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Author has written 8 stories for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and Grimm.


Stuff about me and my fics: I'm slash and het friendly, with leanings towards drama and angst. I write fics as a form of playing with "action figures in a sandbox." Sometimes I'm making conversation and speculating. Or I'm dissatisfied with something and need that "itch" taken care of.

I'm also a slow updater. Sorry about that. I'm trying to do better with The Corpse Apple because that story is long. I have plans. Here's hoping I make it all the way to the far away end.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Concerned Note about The Corpse Apple: There were some coincidences between my fic and Grimm. No biggie. But I think now the show might be giving me shout-outs or pulling things from my fics. I keep being told I’m imagining things and should just ignore it. I’m not too certain what’s going on since I only know the general gist of what's happening on the show. Because I stopped watching seasons ago and only check in now and then to see what's up.

So just in case, let me make clear (and if anyone’s stirring trouble, or attacking the cast/crew), I don’t mind Grimm has grazed around the fanfiction I’ve written on it. If the show gets uncanceled, I don’t mind that it keeps grazing. Being inspired, liking a character concept or plot line- it’s fine. As long as they’re doing their own labor of creation, building their own characters, and not plagiarizing my words. (This is not extended to other shows. They have their own fandom wealth and can work with their own fans.) Like I’ve written before, “This is not meant to impede anyone on the show their jobs. Am just playing with the characters like action figures and making Grimm work out for me.”

Also, because I feel like it has to be said: If Grimm did use my fics, I do not expect Grimm to cater to me. Nor do I expect anything from the actors. That would be extortive.

Also, because I feel like it has to be said, part two: I like playing with Renard and I’m not coming from a direction of hate. I’m not bashing. I lean towards the darker aspects and is usually what I play with first before I move on. I just simply haven’t gotten around to other ends of drama and angst, or the cute stuff yet.


02/09/17- Updated to clear some things up.

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The cursed laces were undone, and she moved. The cursed hairpin was pulled, and she thought. The cursed apple had been dislodged, and she lived. But this time, the Queen ensured she wouldn't come back right. Slash, het, mpreg, OCs. Ensemble. Renard-centric.
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