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Thank you for coming to my profile! I hope you find what you want to find because you won't find anything else. Well, here it is I won't hold you up any longer from my beautifully almost crazy profile.

My name is Kathleen and I love books far too much for my own good. I love reading fanfiction especially Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Fruits Basket, and Teen Titians though I find other stories enjoyable as well. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is

I'm not very short, not very blonde, not very dark skinned, not very fat, not very ugly (not very pretty either) and not very comfortable telling my age.
So basicly that means I'm light brown hair and blue-gray eyes. My skin is really pale and I'm a little under normal height and like I said I love fanfiction.

My favorite things are- books, pastas, green, lilies, Pirates of the Carribean, potatoes, cake, The CHICAGO CUBS! and lalala!

I'm not excatly sure what else you put in this space so I will continue as most of you do.

Favorite Characters
Harry Potter- Ginny, Ron, Draco, Moaning Myrtle, and Luna
Artemis Fowl- ARTY, Holly Short, Root, and Foaly, OPAL!
Teen Titians- Starfire, RedX(not the Robin one), Raven, and Beast Boy
Fruits Basket- Kyo:)

Least Favorite Characters
Harry Potter- Voldemort, Mr. Malfoy, and Neville
Artemis Fowl- no one really
Teen Titians- ummm I don't like Robin much because I feel that he shouldn't be the leader and the only reason he is is because he is the most famous which I don't really like. Yeah. I also dislike Slade, for a completely different reason.
Fruits Basket- Yuki

Favorite Pairings
Harry Potter- Harry/Ginny, Hermoine/Ron, Lily/James, Lily/Snape, Lily/Remus, Lily/Sirus and Draco/any female (OCs/anyone)
Artemis Fowl- Artemis Fowl/ Holly, Holly/Foaly, Artemis Fowl/Opal (although I haven't found a story w/ this one yet), ArtemisFowl/OC
Teen Titians- Robin/Starfire ("Stranded" PROVES! it to all you non-believers!), Raven/BB, BB/Terra Starfire/Redx, Cy/Bumblebee, and Cy/his car (Trangles rock too!)
A Great and Terrible Beauty- Gemma/Kartik
Fruits Basket- Kyo/Torhu, Kyo/Torhu/Yuki (as long as Kyo wins), Haru/Yuki, Haru/Rin

Pairings I Understand
Teen Titans- Robin/Raven because I see why people would think Robin(a troubled yound lad) and Raven(gothic to the extreme) would like each other. But honestly, it's just like high school, the guy who rides motorcycles like the nice girls. Robin and Star are meant to be, but I suppose you rae/Rob shippers can dream.
Fruits Basket- Yuki/

Least Favorite Pairings
Slashes...except for Remus/Sirus, Yuki/Haru, and Daisuke/Satoshi

Favorite Quotes

I love it when the good guy wins: Red X- Teen Titans
Kid, you take life way to seriously:Red X- Teen Titans
Not everyone likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not a threat to your precious city. I'm just looking out for numbero uno!
"So your not psychotic, just selfish." :Red X and Robin -Teen Titans
Don't you mean OUR fault?-Red X to Robin- Teen Titans
Sorry kid, some guys don't like to play the hero.-Red X- Teen Titans
"I thought you didn't like to play the hero." "Doesn't mean I don't know how."- Robin then Red X- Teen Titans
You'd be surprised at the risks Robin will take. -Starfire-Teen Titans
She was in your teeth-Starfire to Beast Boy-Teen Titans
So are you now prepared to tell me why I am neither your girl or your friend? -Starfire to Robin- Teen Titans
'I don't think you understand. On our plane a "girlfriend" means...' a female with whom you have a pleasant and special association, including the sharing of enjoyable recreation and occasionally the buying of bountiful floral arrangements. "Okay, maybe you do understand."- Robin then Star then Robin- Teen Titans
I should have let that slug eat me while I had the chance.-Robin-Teen Titans

Well it may be stupid, but it's also dumb!- Patrick-Spongebob Squarepant

Follow the spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies:Ron- Harry Potter and the Chamber Secrets Movie
The spiders want me to tapdance, I don't want to tapdance:Ron-Prisonor of Askban Movie.
I want to remember this moment forever, Draco the Amazing Bouncing Ferret: Ron- Goblet of Fire
"Scared Potter?" You wish.: Draco then Harry- Chamber of Secrets Movie
Anything Draco says in anything!

