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Major Stories

My oldest and most successful story on this site, More Than A Thief, ended abruptly due to a problem I had received. When I first started the story in 2012, all I ever read was humorous stories and I always kept a light tone and short chapters in mind when I wrote. At the same time I had an SYOC story, that I can't seem to find good in. It was a Teen Titans story that I had. Within that story things weren't as light, I had an overwhelming amount of characters to write, I was very new to writing superheroes, nothing was planned out, and I ended up promising to make the chapters longer for everyone's enjoyment.

It turned out I didn't enjoy writing that Teen Titan story and it had been a real chore to write, so I broke some bad news and fave up on it. However my writing for the lighter and shorter story, More Than A Thief, became less light and short. I found myself addicted to the trying to make my chapters longer. The story became notably darker when a Jedi, Huk, and thief all died within a few chapters of each other. The title of the story changed from "Thieves in the Temple" to "More Than a Thief" as I decided to add a plot twist, which turned the thieves into victims of manipulation, that would branch out to an entire different plot than I planned. From then on I made stuff up as I went along.

Upon taking a darker tone so suddenly was a bad mistake that I made and it later gave me the problem that the Teen Titans SYOC gave me. It became so serious it was boring to me, difficult to write, some logic soon began to fade away, and in the end it became something I just couldn't write anymore. One year later I attempted to bring it back within a revision, a reboot. I had written the first three chapters, and nobody read it. The original had well over 1500 views from its 7 or 8 chapters while a reboot that I was planning on using to get back into it managed less than twenty. It saddened me to the point where I couldn't write anything Star Wars related in months. I couldn't manage to make myself and fans of the story happy with my writing.

Months later, an idea that I had for a story when I was ten and had since then been innovating, had finally been deemed good enough be myself to start bringing it to life. "Outer Rim Journey." I started by collecting OCs from other Star Wars fans and inserting the characters into the story. I had already finished the first chapter and the first quarter of the second, but my family moved to another house.

Upon getting set up there and getting on my really old computer that was constantly breaking down and messing up, I had a series of technical difficulties. All of my files had been deleted off the computer followed by it breaking down and me having to go get it fixed. When I finally got it back, I got to writing again. I horribly rushed the first chapter and the second chapter took forever to make despite it being less than 4000 words.

Here I am once more in a struggle to write such a story due to its bad start, rushed character introduction, loss of direction within the story, and lack of will to create more. I literally have had so much difficulty writing that I am stuck in the middle of a scene wondering how I got here and where the hell I'm supposed to go when I am done here. It didn't help that I ended up getting a new Google Chromebook laptop, which needs internet to work anything. This means I have to be near WiFi to write my story. Luckily I found a way to be able to write the chapter using an app on my phone since I was mobile almost all the time of my days. It no longer works due to an update. At this point my fastest way of writing was out of question, my plans for future chapters were forgotten, my inspiration gone and way of thinking completely changed. Despite these problems I still push to finish this story since I've been working on it for so long.

Another major story I had, my return to writing superhero fanfiction, was Dart. This story was very different for me to write. Never before had I wrote in a first person story nor had I ever focused on a character that wasn't the slightest bit smart and spent all of his time wisecracking. With this story, he had become slightly more serious, one year older than he was originally and with a different costume. However, I let my desire to one day create an SYOC story that is really good control me and in the end the story centered around my throwing dart based hero turned into a story filled with cameos from other people's OCs and a plan that wasn't thought out enough, along with the fact that in the end it had to tie in with another person's story that Dart was in. I got overwhelmed and the story came to an end before it could reach chapter five. There is a chance that it may be remade in the future.

The other superhero story I wrote at the same time, Retribution, was my attempt to have an all OC team of antiheroes in their own city fighting crime their way. While I had all of the chapters for the first two plot lines thought out completely, I fail to enjoy writing the story. I made many characters and have all of the ways to seem interesting to people, but in the end I focused WAY too much on the plot and not enough on the characters. In the end, all of the focus on the plot, along with me never creating the backstories to any of the characters I made, I had no drive to focus on characters anyways. I am done with writing that story since I can't seem to write it anymore.

During all of the stories you see above, I touched on some of my favorite anime three times. First I stepped a bit into Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and created a series that took place after GX and before 5Ds. Still in the Yu-Gi-Oh! region I started A Mage's Journey; a story taking place entirely in the duel monster world following only duel monsters. Finally I had a Dragon Ball Z SYOC that took place shortly after Dragon Ball GT, following a group of four OCs on the run from an evil space empire.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX story it followed my OCs, three Slifer reds that in reality aren't bad duelists, similar to the show. There was the main character Jin who used a series of cards that I made up myself and without any higher help of duel monsters, the heart of the cards, millennium items, signer marks, magic, or demons has to deal with going through Duel Academy while being stuck in Slifer Red simply because he's dumb. Akihiro, the polite and smart duelist that in reality is at least Ra Yellow material, he duels using Light and Fairy monsters along with one monster I made up for him, he was supposed to end up telling that someone had switched tests with him and that's how he ended up in Red. Then there's Tak who claims to be an alien abductee, when he isn't dueling he would have a habit of freezing. He would stop in the middle of a sentence and begin staring off into space and absolutely nothing will snap him out of it, he has to come out himself.

