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Breaks through Wall Maria* Hi!
Sorrysorrysorry for not being here in forever. It seems life has caught up with the both of us, and so has roleplaying. I will personally try to update my two solo stories for you lovelies...I think I found my inspiration again. I have courses that need brushing up, so once I get those done, I will be free to write! Family stuff has also been going that has taken a huge toll on my energy to do anything. If you're still around, thank you so much, and I will crack down on Aerith and have her write more Zerith for ya. other thing. There was a guest review left on Find Your Way, and it was the sweetest one I have ever received! If you do make an account, lovely reader, I would like to discuss the story to see if I can form a more solid plot in my head. I think I've almost got it, and you have inspired me so much!

Love you all,
Yuna chu


Good news! No update today...but our friend, who we call Rikku, has also joined the FanFiction community! Check her out...her username is RikkuPollendina, so if you type that up in the search bar, you'll find her. She's a Dr. Who and Supernatural writer, but she's also a huge Final Fantasy fan. I suggest checking out her stories, and of course, giving a warm welcome to the site!
- Yuna


Hey Everyone,
Yuna here again. I apologize on behalf of Aerith...she's been having a bout of writer's block for about 5 months now. Unless we're writing roleplay.
Anyway, I have started a Squinoa story, titled, "Find Your Way". It's an alternate universe story; not a crossover, but might include hints of the other games, such as 7 and 10, and possibly 9. Either way, please read and review would be much appreciated. It's my first real story, so it might be a little rickety. But things can only get better with time. And the added bonus that it's anniversary will always be Rinoa's birthday!
Hopefully you'll enjoy it...some of the first chapters are a little slow-moving, but it will get a lot more exciting as time goes on. I think I'm trying to set a solid foundation for a story that I'll just go off of.
As always, thank you all for your support. Hugs, snuggles, and nuzzles to you all! You're all angels, just like Miss Heartilly.
- Yuna Leonhart

Hey, everyone!

So, this is the profile of Aerith and Yuna, where we post the fanfictions we have been writing, both with each other and solo. Even though we just joined, we have both been writing for years, and finally have decided to make an account. We hope that you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy writing them!

We mainly write Yu-Gi-Oh! and Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10 fanfics. And Digimon! Don’t forget Digimon!


Aerith Gainsborough & Yuna Leonhart

And now a note from Aerith...

Hi guys!

Since this is the Internet, call me Aerith. As you can probably tell from my name, I am obsessed with Final Fantasy 7...that whole series in general.

My whole writing career started with my third grade teacher giving me a bunch of random animals and a random setting and telling me to write a story about it.


So if my writing style is a bit random, please let me off the hook.

Yuna’s my best friend and we had crazy fun writing these stories together. The typos! THE TYPOS! And that wasn’t even the best part. So you can imagine.

On my own, I write Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff (if you like YGOTAS, you get a large internet hug), Final Fantasy (mostly 7 and if you want to be more specific, mostly Zack and Aerith...I have a huge fangirl crush on Zack Fair), and Digimon (oh yes I did. No, I do not like Pokemon.) I also like Death Note (sometimes), Inuyasha (sometimes...Sesshomaru is the only attractive one), Free! (they're all attractive), and Shingeki no Kyojin (because everybody else does).

Other stuff about me...I am #$%ing obsessed with math (before you ask, yes, I'm Asian), I love Harry Potter, yada yada...but what I love most? Writing these stories with Yuna :).

This is gonna be awesome...we get to share our writing. Oh my Ra.

And on that happy note, I will cut my long rant short. I'll be seeing you guys around! :)


And then me, Yuna. (Updated 10/19/13)

Hello, Fellow Readers/Writers!

My internet name is Yuna Leonhart, (inventive...I know, right? :P) and I am one of the two writers on this profile. I'm not quite sure when my writing career started, but I've always had a love for reading, and wanted to make my own stories. It probably started in 1st or 2nd grade for me when my teacher would have us do writing prompts and I wrote a story about Orca whales.

