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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

FANFICTION DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the canon universes or original works upon which my fanfiction is based. I don't make profit from writing fanfiction. My fanfiction is merely an extension of my interest in the original works.

About Me

I'm a pretty boring person. That's why I like writing things. It makes me seem a bit more interesting. I have no delusions about my writing skills, but it doesn't stop me from trying. I like video games, movies, music and skiing. There really isn't much to say, so stop wasting your time reading this and get to reading my fanfiction or click on the link below.

When I'm not writing fanfiction, gaming or studying, I work on original fiction. Like many amateur writers, I dream of fame, fortune and critical acclaim.

If you have questions, shoot me a PM.

Do you dare?

DLP 5-Starred and Featured Authors C2



"Lesser Evils" - Dark magic, Death Eaters, politics - and in the middle of it all, Harry Potter. Inspired by Renegade Cause and Circular Reasoning, among others. My most ambitious project.


"Phantasmagoria" - a journey into Voldemort's head. Mind arts taken Up To Eleven. My foray into horror and metaphors. If you're new to my profile, I recommend reading it first.

"Cupid's Arrow or Dead Vampires Don't Sparkle" - crackfic HP/Twilight crossover. What it says on the label.

Extended Summary of Lesser Evils

I'm totally stealing a page from Newcomb's book (you should really check out his stuff, look in my Favorite Authors below). Seeing as updates for my biggest fic are sporadic at best, I thought I'd put this summary of events here so you don't have to reread the whole thing whenever I update.


Part 1:

Aftermath of the Third Task. Harry gradually gets back on his feet (literally and figuratively) during the last days of his fourth year. Confrontations with various people follow, most notably with Dumbledore, who decides Harry is old enough to handle some hard truths. Harry returns to Privet Drive, where he intends to take out his anger on Dursleys.

Part 2:

Harry begins having visions of Voldemort's past when he sleeps. Unable to stop them coming, Harry decides to make the best of it and learn what he can from Voldemort's memories. As midsummer approaches, Harry has to fend off a dementor attack and in the process gets a taste of the price Dark magic demands of practitioners. Meanwhile, Sirius makes plans.


Part 1:

Harry is arrested on charges of underage sorcery, endangering the Statue of Secrecy and practicing Dark magic. Thanks to the tutoring Sirius had given him via covert correspondence, Harry sucessfully defends himself in court. He returns to Privet Drive where Dumbledore is waiting for him.

Part 2:

Arriving at Grimmauld Place 12, Harry antagonizes his friends and schemes with Sirius, who throws him a birthday party. Later that night, Harry is possessed by Voldemort in retaliation for Harry's intrusions into Voldemort's mind. When he comes to his senses, it's in front of Ginny, who bears the marks of torture.

Part 3:

Dumbledore moves Harry to his home while Ginny recovers. Dumbledore is increasingly insistent that Harry tell him exactly what he did this summer and decides that until it can assured that Voldemort won't possess him again, Harry must remain isolated. Taking matters into his own hands, Harry manages to briefly possess Voldemort and send Pettigrew to Grimmauld Place. Voldemort forcibly ejects him. Pettigrew manages to turn the tables on Sirius, whom he captures and brings to Voldemort. Dumbledore confronts Harry, things escalate and Harry escapes by apparating away.


Part 1:

Following his accidental apparition to Godric's Hollow, Harry visits the cemetery, where he encounters a Death Eater named Jervis Mulciber who, for reasons known only to him, doesn't bring Harry to Voldemort. The Death Eater flees when the Order arrives. Ginny, who changed after her encounter with Voldemort-possessed Harry, has an honest conversation with Hermione. Harry and Dumbledore also talk and Harry comes clean about his newfound interest in Dark Arts before Dumbledore tells him about Sirius' capture.

Part 2:

Doubt in Minister Fudge spreads further among his subordinates. Death Eaters make preparations for Azkaban. Meanwhile, Sirius isn't tortured, but instead enjoys Voldemort's hospitality and they pass time talking about politics and ideology.

Part 3:

Plans are made to rescue Sirius. Harry proposes exchanging the prophecy orb from the Department of Mysteries for him. A meeting between Death Eater and Order delegations ends in a fight. The Order captures Jervis Mulciber, but Harry and Remus are arrested by Aurors and then released by Rufus Scrimgeour, who confirms rumors about the Ministry's internal conflict. Voldemort arrives to meet Harry and Dumbledore for the exchange.