The story also became my most successful use of SYOC as I began to accept OCs. The story was well liked and the OCs I got were great. In the end, I got a writer's block right before a duel and I couldn't write it. Thus marks the end of the story.

Following that was A Mage's Journey. The story follows the spellcaster Miracle Flipper as a character as his master, Dark Eradicator Warlock has fallen ill with no known cure. He sets off on a journey to find the Mystical Shine Ball which is rumored to give any one wish to someone that sees it. He leaves the Secret Village of the Spellcasters and along the way should meet others that are having similar problems to aid him since he's still relatively weak and others would like help via a wish. This story got two chapters in and it is still being worked on as a minor story. It is also an SYOC, however, only two OCs were ever sent in.

Then Dragon Ball. This series was also an SYOC and I even got the writer of my favorite Dragon Ball Z fanfiction story ever to send in an OC. In terms of OCs, I got a lot of good and interesting ones. The story was fun to write while the fun lasted. The story featured the OCs I received all teamed up to help each other escape a being more powerful than anything they've ever endured. The land on Earth and trouble arises there and catches the Z Fighters' attention. I never got very far into the series, but what was supposed to happen was that the OCs would tell the Z Fighters that since the Emperor was there, their planet was doomed to die. Hearing this the Z Fighters would agree to help. The story ended due to the lack of direction and inspiration I had at the time.

Now I'm here with Teen Titans once again with my current story The Next Generation. This story is my favorite to write ever as I am getting the chance to write some of my favorite characters, mix in a balance between the light and dark writing tones, positive output from readers and the fact that I've planned ahead through three plotlines. Instead of using any OCs, all characters used are canon characters from the comics that either never got to be in the show, but was a Titan or is a teenage hero yet never joined the Titans.

Here, I started out with three favorites of mine, Stargirl, Tim Drake (Robin IV), and Static and allowed reviewers to suggest characters for the final two spots. Son of Wildcat, nicknamed Tomcat, would take the fourth spot. Due to the story's plot progressing a little too fast, I couldn't manage to fit a fifth member in yet. From who was suggested, I already know who will become the fifth member in the first few chapters of the sequel.

In this story, the way it is now, there is a lot I didn't get to do. I focused too much on its plot and progressed it too fast, I lost the chance to have a humorous chapter or two and to introduce the fifth member. I made up for it through having a somewhat interesting plot that was fun for me to write and enjoyable to read. I didn't let the chapters get too long or too short, most of them being in between 1000 and 2000 words which I can write and edit in days, allowing me to release chapters weekly. The fight scenes, admittedly are meant to get more brutal as the story goes on. In the beginning it's simple birdarangs, electric shocks, zaps, and punches and later on a man in completely metal armor is electrocuted to near death for the point of ending the battle.

It is now my first story ever to reach its final chapter, my longest running story, and my second most popular story. It also has proved to me that I don't need OCs to make something seem original or please my mind that constantly creates characters. I love what this story has done for me and I hope to be able to keep it up as my first long running story. As for the future of this story, I am going to try a couple of new things for its sequel like adding romance and a bit of drama to the mix.

I'm not actively writing stories at the moment.

By now, a majority of my stories are on an indefinite hiatus. Retribution most likely will be redone, Dart is being redone, and Outer Rim Journey is continuing where it left off, just progressing at a slow rate. I'm completely reworking Dart and it will most likely tie in with Retribution, which may be renamed to match the team's morals.

"This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Whether you like the FUNimation dub or the Ocean dub, whether you like the manga or the anime, whether you say 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin', we must stand strong and united, for we are the last of our dying race. And all those who are true fans, post this up on your page, forever proclaiming your Dragon Ball heritage. Be proud, for you are a true Saiyan!"

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Before he became a member of the infamous Shadow Warriors he had a past of his own. Now I tell the story of the man that's more accurate than Deadshot and deadlier than Deathstroke, he is Marcas Valitov, he is the Red Crosshairs. Warning Contains: blood, violence, some profanity, and suggestive language. (Red Crosshairs is my Character, not a self insert)
Justice League - Rated: T - English - Crime/Tragedy - Chapters: 16 - Words: 70,171 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 3/26/2013 - Published: 12/3/2012 - Clark K./Kal-El/Superman, Bruce W./Batman - Complete
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