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Author has written 5 stories for Lion King, Red vs. Blue, and Warhammer.

Key: Bold - Bigger Fan Of

Underline - In-Progress

Real Name: --Access Denied--

Gender: Male

Birthday/Age: 16

Where I Live: Somewhere in the Midwest

Favorite Internet Series: Rise of the Spartans, Red vs. Blue, The Forgotten Spartans, A Clone Apart

Favorite T.V. Shows: River Monsters, Supernatural, Doctor Who, N.C.I.S., Deadliest Warrior, the Simpsons, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gundam SEED Destiny, and Burn Notice

Favorite Movies: The Avengers, Lion King 1 & 2 (not a fan of 1 1/2), Avatar, Inception, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Matrix, Harry Potter series (movies and books), Alien, Aliens, Predator, Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard, the Mummy Trilogy, the Scorpion King (have only seen the first one), Ultramarines, Shaun of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Van Helsing.

Favorite Video Games: Halo Series, Gears of War Series, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Space Marine, Kill Team, Starcraft (I and II), and Dawn of War (Original, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm, II, Chaos Rising, and Retribution)

Favorite Books: Ender's Game, Harry Potter, and the Horus Heresy series

Hobbies: Play video games, listen to music, build miniatures, read books, practice martial arts, and read fan-fictions

Favorite Music Artists/Bands/Companies -

Artists: Martin O'Donnell, Thomas Bergersen, James Dooley

Orchestral: Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Groove Addicts, Immediate Music, E.S. Posthumus

Rock and Anything Else With Words: Breaking Benjamin, Imagine Dragons, and Papa Roach

Favorite Music/Songs: Ocean Princess by Thomas Bergersen, Interstellar by Groove Addicts, Onward to Freedom by Immediate Music, Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell, Black Blade by Two Steps From Hell, Locus Desperatus by Jeff Williams, Full Circle by Riptide Music, Falling Towards the Sky by Jeff Williams, and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Least Favorite Music: Most types of rock, pop, disco, rap, country, or western music. Pretty much all music that has clearly defined words or a singer that sings for the majority of the song. Or any music that doesn't sound dramatic, peaceful, or melodic.

Favorite Space Marine Legion: Ultramarines

Favorite Chaos Space Marine Legion: Thousand Sons

Favorite N.C.I.S. Character: Anthony DiNozzo

Favorite Warhammer 40,000 Quote: 'To take a town, send a legionary; to take a city, send a squad; to take a world, send a company; to take a culture, send a Legion.' - Primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines

My Personal Quote for the Lion King: 'Remember the past but look to the future.'

Favorite Pairings:

Simba/Nala (TLK)

Church/Tex (RvB)

Master Chief/Cortana (Halo)

Shinn/Stella (GSD)

Dislikes: Any movie series that doesn't have a good storyline, B movies, anything left unfinished or incomplete, poorly sung or orchestrated music, and, most of the time, humans playing an antagonizing role in the Lion King (unless the main characters, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu, survive and the humans lose in the end).

Possible Projects and Stories:

Halo and Lion King crossover - Simba and Nala discover a Forerunner teleporter that activates and transports them to a halo

Lion King 40,000 - Warhammer 40,000 history of the Imperium with Lion King characters as primarches and 'Prides' instead of 'Legions'

Lion King Alternate Trailers - Replacing elements of certain game and movie trailers with Lion King elements. Try to guess the original trailers.

Rise of the Lions - Exact same story as Arbiter617's 'Rise of the Spartans' but replacing the characters with Lion King characters. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to Youtube and watch 'Rise of the Spartans.'

Rise of the Spartans -The novelized version of Arbiter617's Youtube Halo: Reach Machinima series 'Rise of the Spartans.'

Red vs. Blue: Finish It (Working Title) - Takes place after the end of Revelations, but with Tex and Church still alive. Four years after the end of Red vs. Blue, Director Church has escaped from prison and decided to help the Insurrectionists. The Blood Gulch Red and Blue teams are to be reformed. But they are very different. They are much more disciplined and trained than when they left and when they come together they form the deadliest team in Red vs Blue history, being more skilled and dangerous than anyone in the UNSC. They will come back together and finish what they started.

Gundam SEED Destiny: Change of Fates - You've seen the ending and you know the end. But what if all it took was one act to change everything? What if, instead of reveling in Stella's beauty, Shinn was able to save her from the Freedom's wrath?