"I think he is trying to suck his brains out man!" "Poor thing is going to starve.": Grim then Mandy. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. (I know out of place.)

The Best Stories
(I have this since my "Favorite Stories" are just the stories I'm reading and the great stories deserve recognizing)

Identity Thief: By Remix (The Best Red X fic out there people...I'm serious! This is about Slade picking Red X as his new apprentice. X doesn't want to but after a few doses of pain he agrees. But Slade isn't satified with X. He misses Robin so he makes a deal with X. Get Robin then he'll be free. But theres a twist...)

More Than a Thief and In The Mind of Another: By Jurodan (These 2 are a part of the series by this great writer. It is about X crossing then double-crossing, then triple crossing Slade and the team. It shows that you never know what side he is on. In the second one you gointo the past and see how Redknows so much about Robin and his life. It's atear-jerker but totally awesome. I can't wait until the next one "Stealing the Future" ends up being about. Maybe some Raven/Red?).

Your Problem: By Sycogerl64 (Another great story about Red X. It has stuff for you Raven and Terra lovers too.There's some Slade, and a little bit of Robin/Starfire so there's something for everyone! There's even be a sequel! YEAH! Another Slade wanting X as an Apprentice. Slade is chasing X around the city the week of Christmas. X won't serve anyone, especially not a pshyco so despite the pain and cold he won't give in. He meets Raven and Terra( in stone of course) and we meet his old teacher.)

The "Game", "Set", and "Match" Series: By anna-neko aka Adamant (Another fic for Red X lovers! Robin lovers and Star lovers will love this too! This is about X and his obession.)

Innocence Lost: By CidGregor (Robin/Star shippers will love this one. It has Slade too! Star loses her "innocence" to jerks now Rob and Star have to deal with the baby on the way and an evil Slade trying to take it.)

Someone Like You: By xKazuko (Interesting, enjoyable,and sweet with a hint of sadness.A One Shot at it's finest! X is inturged by Starfire, the princess from somewhere far away, but even though she lives so close to him now, she is still untouchable. Sad but heartwarming at the same time. Must-read for Red X lovers!)

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: By guilty until proven innocent (A Harry Potter fic. The best Hermoine/Draco fic out there. Hermoine needs a job, Draco needs a babysitter for his two children Stella and Luna (mother,Fleur, left Draco for someone else). Draco is getting married and hires Hermoine for old times sake. But what happens when feelings start to bloom! Stella is brilliant. Luna is cute. Hermoine and Draco are confused. And Elizabeth is plotting something...)

All of Mayday Parker's stories are wonderful. The "Return of X" is the best one shot I have ever read and "Behind Zorro's Mask" is a close second. Anyone who is a Star/ Rob shipper should read these. Since they're one-shots you don't get a summary.

Was it just me or are all those comments perky. Well the stories are excellent and if you have the time you should really check them out even if you don't like the pairings and the plots sounds bad because none of these stories come close to being bad and all are extremely well-written. I didn't tell the endings so read if you want to see how they end.

My Stories

If We Never Met-Working on third chapter. This will involve a lot more crying and pain, so if you are looking for happy light story I suggust you look somewhere else. This is suppose to be a sad story about how changing the present leads to trouble in the future. Later on I will need your opinion on which ending to use so when the time comes please help cause I thought of 5 different endings and I hate putting more than one down.

Harry Potter and the Darkside of the Future- I'm working on a timeline of how things are going to happen in this story. My thoughts are very disorganized and I need to set them staright.

