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Author has written 8 stories for My Little Pony, and Harry Potter.

I've been having a lot of fun with my stories, and they seem to be getting a lot of positive reviews! But this leads me to ask... why? Why do you people like the stories? Is because they're funny, relate-able unbelievable, etc? I want to know, so that way I can keep writing good stories! Just shoot me a PM or a review in one of my stories, detailing why you like them, or dislike them! So far, most of what I've gotten has been, "Great story, keep going!", which while nice to receive, doesn't really explain what I'm doing right.

Was chatting with a friend earlier, discussing his version of the history behind Alicorns, when an idea hit me. I proposed that he use the idea himself, but he declined, so now I get to use it. What is it you ask? Glad you asked.

Why are there only three Alicorns in existance, as well as only one Draconequus? Surely two races of immortals would be much more numerous than that! Unfortunately, the reason is quite simple. War. When you have two growing populations of immortals living side by side, no deed goes forgotten. And when you mix the Civil, organized Alicorns next to the Choatic, random Draconequus, there can only be one conclusion. War.

Now, I'm not going to go off and start writing this. I know how much people seem to hate war stories in the My Little Pony fandom. I want your feedback on this, such as wether or not you think this is a good idea. If you do, I'll work on it the moment I finish either the prequel or sequel to Returning Survivor (as I plan on doing both at the same time). But for now, think it over, and let me know.

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Magic of Music reviews
Dumbledore had always said that magic was a music of its own, so why not test that? A seventh year student decided to try, and reminds all that during this time of year you need to look back and recall just what it is you have. (A one-shot I was driven to writing for no real reason...)
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While Mecha was out getting his revenge on Celestia and Luna in the form of Boot Camp, Sugary Spice was left home relatively alone. Of course, when she finds Lively Spirit on the edge of the Everfree Forest, she might not be so lonely while he's away. But what's with these strange figures following Lively? And why do they seem so intent on protecting her?
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Returning Survivor reviews
During the celebration of Luna's return from madness as Night Mare Moon, a strange pony shows up, the sole survivor of a troop that disappeared nearly two years ago. After revealing what happened, and that he is the mayor's nephew, how will this pony get along with the others? Question for readers in my profile.
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It's Hearth's Warming Eve, and due to an unexpected reason, Mecha is in town for a change, and thus partakes of the festivities- in his own way.
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Past the Gates reviews
Prequel to Returning Survivor: Join Mecha as he and Squad 13 of the 444th Scouting Division travel into Hell... Note: First chapter is my birthday gift to you, I'll be regularly posting on this after I finish Returning Survivor
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Birthday Blowout reviews
It's Mecha's birthday, and things go... um... how do I put this... decently? Yeah, that's the word. Anyways, join him as he celebrates in a traditional manner for him, getting blown up!
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Mecha and Pinkie Pie get into an argument that results in the death of the forth wall. Mecha is my OC, you don't need to read my story to know who he is, for it is irrelevent.
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