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Gossip Spyder - Mother's Lullaby

The Pier - Modern SanSan AU inspired by this photoset created by xxxidrilxxx - check it out!

Gossip Spyder - My first ever fic.

What inspired me to start this? After becoming obsessed with San/San, I trawled through FanFiction devouring everything I could about this particular pairing. I soon also became obsessed with Arya/ Gendry, and Arya/ Jaqen. I found that while I love these pairings as they are in the ASOIAF world, it was the modern AU's I became drawn I thought, why not?

And, because it is my first ever fic, I thought I'd start off with something lighter but still with a bit of bite...Gossip Girl came to mind, and before I knew it the 'Pilot Episode - The South' had been written...

Please review and let me know what you think.

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Gossip Spyder Reading Marathon

'dedicatedditz' (aka woodlandsunbeam) has created a blog that reviews the story chapter by chapter - please check it out and leave your own comments if you like, and read my 'director's commentary' as it were...

Gossip Spyder (Movie Trailer)

A fanvid created by the brilliant xxxidrilxxx can be viewed on the link below! Check it out and I hope you like it!


Special thank you goes out to a few special ladies for creating some awesome fanart for GS - Heliotropa, Landersova (ohsandor on Tumblr!), karlybing, outsidethecavern, sandorspotato and noodlesplease - you're all wonderful!

They can be found on the following links.

Arya’s ‘I Prefer The Drummer’ slogan shirt.

Please see the link below to see Maisie Williams’ in the slogan top that prompted this bit of fluff – thanks again to NerdyNinjaGirl!

Episode 6 - "A Question of Fate"

Sansa's choir audition piece.

Fans of the books would be all too familiar with the scene in ACOK during the battle of Blackwater where the Hound takes a song from Sansa at knife-point. She sings him a hymn that brings him to tears.

I wanted to convey some of that intensity in Episode 6, and I felt that Sarah Mclachlan's 'Angel' would be the perfect choice for Sansa.

I watched so many covers of this song by many talented young ladies on YouTube to see if there was anyone on the planet who could sing this song the way I imagined Sansa Stark singing it, and I came across two that came close. Sansa is 15, and I wanted her to sound like a young woman.

The first is a cover by Julie Lavery (it's coincidence that she is a redhead!), and the second is a huskier cover by Liz Hodgins. Somewhere in the middle is the voice I imagined for Sansa.

Julie Lavery - Cover

Liz Hodgins - Cover

Lastly, the original version with the lyrics on the screen for those who've never heard it.

Sarah Mclachlan – With Lyrics

Arya's New Dip-Dyed Do

This photo is the closest I could get to what I had in mind, just that Arya's hair is just a bit shorter.

Guest Reviewer Question dated 07/20/12

Shouldn't Sansa be 16 going on 17 and Arya 14 going on 15? I mean that is typically the age of a sophomore and freshman. And since Gendry and Joff are both 17 and are juniors right? Just wanted to clarify. :)

I knew it was a matter of time before a sharp-eyed reader would pick up on this…

I have a confession to make – I am not from the USA and what I have learned of their schooling system is through Wikipedia, the link is below for those of you reading from outside the USA and wish to know more.

I have pretty much disregarded the age brackets to fit my story, and also to try and maintain the age gaps between the characters as much as possible given the constraints of a high school setting.

I come from a land Down Under, and where I’m from, 9th grade is typically the year you turn 14 years old, and 10th grade the year you turn 15. Also, our school year runs typically from late Jan/ early Feb – early/ mid Dec, whereas in the USA it’s typically late Aug/ early Sep - late May/ early June of the following year.

To answer the Gendry and Joffrey age question, given the above it’s possible for Gendry to already be 17 provided his birthday was over the Northern Hemisphere summer. Joffrey would be 16, turning 17 later in the school year. Sansa should be 15 going on 16, according to Wikipedia, which I’ve ignored.

In the end, I hope that you enjoy the story enough to overlook the creative liberties I’ve taken with the characters ages.

About Football

I also did not grow up watching American Gridiron, and everything I know about the game has been learned from watching movies such as Remember the Titans and Varsity Blues, as well as watching countless clips on YouTube about football, NFL, Superbowl and high school football. Wikipedia again was a source of info about positions, rules etc.

How’s that for commitment to this fic???!!! Please feel free to comment on the finer points of the game, or if you see errors within the story.

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