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-Intro for Catherine-

damn ma

--Intro for Alysea-

Even in the depths of night, when no other bird dares to take flight, one alone soars to shine the light of righteousness of the world's blight! And that one is for me! Wellllll, it's not really for me... It is for Kay, for she is the Great Thief, Yatagarasu! I'm Alysea, and I ABSOLUTELY love Kay Faraday! Since I'm not sure what to put in my intro, so let's just get started with my interests below. :p

Games: Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney series, Professor Layton series, Sally's Salon, FFXIII, FFXIII-2

Books: The Hunger Games series, Percy Jackson series, Ace Attorney manga,

Television: Cake Boss, American Idol, The X-Factor, Austin & Ally, WOWP, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake,

Movies: The Lorax, The Hunger Games, Gyakuten Saiban movie

Artists/Genres of Music: Indie Rock, Panic! At The Disco, Modest Mouse, Zendaya Coleman


1. You buy airplaine tickets to Japan. You go kick CAPCOM's butt if they don't release GK2 or PW vs PL in America/Europe!

2. You ask the people at the grocery store if they stock Snackoos

3. You search youtube trying to find if there's really a band called The Gavinners

4. You randomly yell "OBJECTION!" "HOLD IT!" "TAKE THAT!" "GOTCHA" and "EUREKA!"

5. You lecture people who don't know what Ace Attorney is on how epicly amazing it is.

6. You try and play Mental Chess with people.

7. When you buy airplaine tickets, you try and search for iFLY tickets.

8. You understand when your fellow Ace Attorney nerds say "GS, AA, JFA, TT/T&T, AJ, GK/ME:AAI KG-8, DL-6, SL-9"

10. You pretend to whip people when you're angry at them.

11. You Can spell its Japanese name.

12. You Know that Phoenix's Japanese name is Naruhodo Ryuiichi, Maya's is Mayoi Ayasato, and Edgeworth's is Mitsurugi Reiji.

13. You Have actually told someone that your favorite band is the Gavinners.

14. You Have a potted plant in your roomcalled "Charley".

15. You Also have a potted cactus called "Billy."

16. You Refer to your car as your steel steed.

17. Or you refer your motorcycle as your hog.

18. Your ringtone is the Steel Samurai theme song.

19. You Believe that the jury has no say in the verdict, even if they collectively chant "GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!"

20. You Learn the Blue Badger dance.

21. You Think old ladies should wear space suits.

22. You use "OBJECTION!" as part of your everyday vocabulary.

23. You suddenly can't help watching shows like "Boston Legal" and "Law and Order".

24. You believe all judges are gullible.

25. You call all monkeys "Money", which really confuses your family when you go to the zoo.

26. You think it's normal for a 24-year-old man to have gray hair.

27. You believe that prosecutors have the free time to become rock stars.

28. You have a favorite pairing(s), which you defend viciously like the rabid fangirl/boy that you are.

29. You have actually drawn out a diagram of a murder to explain it to a friend.

30. You drink coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee, and all of it black.

31. You find yourself calling your friends "pal" or "kitten".32. You have looked for Luminol on ebay.

33. You watch the kid's show "Go, Diego, Go!" just to laugh hysterically as you imagine the real Diego swinging on vines.

34. You say, "Witness, you've had a long day. Shut your pie-hole." (a la Manfred Von Karma) instead of "Shut up."

35. You spend at least an hour spiking your hair every morning.

36. You like amuse yourself by seeing if you can use fool more times in one sentence than Franziska Von Karma.

37. You are extremely suspicious of bellboys, and always look to see if they're wearing black leather gloves.

38. You actually thought about how Edgeworth would look carrying that enormous stuffed bear in case 2-4. (Farewell, My Turnabout)

39. You couldn't stop laughing for half an hour after picturing Edgeworth carrying that enormous stuffed bear.

40. You always take the stairs instead of elevators.

41. You think cravats are either a) handsome (if you like Edgeworth); or b) hilarious (if you dislike Edgeworth).

42. You really, really wish he was real, just so you could write PINK in huge letters on the back of his suit jacket. C'mon. It's totally pink.

42. You actually responded out loud when he said, "…D-do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?" in T&T.

43. Your favorite comeback to the elderly's complaints about your clothing is, "You really should come with a supply of cheese to match your vintage whine!" ...or, at least you think it.

44. You never, under ANY circumstances, wear nail polish AND bite your nails. Who knows if Kristoph Gavin poisoned it or not?

45. You have a mild (yet healthy) fear of being murdered by an acrobat at the circus. However, you are no longer afraid of clowns and address them all as "Moe".

46. You eat instant noodles whenever you can out of sympathy for Gumshoe.

47. You make paper dolls of all the characters and re-enact certain scenes.

48. You plan to give your child a strangely spelled name like "Maggey Byrde" in case it helps them if they are accused of murder, see case 2-1.

49. You're afraid of swimming. Hey, you never know where Damon Gant will appear.

50. You begin to feel a lot warmer toward hobos, especially ones wearing blue beanies.

51. You steal someone's lunch money to inspire them to become a lawyer. They'll thank you someday.

52. You wonder if all rockstars have a secret daytime job. Say, as a prosecuting attorney.

53. You rant to your friends for hours about Von Karma, Engarde, etc.

54. You tried literally every piece of evidence to make Regina happy at the end of case 2-3, because you refuse to just google it.

55. You think a good going-away gift is a whip.

56. You think pink-colored glasses will help you get a 97 on your science test.57. You know that 97 is the score Ema bragged about in case 1-5.

58. When someone finds you out, you just snap- bite your hat like Ini, shatter your glasses like Adrian or best of all slam your head Von Karma-style.

59. You start referring to your school ID as a badge.

60. You present your badge to anyone you meet with a flourish and wait for their reaction.

61. You can't figure out the difference between a ladder and a step-ladder, and are proud of it.

62. You wish you had witty name like Winston Payne or Dick Gumshoe.

63. You get in trouble for pointing dramatically at your teacher and yelling "OBJECTION!" whenever they slip up.

64. You have sudden, inexplicable cravings for burgers.

65. You have sculpted your own "The Thinker" and made it into a clock.

66. You call hot dogs "Samurai Dogs".

67. You are always just a little bit afraid to open the trunk of your car, especially if you own a flashy red sports car.

68. You laugh hysterically when you see a sign for "Apollo's Hair Salon"…and then debate about entering and asking for the Herr Forehead style.

69. You can relate any song that comes on the radio to one of the characters, cases, or pairings.

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