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Author has written 2 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Tumblr: Check it out, it's full of Hetalia and Vocaloid. And, I post any art I have on there (cause I don't feel like getting a DeviantArt...)

Hello. I am a major Hetalia fangirl, and I am writing a series of one-shots for most of the countries this summer. Most of my one-shots will probably be from around 3000-5000 words, depending on how much I get into the story, and whether I get into the plot line or not, along with how much I love that country's character design. Most of these stories will be LEMONS (because we all love them!), some may be LIMES, and there WILL BE YAOI for you fangirls (because I am a HUGE yaoi fangirl *squee*!) If I get a yuri request (you never know)(if I even GET a request or something...), I might write for that as well. But it depends. BTW, I'm not a big fan of straight pairings (Austria x Hungary, for example, or England x Seychelles), I'm more of a reader insert writer, but I'll write for them.

For my series, I'll be writing for the Nordic countries first, then the Axis, then the Allies, and then whatever I fancy. After I finish each group of characters, I'll probably write a decent sized story or two (but it may also be just a few paragraphs), featuring one or two of the countries, these short stories being either another reader insert, yaoi, or a straight pairing (maybe yuri).

If you want to suggest a plot for any of the countries, DO IT. I don't bite unless you look tasty. And sometimes I get terrible writer's block.

Things with an O next to them are finished, things in parenthesis are being worked on, and things with a X next to them I haven't gotten to.

The Nordics:

Iceland x Reader [O]

Norway x Reader [O]

Denmark x Reader [O]

(Sweden x Reader)

Finland x Reader

Special: Norway x Reader - I FUCKED UP (but seriously, that's the name of the story...)

Special: SuFin Lemon - Vie Minut Pois [X]

The Axis Powers:

Italy x Reader [X]

Germany x Reader [X]

Japan x Reader [X]

Special: GerIta Lemon - Since The 900's [X]

Special: Italy x Reader - Sotta La Luna (2p!Italy) [X]

The Allied Forces:

America x Reader [X]

England x Reader [X]

France x Reader [X]

Russia x Reader [X]

China x Reader [X]

Who? [X]

Special: RuChu Lemon - Winter's Lion [X]

Special: China - Immortal [X]

The Baltic States and Poland:

Lithuania x Reader [X]

Estonia x Reader [X]

Latvia x Reader [X]

Poland x Reader [X]

Special: LietPo Lemon - The Phoenix and the Kitsune [X]

Special: Baltic States - Daily Woes [X]

More to be added!

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