wins over ABC is a really slim one and depending on my mood on any given day, I'd probably say that ABC is #1 four out of ten times. After the rather serious tilt of the Prince, A Black Comedy takes a turn for balls-out comedy, often veering into crack territory. Here, the best aspect is the humor and adventure themes that nonjon absolutely owns.

This fanfic is hilarious from the first chapter, the author's comedic grasp is uncanny, but good humor isn't that hard to find. The reason why ABC is #2 is because of how nonjon seamlessly integrates his ridiculous, fantastic ideas into the world of Harry Potter in ways that make me sit up and take notice every time. The writing is snappy, the characters are vivid and well-rounded and the world and story that nonjon has crafted isn't just a clever vehicle to take the reader from one hilarious, exciting scene to the next, this foundation is given just as much care and it shows. Like with many fanfics, it lacks the technical shine (formatting, typos, other associated mistakes), but the good outweighs the slightly annoying so greatly that it's practically a non-factor. The interactions between Harry and Sirius and the extended Black and Potter families are what hold up everything else and this foundation is solid and of enviable quality.

A Black Comedy deserves to be mentioned among the best, because let's be honest - you can keep my sandwich.

3. Circular Reasoning by Swimdraconian

With an ear-piercing screech that shakes my teeth, we now take a drastic turn for the grim and the dark, far away from the more generally appealing themes found in PotDK and ABC. Circular Reasoning is not a nice story. It's not there to make you feel good or even root for the protagonist. It oozes depression and it will let you know from the first paragraphs. If you're in the mood to make yourself feel filthy and enjoy it, give this one a try.

CR is an epic more than a decade in the making and the author writes possibly even more slowly than George R.R. Martin and it's unfinished and I honestly can't imagine if it ever will be and if so, when it might happen, but even despite those unflattering characteristics, it demands to be placed among the legends because no other fic does capital D Dark, in some ways borderline evil, battered and broken better than Circular Reasoning.

It's not a fanfic for those possessed of short attention spans. It's a time-travel story, but it takes its sweet time to hurl Harry across the temporal waters. If you don't have the patience to read along at a comfortable pace that will enable you to appreciate the intricate detail the author weaves into the prose, it's not a story for you. But if you do, you will find here characters with hidden depths that the story won't spell out for you, but it'll leave hints so you can figure it out for yourself. Swimdraconian won't hold your hand and he will touch on topics that might seem tasteless or out of place, things that will make you question if it's not just done to be 2edgy4you. But if you are inclined to trust my recommendation, then believe me, for all the explicit, purple prose and the number of "fucks" that put Tarantino movies to shame, there are more subtle undertones here than you'll find in every mind-numbing poem you had to slog through in high school. Swimdraconian says a lot through his prose, but there's a whole lot more that he only implies, waiting to be unearthed if you give CR a chance.

4. Renegade Cause by Silens Cursor

Although I often mention this fic when asked about my favorites, it's not an easy recommendation to sell, because the first three things that come to my mind about it are these: the writing isn't the best-flowing out there and hasn't aged terribly well, it's definitely too long (500k words!) and a lot of the esoteric stuff that probably has hidden depths is completely lost on me, going way over my head. On the other hand...

Silens Cursor accomplished something truly incredible here. The multitude of plots and subplots and how he weaves them together, leading everything to a satisfying conclusion in the end is worthy of recognition. The story - unlike, say, Circular Reasoning - is heavily plot-driven, which has its good and bad points. The good is that there isn't a chapter that you will feel compelled to skip, because there's always something going on. Despite its enormous wordspan, Silens sometimes cranks up the pace so much that it'll leave you blinking against the rushing air even though you're probably indoors. The expansive cast of characters and their many POVs successfully paint the picture that no matter who you're following at the moment, everyone else has something to do. In that way, it makes the story's world feel very dynamic. Oh, yes, dynamic - that word fits very well.

Then again, the extreme bias towards steering the plot has the tendency to make characters feel like strung-up puppets, some developments seem to rushed, like the rather important matter of Harry's progression. It's the element of RC that required the most suspension of disbelief from me, because Harry goes from canon to exhibiting James Bond-like behaviors way too fast and while his development in the field of magic and combat is at least implied, it mostly happens off-screen and also too fast for my taste. HOWEVER. If you're willing to squint your eyes for those parts, then you will find yourself immersed in a thriller that will yank you from plot twist to plot twist in most exciting ways.