Knox's Red- After Red X saved her, Starfire begins to question her morals. She sets out to find out what Red X is like to set things stairght but finds out that Red X's life was what changed his path. And looking at her life, she sees that she could probably do the same. Stuck in between her two loves (Robin and Red X) she has to choose between the masked boy that was always there or the man that will always be there.Red/OC/Rob in flashbacks and Red/Star/Rob in the present

LILY of the Valley- I'm just going to rewrite the whole thing. It is a mess so expect something much better when you go back to read it again.(In a month or two, lots to do!)

Future Stories

Something Great and Terrible- (A Great and Terrible Beauty fic). The story from Kartik's POV.How does he feel about the death of his brother? Gemma? Are Gemma's feelings for him one sided? And what does he know about the Order? What does he know about the Rakshana? And does he wish to know more? I loved this books so much and Kartik was just mysterious enough that I could use him in my devilous plot to make the book a little more light, dark, and romanic so expect tears, laughs and maybe some love when this one is written!

Untitled- Harry Potter was brought to America instead of Europe. What would have happened if he attended a school in The U.S. with Draco's cousins and a different pack of Weasleys. Oh yeah, and what happens to Hogwarts without him (nothing good)?

A Story Of A Girl- Teen Titans songfic to Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days. Beast Boy/Raven about how Beast Boy feels about Raven. The story od the girl who drowned the whole world and woke up with hope and only found tears. The lyrics scream Raven and Beast Boy's feelings for her.

Broken Dreams- A probably one shot songfic of the Green Day song. Red X thinks over life and the world as he walks down an alley that has people who are at the bottom of the heap.

Untitled- The titans go undercover at the local high school when there's a lead to X but when they become part of the school musical their job is pushed aside. When Starfire gets the lead is it Robin's jealousy for Mark (who gets more than one kiss in the finale) or is it more? (I need a musical for this so email me if you got one.

Almost- A one shot songfic of the Bowling for Soup song. Robin and BB ponder their reletionship with Starfire and Raven.

Mr. Brightside- A songfic 3 shot to the song by the Killers. One chap in Red X's POV, one in Robin's, and the last in BB's, Raven's, Star's and ending with Red. Rob/Star/Red and a little of BB/Rae.

I Hate You- Starfire has had enough of her sister and Robin not recognizing her, but when she utters these three words everything goes crazy... Red X comes to shake things up too (can't have a story without him!).

Untitled- Teen Titans/Harry Potter crossover. During a fight with a slightly odd foe (and a familar one) our beloved Teen Titans are somehow transported to the place where foes may lurk everywhere. No one can be trusted because they are all wizards. They are at Hogwarts and know that Slade and their new foe (Voldemort) are some how involved. But when little romances cause trouble Slade may be the least of their problems.The first pairings: Ginny/Robin Harry/Star/Draco(fun to write!) Ron/Raven BB/Luna Cy/Hermoine(fun fun fun!)Second pairings: Ginny/Harry Ron/Luna Draco/Hermoine (hehehe) Rob/Star Cy/ Bee Rae/BB.

Artemis Fowl and the Potty Project (Title might be changed) - Arty/ Harry Potter crossover. (Before Opal Deception) Mulch gives Artemis his memories in return for a small favor. He has to help a spy the LEP sent to a special school in England. But what happens when Arty, the criminal mastermind, Amber, a rouge LEP spy, and Draco begin to plan against the boy that caused them pain.

Untitled- What if Holly ws a human? What if Arty and her went to the same school?

Untitled- DNAngel, a female reader complains to the wrong person that Daisuke is a idoit and is sent in the book to take his place, everyone has changed sex except Dark and Satoshi and she knows she is in trouble when she meets them.

Untitled- An American exchange student shakes up the Sohma house when the "he" turns out to be a "she". She really knows how to matchmake though and chances are she will make everyone happy... even Akito... everyone except herself. And when the Sohmas begin to notice the troubles in her life, a red head decides he might try to return her kindness with a favor. NOT Kyo/OC... for long anyway.

Tell me what you think of them!

Yeah... that's all I have to say. I hoped you enjoyed reading this because writing it wouldn't have been worth it otherwise.

Love Ya All!

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