As for my personality, I am rather...spunky? I'm obviously female, and mostly an ambivert. I adore both computer science and law both. xD

I am a huge fan of about any Final Fantasy...specifically 7, 8, and 10. (I'm starting to check out 3, 5, 6, and 9.) I think it's quite safe to say that it helped me through many of my endeavors...the quotes. Hopefully I can use them for a speech someday. I also have a fondness for Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGOTAS :D), Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Shingeki no Kyojin (you don't even know), Free!, Robin Hood, and any book I can get my hands on. (FIRE CANNOT KILL A DRAGON). I could go on and on for hours, but I won't.

As for music, I am an avid piano player, (hugs if you play ff music like me!) flute player, and attempting guitar. I will listen to about any genre, but I do have a partial to Marina and the Diamonds, Nobuo Uematsu, Cascada, Parov Stelar, Epica, numerous classic rock artists, and everything else on the face of the earth.

As you shall see, I am very in love with Squall Leonhart. I totally ship Squinoa, though. Don't worry. (As seen in my first solo fanfiction.)

I could not imagine not having Aerith as a partner in writing. She is such a sweet person, and amazing at what she puts her mind to. Especially this stuff.

So anyway, I look forward to writing and sharing with everyone! And of course...writing with my friend!

"Listen to my story... This may be our last chance." - Tidus, FF10

- Yuna

Description of Stories (Sorted by update time, and bolded if complete):

Lurking In the Darkness (Yuna): First solo Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction. I usually pair Rufus with Reno, but I wanted something different this time, and made an OC named Hope. No, this is not a Mary-Sue insert where she gets Rufus in the end. I only have the prologue done, but the ending is written (for the most part), and it's a pirate AU. The part I have posted is in epistolary form, but the rest will not be, since I don't feel ready for that. Okay, rant over, and I will update when I figure out what I need to do. (Chapters 1/?)

Find Your Way (Yuna): This is my first Squinoa fanfiction. It is alternate universe, and I am just experimenting with writing at this point. This is purely being written alone, and hopefully updated regularly. Let's see how my schedule works out with that. cough (Chapters 3/?)

Trouble Finds Everybody (Yuna and Aerith): This is a roleplaying fiction, with two original characters: Nila and Ariana. If you don't like OC's, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're looking for some humor, I DEFINITELY recommend it. (Chapters 3/?)

No Words (Aerith): I think I wrote this right around the time I regressed in maturity level and started watching all the stuff I loved as a kid again. Watched Spirited Away, cried my head off, then wrote a one-shot to make a happy ending to that story. Or...half a happy ending.

Darkness In My Heart (Aerith): There are some songs that are just way too perfect for a character. Darkness in my Heart is actually a song from the English dub of Digimon Frontier, and when I heard it after watching Yu-gi-Oh, I was literally like, "Yami." (Chapters 1/1)

On Silent Wings (Aerith): My pride and joy! I don't think anybody can comprehend exactly how hard I ship Zack and Aerith; they are my favorite pairing in all the universes that exist. Seriously, I could probably write one-shots about them for ages if I wasn't so damn uninspired. I'll try to update it over the summer, but...sadly, the days where I could spit out one-shots are over. (Chaapters 6/?)

Fly Away Home (Aerith): I had a fling with Tsubasa over the summer. When we had to separate when fall swung around for school, I wrote this in memoriam. Plus, I just had to reunite Syaoran and Sakura because the ending of the manga killed me and left me crying for days on end. (Chapters 1/1)

Memories of Moments (Yuna): This was meant to be a collection of one-shots for Aerith, but I haven't updated it in forever. Zack and Aerith is her favorite shipping, and so when she went away, I decided to write this as a surprise when she got back. It's very, very, very fluffy. (Chapters 1/?)

Those Who Fly (Aerith): I was so darn depressed when I found out Ryou had a sister (my headcanon: Yami 'Kura had one too, back when he was a boy, but she got killed in the massacre of Kul Elna) because wouldn't Ryou just make the best brother? And he still writes letters to her too! That really struck home with me, so of course it had to get its own one-shot. (Chapters 1/1)

A Walk of Thought (Yuna): I mostly wrote this one-shot...sorta on accident. I had been watching the wedding of Yuna and Seymour during the summer because I was bored, and well...this turned up in my head, and I wrote it down. It was also the first story posted on this account, and I just wanted to get something up. I'm surprised anyone still looks at it, but hey, for less than three-hundred words, I'm happy. Thank you! (Chapters 1/1)

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