5. The Last Enemy by Luolang

Yet another dramatic shift on this list. The Last Enemy doesn't clock in at hundreds of thousands of words. It's a concise oneshot that you can read in minutes and the most recent addition to this personal ranking, dethroning another novel-length fic. If it did that, it better be good, right? Right. Rest assured, it is that good.

The Last Enemy does one thing, but it does it incredibly well. A fresh take on a trope that is so often squandered. The thing with oneshots is that because they're short, the margin of error is very slim, practically nonexistent. Every mistake, no matter how small, will stand out like a sore thumb. Every word that feels ill-placed will make the reader cringe. But we accept those mishaps because we want good fanfics and it's hardly an expectation you can reasonably hold towards people who do it to demonstrate their love of source material. You'll take the good with the bad. Here, though, you don't have to compromise.

Every word is where it needs to be and there are as many words as there need to be. Luolang builds an atmosphere that pulls you in right away and you experience the detachment from the living along with Harry. The pace is quick, but the descriptions sell it. Characterizations are scarce, more implied than spelled out, but the author makes it believable. The narrative reaches a crescendo when Voldemort shows up and his interaction with Harry is the best part, that which you anticipate and savor and it will give you chills. I believe that no work of fiction can ever be called absolutely perfect, but in practical terms, this is as perfect as it can be. Excellent piece of writing.

6. What You Leave Behind by Newcomb

Newcomb is a writer who came into the fandom late(ish) and the first thing he posted was a comedy oneshot that, while it took on a well-known concept, was a good showcase of his skill. Then he started writing WYLB and immediately catapulted himself to one of the best writers I've encountered in the HP fandom. Really, he's good.

WYLB came together - according to the author himself - by combining a few elements he wanted to explore, so he just stuck it all together and decided to make a story out of it. It worked beautifully. I find Newcomb's take on the pacing particularly refreshing. It might seem incredibly rushed, because he covers Harry's first two years at Hogwarts even faster than OTWTG, but this allows him to skip over the boring slice-of-life parts that would otherwise inevitably find their way into the fic, while we, the readers, are treated to the exciting stuff. Every scene Newcomb includes has a purpose and probably another one that's not immediately obvious, but there for you to see if you read attentively. The plot roars along quite comfortably and I'm never bored with what the characters are doing. And as any competent writer, there's a ton Newcomb merely implies, but it's all there in the background. Even if we don't directly see it, the author keeps those off-screen developments in mind, which is another reason why the world we see through glimpses is still cohesive and compelling.

And what I enjoy most about WYLB - Newcomb has a style that I find enjoyable to read and it's something I aim for in my own writing.

This fic is incomplete and has been dormat for a long time, but the author says that interest in fanfic comes in waves for him, so I recommend it nonetheless. If you enjoy extremely long fanfiction, this one might disappoint you, but there's a fair bit to read and all of it is excellent.

7. The Lie I've Lived by jbern

There was a time when I would have ranked this much higher, probably in the top three. My tastes as a reader have changed over time and today, I acknowledge that there are many elements here that worked the first time, because they were so ridiculous that I was too busy laughing to care. The crack comedy here is taken to places here that will require you squint really hard and there are tropes that would make me click the red X on another fic, but there's also so much jbern does right that it balances out. The main draw is, of course, the foul-mouthed Sorting Hat. The level of 'wut' is particularly strong with this one and the fic hasn't aged terribly well, but if you can accept that this is just a fun ride, you'll enjoy yourself and probably break a rib or two from laughing so hard.

There is definitely a fair bit of nostalgia present in this recommendation, but that doesn't mean it's just an old fic that used to be cool. There's plenty TLIL does better than many "modern" fanfics. The take on the Tournament here is fresh and exciting, and the Tasks are still as cool as they were 10 years ago when jbern wrote them. HJ's way of defeating the dragon is top-notch crack comedy. Really, there are a lot of moments when HJ pulls something so ridiculous that reading it, I had a huge, stupid grin on my face because it was pure fun. The other Triwizard Champions are given more screentime than in canon, taking their relationships with HJ in interesting directions and it actually gives me the impression of an international event, which was an aspect of the Tournament I found severely underexplored in GoF.

8. Cauterize by Lady Altair

You know what, I don't know what to write here that would make sense. I'll tell you this: Cauterize is a little over 1600 words, it'll take you 5 minutes to read, and it'll stay with you for much longer than that. Just go and read it. The words that comprise this masterpiece are perfectly put together, but they're far less important that what they'll make you feel and think. Read it slowly. Don't listen to music. Just take 5 minutes and really sink into it.