And now for my Top Ten Favorite Lists and Self-Answer Questionnaire For the Following Categories:

The Lion King

Red vs. Blue


Warhammer 40,000

Rise of the Spartans (Reach Machinima) - Sorry, but I am way too obsessed with that Youtube series.

First Up, The Lion King:

Top Ten Favorite Characters:

1. Simba

2. Nala (Tied with Simba)

3. Kiara

4. Kovu

5. Rafiki

6. Mufasa

7. Kopa

8. Sarafina

9. Sarabi (tied with Sarafina)

10. Vitani

Favorite character?

Tie between Simba and Nala.

Least favorite character?

I can't really make a good choice. I favor all of them in at least some way.

Characters who never met but you wish had?

Scar and Nala in the movie for some strange reason.

Most likable character?

Nala. And Simba.

Character you wish got more development?

Pumbaa. Don't have enough background from his life.

Character you used to hate but now love?

Scar. Used to be the enemy but his methods are interesting.

Characters you used to love but now hate?

Can't answer question. Sorry, not possible.

Which TLK character do you relate to?

Simba and Nala the most.

Favorite outside-the-movies character?

Hard to say. There are a fairly large number of them.

Favorite deleted character?

They had deleted characters?

Favorite deleted scene?

Haven't looked at any, so can't answer that question.

Favorite area in the movie?

The Pridelands or, in second place, the jungle.

Favorite score?

I don't know.

Favorite songs?

King of Pride Rock (instrumental), Can You Feel the Love Tonight?, We are One, and He is Not One of Us.

Favorite quote?

'It is time.'

Least Favorite quote?

'Who killed Scar? Simba." Because, ah-hem, WRONG!

Favorite species?

Lions. Is that really a question?

Favorite group (Pridelanders, outlanders, etc)?

Pridelanders all the way!

Favorite TLK videogame (besides the Pride Lands levels of KH)?

I don't know. Haven't played any of them.

Funniest moment?

"Ow! Jeez! What was that for?"

Saddest moment?

Mufasa's death.

Scariest moment?

Are you serious? It's Disney, for crying out loud!

Happiest moment?

Simba and Nala reuniting in the jungle or Simba ascending to the promontory of Pride Rock in the end.

Which of the trilogy is your fav?

The Lion King. Simba's Pride makes a close second.

Do you consider the sequels and/or TLK6NA canon?

Very much so. Can't disagree.

What do you think of the Kimba controversy?

Don't like it. There is no way you can't at least find the Lion King 'decent.'

Pet peeves you have (one for each movie)?

That the hyenas just disappeared.

That Nala didn't get a bigger role in the sequel.

Crack pairings you've heard of?

Kovu/Simba and Kovu/Nala. I can't stand the second one. There is no way Nala would go with Kovu. I just don't see the possiblity. Nala is smarter and more loyal than that.

Do you want another sequel (if so, involving what)?

Possibly. Finally solidifying the Pridelanders and Outsiders into one pride permanently in an epic final stand against an all-around evil, either hyena invasion or evil pride.

Could Scar really be Kovu's father?

No. It said so in the movie at least twice, although I find it hard to believe most of the time.

Could Vitani or Nuka be Scar's?

More likely Nuka than Vitani.

Is Kovu emo?

What? NO!

Do you think Zazu is obnoxious?

No, just too proper.

Do you believe the Timon/Pumbaa thing?

Can't answer question successfully.

Was Simba too overprotective in the sequel?

Perhaps, but I can understand why. I actually might be very similar, if not the same.

Is Kiara truly a ditz?

No, just acting like a young lioness, a teenager, just like me.

What do you think happened to the hyenas after LK 1?

They all fled or were banished in the end.

What did you think of the Timon and Pumbaa series?

Haven't seen any of it, so I can't make an opinion.

Do you believe in the Shenzi/Banzai theory?

Perhaps a little bit.

Do you think it could ever tie into other Disney movies (if so, which ones)?

No. I like to think of it as exclusive.

What's up with Nala's eye color?

Animators either couldn't agree or a small mistake.

Thing the makers changed that you wish they hadn't?

I can't honestly answer that question.

Have you seen TLKoB (if so, did you like it)?

No, but I wish I had. I've read about it and wish they had added that into the original movie.

Do you like anthro/human/AU's?

Sometimes. Banana Beak's was very good.

Voice actors you loved?

Matthew Broderick (Simba) and Moira Kelly (Nala).

Did you know Jim Cummings (voice of Ed) covered for Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar) at the end of "Be Prepared"?

Not at first, but I had my suspicions.

Do you consider Scar/Zira to be an official pairing?

