Moon the Dark
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Moon the Dark

Name: Moon the Dark

Nickname(s):Moon, Mooney

Age: She lost count, she's immortal

Powers(sorceress): super speed, lightning, electricity, transportation, travel between dimetions, healing, dark fire, dark form, earth, sky, wind, water, space, super form, energy release, to give/take lives, invisablity, ect.

Powers(hedgehog): super speed, lightning, electricity, invisiblity, chaos control, dark fire, dark form, super form, dark super form, healing, sky, wind, water, earth,space, ect.

Desription(s): In human form, she is a sorceress with black hair, dark geen eyes, wears a long, grey shirt with skinny jeans, black army boots, dark shades, a leather jacket, and a silver crown with jade gems in it. As a hedgehog, she is mainly black with stripes like shadow, but her's are dark blue. She wears a leather jacket with a dark blue shirt with a midnight colored cresent on the cest. She wears dark jeans and black boots with shades that cover most of her eyes, and her wepon of choice is a .32 pistol with a silencer.

Personality: In both forms, she has a fun side, but a dark side too. It is hard to tick her off, but she can, especially if you mess with her freinds. In human form, she has braclets that will burst off her arms in a flash of light and she will go into her dark form, with dark blue flames surging up around her. As a hedgehog, she will have a dark black glowing aura around her and her eyes will turn black and her teeth with sharpen. But most of the time she is quite fun to be around, and she is super sarcastic.

Boyfriend(sorceress): Scourge Mells, a boy with long, brown hair, in thick army boots, a leather jacket, a slighty torn up shirt stained with blood, baggy jeans, scared arms, legs, back, and chest, has dark shades like Moon, and had an 8 pack. Can also go super, but has no power restrctors, and get ticked off when people mess with Moon.

Boyfriend(hedgehog): Can vary from story to story.

Family: No siblings, an evil father bent on destroying her, who killed her mother when she was young.


Hedgehog:Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, Espio, Charmy, Cream and Cheese, Vector,OC, ect.

Sorceress: Scourge, Tommy, Jina, Rachel, Cresent, Lizzy, Kate, Kathryn, ect.

Backround(Sorceress): Born Moon A. Tomas. Her father had dark magic, and her mother had good magic. Moon inheirited the dark magic from her father. They lived happily for a few years, but then they had a disagreement. Her mother, Gabrielle, wanted to train her daughter in using the dark powers for good, like love and protection. Her father wanted to train her to help him take over the world and satify his thirst for power by training her to hate mortals and have no pity, and no emotions. Now, they had lived on Earth in secret for sometime, the mother only recently figuring out her husband was cruel. So she began training her daughter in secret. Her father had started to remove her emotions before he was going to start training her. He almost suceeded, until he found out that his wife was training her to be good. Now, when she was the equivilant age of a mortal 2 year old, her father got his wife alone. Or so her thought. Moon was stainding in the doorway, and watched as her tied her beloved mom (who she had always liked more anyways) to a stone alter and stabbed her through the heart with a scyth. She started crying, and, before her mom died, she turned to Moon, held her hand out, and said"I love you..." and then died. Moon then had all her emotions rush back, and she suddenly felt one she hadn't felt before:hatred. She darted up the stairs with her father close behind. She finally reached the top, and stood with her back to the valcano. Her father gave her two choices:Join him or die. Moon looked at him, then closed her eyes and fell backward into the valcano, prepared to die. But before she hit the lava, Scourge flew out on his hover board and took her into an anclove in the valcano where he, Tommy, and Jina were temporarily camping out. She now rules the land of the dead (the Nightmare World, or N.W.) in the 4th dimestion with Scourge appointed king.

Power(s)(sorceress): super speed, teleportation, dark fire, earth, wind, sky, nature, hate, anger, healing, dark form, super dark form, lighning, electricity,invisiblity, travel between dimenstions, dimention creation, to give/take lives.

Backround(hedgehog): Her mother had died after her father choked her to death. Moon had fled, going alone for years. She weilds many wepons, choice being a .32 pistol that never runs out of bullets. She has a fun side, but her anger in the recent time after her mom's death usually got the best of her, and she usually left a town with many dead while she was in a rage, but only the ones that were bad, never shooting the innocent. She helped the law in her own way, but left the town's people wondering who the dark hero was and why they were helping them. She got involved with the blackmarket, proviving ehrself as a paid assasin. She finally decided to take a break from that, so she eventually decided to buy a mansion and settle down to go to high school.

Power(s)(hedgehog): Dark form, electricity, lightning, dark fire, earth, sky, space, nature, invisibliyty, chaos control, super form, super dark form, healing, flying, teleporting, running, ect.

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