9. Evil Be Thou My Good by Ruskbyte

Don't worry, I knew nothing about the Hellraiser franchise when I read it first and I was able to follow just fine. In fact, if you're no familar with the movies, I recommend that you read the fic before you google the Hellraiser wiki. It's not a sprawling AU, but at 40k words it's still a sizeable story. It's all about immersion. Suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride. It probably won't scare you, but if you dig into the story, it's going to leave you with a chill that won't go away until the climax, when all the pressure that Ruskbyte builds is released. Horror isn't alway about monsters and gore, though you will find both here. EBTMG is unsettling.

10. Equal and Opposite by Amerision

Another classic of the fandom, which just shows that good stories don't age. The best of the "fucked-up romance" genre and a great portrayal of a love-hate relationship. Harry's descent towards the Dark (define it as you will) is all the more intruiguing because the person who causes it is basically himself, which is awesome on some meta-level. A grim exploration of loneliness and a reminder that canon Harry must have been one trauma away from becoming twisted, given his propensity for brooding like a tragic gothic hero. And the writing is just hypnotic.



"Lesser Evils" - Dark magic, Death Eaters, politics - and in the middle of it all, Harry Potter. Inspired by Renegade Cause and Circular Reasoning, among others. My most ambitious project.


"Phantasmagoria" - a journey into Voldemort's head. Mind arts taken Up To Eleven. My foray into horror and metaphors. If you're new to my profile, I recommend reading it first.

"Cupid's Arrow or Dead Vampires Don't Sparkle" - crackfic HP/Twilight crossover. What it says on the label. Don't read it, it's so bad. Infinite cringe.

Extended Summary of Lesser Evils

I'm totally stealing a page from Newcomb's book (you should really check out his stuff, look in my Favorite Authors below). Seeing as updates for my biggest fic are sporadic at best, I thought I'd put this summary of events here so you don't have to reread the whole thing whenever I update.


Part 1

Aftermath of the Third Task. Harry gradually gets back on his feet (literally and figuratively) during the last days of his fourth year. Confrontations with various people follow, most notably with Dumbledore, who decides Harry is old enough to handle some hard truths. Harry returns to Privet Drive, where he intends to take out his anger on Dursleys.

Part 2

Harry begins having visions of Voldemort's past when he sleeps. Unable to stop them coming, Harry decides to make the best of it and learn what he can from Voldemort's memories. As midsummer approaches, Harry has to fend off a dementor attack and in the process gets a taste of the price Dark magic demands of practitioners. Meanwhile, Sirius makes plans.


Part 1

Harry is arrested on charges of underage sorcery, endangering the Statue of Secrecy and practicing Dark magic. Thanks to the tutoring Sirius had given him via covert correspondence, Harry sucessfully defends himself in court. He returns to Privet Drive where Dumbledore is waiting for him.

Part 2

Arriving at Grimmauld Place 12, Harry reunites with his friends and schemes with Sirius, who throws him a birthday party. Later that night, Harry is possessed by Voldemort in retaliation for Harry's intrusions into Voldemort's mind. When he comes to his senses, it's in front of Ginny, who bears the marks of torture.

Part 3

Dumbledore moves Harry to his home while Ginny recovers. Dumbledore is increasingly insistent that Harry tell him exactly what he did this summer and decides that until it can be assured that Voldemort won't possess him again, Harry must remain isolated. Taking matters into his own hands, Harry manages to briefly possess Voldemort and send Pettigrew to Grimmauld Place. Voldemort forcibly ejects him. Pettigrew manages to turn the tables on Sirius, whom he captures and brings to Voldemort. Dumbledore confronts Harry, things escalate and Harry escapes by apparating away.


Part 1

Following his accidental apparition to Godric's Hollow, Harry visits the cemetery, where he encounters a Death Eater named Jervis Mulciber who, for reasons known only to him, doesn't bring Harry to Voldemort. The Death Eater flees when the Order arrives. Ginny, who changed after her encounter with Voldemort-possessed Harry, has an honest conversation with Hermione. Harry and Dumbledore also talk and Harry comes clean about his newfound interest in Dark Arts before Dumbledore tells him about Sirius' capture.

Part 2

Doubt in Minister Fudge spreads further among his subordinates. Death Eaters make preparations for Azkaban. Meanwhile, Sirius isn't tortured, but instead enjoys Voldemort's hospitality and they pass time talking about politics and ideology.