CHAPTER THREE: Opening Moves

Part 1:

The exchange is successful. Harry makes amends with his friends and then talks with Sirius and Dumbledore about their future plans. The three of them explore the Chamber of Secrets as a possible avenue for Harry's private lessons. The power struggle in the Ministry continues. Percy, estranged from his parents after taking a job working directly for the Minister, is contacted by the Order.

Part 2:

Order members are listening to the Minister's press conference on the Wireless. The news that Greyback escaped from Auror custody angers Harry, who destroys the radio. He goes to Hogwarts with Sirius where they meet Moody. During the lesson, Harry has a small epiphany concerning magic. Sirius has a talk about Harry with Tonks and Remus. Harry's next lesson is with Sirius, who begins teaching Harry Dark magic. One quiet evening Harry and Ginny observe smoke rising from Gringotts. They are joined by Ron and Hermione and the group goes to Diagon Alley, where a crowd is rioting. They take shelter in Ollivander's shop and encoutner Jervis Mulciber, stealing wands. Ginny provokes both sides into a fight and Mulciber, despite being outnumbered five to one, makes short work of the group. Ginny is injured the worst. Mulciber leaves with the stolen wands.

Part 3:

Ollivander contacts Dumbledore in time to patch everyone up after the encounter with Mulciber. Sirius has a serious talk with Harry about responsibility. Harry, Sirius and Remus go meet with Crouch. The meeting takes place at the Quidditch Cup stadium and neither delegation is what the other side expected. Harry has another lesson with Dumbledore down in the Chamber of Secrets. Afterwards, he gives Ron, Hermione and Ginny a brief tour. Draco is initiated into Death Eater ranks along with Theodore Nott.


Part 1

Aftermath of the Grangers' deaths. Harry becomes convinced that Draco Malfoy had a part in it and is determined to kill him when he sees him. Dumbledore and Hermione disapprove. Sirius and Tonks tell Harry to reign in the murderous urges. Hermione doesn't leave with everyone on the first of September, instead staying in Londond a few more days. On the train, Harry and Ginny share a romantic moment. Harry and Ron pay Malfoy and his friends a visit.

Part 2

Harry and Ron are summoned to Dumbledore's office, where they are confronted by Snape. The next day, after practice in the Chamber of Secrets, Sirius warns them about Umbridge. Dumbledore tells them about his sister to discourage them from exacting revenge on Malfoy. After the first day of classes Harry and Ron decide to visit Hagrid instead of going to detention that Snape had assigned them and encounter Malfoy and his entourage in the courtyard. The confrontation is interrupted by Hermione.

Part 3

Malfoy lets slip a piece of information that confirms his involvement in the Grangers' murder. A fight ensues in the courtyard, during which Malfoy escapes. Snape is summoned before Voldemort to report on those events. A month later Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny have mostly settled back into a school routine. Harry's research into horcruxes yields no substantial results. Crouch warns Sirius of Fudge's plans to arrest both Dumbledore and Harry. Next day, while Harry and Dumbledore wait for the Aurors to arrive, the blocks Voldemort had put on his connection with Harry shatter when he discovers the locket Sirius had drained of its magic. Harry experiences a vision revealing Voldemort's imminent plan to storm Nurmengard and kill Grindelwald.


Part 1

Harry and Dumbledore leave Hogwarts just as the Aurors arrive and trick Auror Robards with the help of Healer Grayson. Then, following a hasty meeting of the Order, Dumbledore, Remus, Moody and Sturgis Podmore go to Nurmengard while Harry and Sirius go after Peter. Voldemort manages to eliminate Grindelwald before he can be questioned. Harry and Sirius triumph over Peter and Mulciber: Peter is captured, Mulciber flees. Back at Grimmauld Place 12, Harry gets some answers from Peter.

Part 2

Snape is being shady. Ginny, Ron and Hermione try to make sense of things and encounter Daphne Greengrass, who wants to talk to Harry. Meanwhile, Remus brings Harry to an underground fighting ring. Voldemort arrives at Azkaban.

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