Yes! I definitely seems possible.

What do you think happened to Sarabi in the second movie?

Either she died or she's there, just not as a recognizable lioness. I do know that her voice actress died before the second movie.

Do you think Scar is Nala's father?

Hard to say. It is possible, but not likely.

Do you think Ed is mentally challenged?

Yep. Thumbs up for Ed!

Own any TLK merchandise?

Unfortunately, no. If I did my friends would all laugh at me.

Were the hyenas' actions justified?

Fairly speaking, yes.

Were Scar's actions justified?

Well, he died, so... yes.

Were Zira's actions justified?

She was crazy, so yes.

Why do you think the Outlanders were still loyal to Scar?

Either because of his treatment towards them or his manipulation towards them.

Crossovers you like?

Varied. Haven't looked at them recently.

Do you find Timon and Pumbaa enjoyable or annoying?


The best king or king-to-be?

Simba. No question about it.

The best queen or queen-to-be?

Nala. My one and final answer.

Timon or Pumbaa?

Pumbaa. He much more considerate of others.

Kiara or Kopa?

Both. Any child of Simba and Nala are friends of mine.

Scar or Mufasa?

Is that a question? Mufasa, of course.

Simba or Kovu?

Simba, definitely.

Scar or Zira?

Scar. He's not insane.

Simba or Zira?

Simba. Zira is crazy.

Simba or Scar?

Simba. He's the good guy.

Kiara or Nala?

Sorry to say this but... Nala!

Mufasa or Simba?

Simba. He's the best.

Zazu or Gopher?

Zazu. He actually does stuff and can be smart at times.

Shenzi or Banzai or Ed?

Ed. His craziness is the best.

Ma or Uncle Max?

Uncle Max. His explanations are serious yet hilarious.

Sarabi or Sarafina?

Tie. Both were the mothers of my favorite characters.

Rafiki or Zazu?

Rafiki. His wisdom knows no bounds.

Simba/Nala or Mufasa/Sarabi?

Simba/Nala, no question about it.

Shenzi/Banzai or Shenzi/Ed?

Shenzi/Banzai makes more sense to me.

Scar/Zira or Scar/Nala?

Scar/Zira. Two evil figures go well together.

Sarafina/Scar or Shenzi/Scar?

Neither seem legitimate.

Kovu/Kiara or Vitani/Kopa?

Kovu/Kiara. I keep thinking the Vitani/Kopa thing is just a theory.

Describe the movie in three words:


Next, Red vs. Blue:

Top Ten Favorite Characters:

1. Church (Alpha and Epsilon)

2. Tex (tied with Church)

3. Sarge

4. Caboose

5. Simmons

6. Donut

7. Tucker

8. Doc


10. Ties between Agent Washington, Agent Carolina, Lopez, Junior, Agent Wyoming, and the Meta

Favorite character(s)?

Church and Tex

Least Favorite Character(s)?

South Dakota and/or Vic

Most Likable Character?

Caboose or Simmons

Funniest Character?

All equally funny. :)

Character you used to hate but now love?

Agent Washington

Character you used to love but now hate?


Which Red vs Blue character can you relate to?

Church and Grif. Whenever I'm not lazy I am usually very bright. My some of my friends would disagree with me and possibly laugh at me, but then I would tell them 'I take the harder courses and get better grades in them, so suck it.'

Do you believe Grif's armor color is orange or yellow?

Orange, of course.

Do you believe Roosterteeth could have ended Season 9 better?

Yes. I might have liked it a bit more if Church didn't 'forget' Tex, but brought her with him instead. That's actually the main reason why I'm writing 'Red vs. Blue: Finish It.'

How about Season 10?

Once again, might have liked it a bit more if Tex came back, but it was still great.

Do you think Tex will come back again in Season 11?

Possibly, most likely in reference only. Although it would be awesome if she came back as a main character.

Comment back to me if you think I should do any of these stories. I might do at least one of these stories. Also PM me back if I should try any fanfiction related to one of my favorites.

If you would like to be my friend on Xbox, my Gamertag is UltraPredator01. Make sure you send me a message to tell me who you are because I don't just accept any friend request. Except for a few, I would like to know the friends on my Friends List at least a little bit.

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Red vs Blue: Finish It reviews
Post-Revelations but with Tex and Church still alive. Four years after the end of Red vs Blue, Director Church has escaped from prison to enact his revenge on those who locked him up. In order to stop him, the UNSC has decided to reassemble the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch to finish what they've started. Rated M for violence and possible sex scene later. Less humor, more action.
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