Part 3

Plans are made to rescue Sirius. Harry proposes exchanging the prophecy orb from the Department of Mysteries for him. A meeting between Death Eater and Order delegations ends in a fight. The Order captures Jervis Mulciber, but Harry and Remus are arrested by Aurors and then released by Rufus Scrimgeour, who confirms rumors about the Ministry's internal conflict. Voldemort arrives to meet Harry and Dumbledore for the exchange.

CHAPTER THREE: Opening Moves

Part 1

The exchange is successful. Harry makes amends with his friends and then talks with Sirius and Dumbledore about their future plans. The three of them explore the Chamber of Secrets as a possible avenue for Harry's private lessons. The power struggle in the Ministry continues. Percy, estranged from his parents after taking a job working directly for the Minister, is contacted by the Order.

Part 2

Order members are listening to the Minister's press conference on the Wireless. The news that Greyback escaped from Auror custody angers Harry, who destroys the radio. He goes to Hogwarts with Sirius where they meet Moody. During the lesson, Harry has a small epiphany concerning magic. Sirius has a talk about Harry with Tonks and Remus. Harry's next lesson is with Sirius, who begins teaching Harry Dark magic. One quiet evening Harry and Ginny observe smoke rising from Gringotts. They are joined by Ron and Hermione and the group goes to Diagon Alley, where a crowd is rioting. They take shelter in Ollivander's shop and encoutner Jervis Mulciber, stealing wands. Ginny provokes both sides into a fight and Mulciber, despite being outnumbered five to one, makes short work of the group. Ginny is injured the worst. Mulciber leaves with the stolen wands.

Part 3

Ollivander contacts Dumbledore in time to patch everyone up after the encounter with Mulciber. Sirius has a serious talk with Harry about responsibility. Harry, Sirius and Remus go meet with Crouch. The meeting takes place at the Quidditch Cup stadium and neither delegation is what the other side expected. Harry has another lesson with Dumbledore down in the Chamber of Secrets. Afterwards, he gives Ron, Hermione and Ginny a brief tour. Draco is initiated into Death Eater ranks along with Theodore Nott.


Part 1

Aftermath of the Grangers' deaths. Harry becomes convinced that Draco Malfoy had a part in it and is determined to kill him when he sees him. Dumbledore and Hermione disapprove. Sirius and Tonks tell Harry to reign in the murderous urges. Hermione doesn't leave with everyone on the first of September, instead staying in Londond a few more days. On the train, Harry and Ginny share a romantic moment. Harry and Ron pay Malfoy and his friends a visit.

Part 2

Harry and Ron are summoned to Dumbledore's office, where they are confronted by Snape. The next day, after practice in the Chamber of Secrets, Sirius warns them about Umbridge. Dumbledore tells them about his sister to discourage them from exacting revenge on Malfoy. After the first day of classes Harry and Ron decide to visit Hagrid instead of going to detention that Snape had assigned them and encounter Malfoy and his entourage in the courtyard. The confrontation is interrupted by Hermione.

Part 3

Malfoy lets slip a piece of information that confirms his involvement in the Grangers' murder. A fight ensues in the courtyard, during which Malfoy escapes. Snape is summoned before Voldemort to report on those events. A month later Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny have mostly settled back into a school routine. Harry's research into horcruxes yields no substantial results. Crouch warns Sirius of Fudge's plans to arrest both Dumbledore and Harry. Next day, while Harry and Dumbledore wait for the Aurors to arrive, the blocks Voldemort had put on his connection with Harry shatter when he discovers the locket Sirius had drained of its magic. Harry experiences a vision revealing Voldemort's imminent plan to storm Nurmengard and kill Grindelwald.


Part 1

Harry and Dumbledore leave Hogwarts just as the Aurors arrive and trick Auror Robards with the help of Healer Grayson. Then, following a hasty meeting of the Order, Dumbledore, Remus, Moody and Sturgis Podmore go to Nurmengard while Harry and Sirius go after Peter. Voldemort manages to eliminate Grindelwald before he can be questioned. Harry and Sirius triumph over Peter and Mulciber: Peter is captured, Mulciber flees. Back at Grimmauld Place 12, Harry gets some answers from Peter.

Part 2

Snape is being shady. Ginny, Ron and Hermione try to make sense of things and encounter Daphne Greengrass, who wants to talk to Harry. Meanwhile, Remus brings Harry to an underground fighting ring. Voldemort arrives at Azkaban.

Part 3

Voldemort attacks Azkaban. The garrison is killed, except for Dell Grayson, the Order's newest recruit. Tonks has a close encounter with Death Eaters. Harry and the gang meet up to exchange news. Percy witnesses the beginning of a coming shift in the Ministry.

CHAPTER SIX: Turning Point

Part 1

Aurors are recalled from Hogwarts. Harry and Sturgis track down Rita Skeeter. Harry returns to Hogwarts, reunites with his friends and is approached by Daphne Greengrass, seeking to secure an alliance. Sirius and Remus pay Cornelius Fudge a visit.

Part 2

Malfoy explains hierarchy to Nott and is given a special task by Voldemort. Harry continues his training and spends an evening with Ginny. Sirius and Dumbledore have a conversation.

Part 3

Harry meets with Sturgis and they go to the Dungeon Keeper. Harry asks the "honest question" and is introduced to Mallory. Sally-Anne Perks shows up, pursued both by Remus and a large group of Death Eaters, led by Draco Malfoy. The Death Eaters are allowed to take Sally and leave for fear of collateral damage. Nott and his accomplice complete a task set out by the Dark Lord. Draco is given a place in the Inner Circle.


Part 1

Harry learns that he sustained a permanent injury during the battle in the Dungeon Keeper. Percy witnesses Scrimgeour's split from the conspiracy to assume control of the Ministry. Ginny learns something surprising about Harry when a fellow Gryffindor is injured by a curse Harry had placed on his trunk. Sirius' trial takes place and Harry carries out his plot to kill Peter Pettigrew, only to be interrupted by Mulciber.

Part 2

With Mulciber's arrival, Harry's attempted execution of Peter quickly escalates into a battle involving Death Eaters, mercenaries and Aurors. Harry manages to kill Peter eventually. Voldemort breaks into the Department of Mysteries to unlock hidden knowledge and ends up fighting Dumbledore. Draco cements his position in the Inner Circle when Voldemort summons them to give out new orders.

Part 3

Sirius makes peace with Sturgis over something from their past. Harry opens up to his friends. The British delegation heads to France for the ICW conference, were Sylvestre Malfoy introduces Voldemort to the stage.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Scars Old And New

Part 1

Voldemort scores a political victory at the ICW conference. Sturgis enlists Sirius' help with a private matter. Harry makes a discovery about Hermione, hunts a spy in the Forbidden Forest, spends a day in Hogsmeade with his friends and learns Snape's deeply-held secret.

Part 2

Harry receives a confusing letter from an anonymous Death Eater, which leads him, Sirius, Remus and Sturgis on a path diverging from the Order of the Phoenix. They capture Voldemort's spy at Hogwarts, Theodore Nott and Harry violently confronts Dumbledore when he discovers that Snape had left Hogwarts. In the end, Sirius' faction splinters away from the Order.

Part 3

Sirius enlists the goblins of Gringotts to assist in the assault on Malfoy Manor. Lestranges try to intervene, but are repelled. Harry duels Draco. The Malfoys face long-overdue justice and Sirius tells Harry about Sturgis and Regulus.


Part 1

Sirius digs through the Ministry's old archives in pursuit of a plan known only to him, while simultaneously plotting with Crouch. Harry and Remus discover Sally's body in the dungeons under Malfoy Manor. Harry feels out of sorts after his expulsion from Hogwarts. He tries stealing memories from Voldemort again, but his plan backfires.

Part 2

Voldemort gets some good news. Sirius executes his plan to purge Voldemort's spies from the Ministry and puts Crouch in his place. Harry decides to do what is right instead of what's easy and tell Ginny the truth about the night Voldemort possessed him. He meets Ginny, but things so wrong and he finds himself at Hogwarts when Death Eaters infiltrate the castle.

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Circular Reasoning by Swimdraconian reviews
Torn from a desolate future, Harry awakens in his teenage body with a hefty debt on his soul. Entangled in his lies and unable to trust even his own fraying sanity, he struggles to stay ahead of his enemies. Desperation is the new anthem of violence.
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The Hallows were not an ending. Harry returns to the Forbidden Forest after the Battle and finds the Stone – the start of his salvation and the path to his damnation.
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"Of course it's missing something vital. That's the point." Dennis Creevey takes up his brother's camera after the war.
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Lesser Evils reviews
OotP AU. Dark magic, Death Eaters, politics - and in the middle of it all, Harry Potter. Tested against enemies old and new, he learns that power requires sacrifices, revenge, doubly so. No slash, no bashing, Crouch Sr is alive.
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