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hi guys! My name is Sonic103, and i'm just a regular guy who likes to write stories, play games, and do other fun crap. Here's some info about myself so you can get a good look at who i am.

Gender: male.

Orientation: straight.

Age: i'm going into ninth grade, so that's a pretty good idea on my age.

Likes: Writing stories, playing games, reading, hanging out with friends, watching anime; the usual awesome stuff.

Dislikes: people who hate on everything, people who get everything they want, bees, being dragged down by something, and heights.

Friend(s): (on Fanfiction)- Jthegildedsword, Gtherazorlink, BrownPaperBear. (check these guys out on Fanfiction, they've got some pretty good stuff!

hey! check out me and Jthegildedsword on Youtube!

hey, check me out on Youtube too!

I'd say something that's really important to me the most is's almost everything to me. You can't have life without some music!



Species: Hedgehog

Nicknames: "My little Samurai" (Iris).

Powers: He's an all around character. His best attribute would be his strength. He can lift heavy loads and throw him with ease. He also can run at a decent pace. He can go even faster if he's in an area like woods, where he can easily speed through them, considering him being used to navigating through woods.

Friends: He gets along with most of Sonic's friends fair enough, but because of his neutrality towards conflicts involving him, he can sometimes get in a scuffle with any of his "friends". His only true friends are Kin the Fox and Iris the Rabbit.

Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic, G.U.N, Shadow, and the Shadow Mask Clan.

Love Interest: Iris the Rabbit.

Weaknesses: Brad is gullible, has a short temper, and...has...physical limitations. (He's really short. About as tall as Classic Sonic).

Apparel: Brad wears white socks and gloves with green sneakers.

Personality: Brad can be very shy to people he doesn't know, but he covers the shyness by having an almost uninterested attitude. Brad seeks to just live peacefully.

Backstory: Brad was abandoned at a young age by his parents, and was left in the woods for dead. He survived though, and lived there until he was fourteen. He had no interaction with no other living beings besides animals that lived in the woods. One day, Eggman had the woods Brad was living in burned to the ground. Barely surviving, Brad swore to get revenge on the blue creature that had destroyed his home. Mistaking him for the blue blur, he attacked Sonic, and nearly killed him. However, Amy convinced him of sparing Sonic. Brad then set out to find Doctor Eggman, but was then fooled again by the doctor, and was only convinced of Sonic's innocence. After Sonic saved the day, Brad apologized and left Station Square.

Achievements: Brad once saved his girlfriend, Iris, from being sacrificed by the Shadow Mask Clan, a group of occultists who wanted to bring a banished demigod back to Earth. Brad saved Iris with the help of his pal Kin, and to his surprise, was rewarded with a little more than a thank you. Iris was touched by Brad's passion to save someone he didn't know, and became attracted to him.


Species: Rabbit

Nicknames: None.

Powers: Iris posses a few magic powers. She can shoot fire balls, can manipulate water somewhat, can manipulate animals, can create light energy balls and shoot them.

Weaknesses: Iris has lots of magic powers, but she's very weak physically. She also believes in a lot of superstitions taught to her by her village elders, and also has a fear of lightning.

Personality: Despite her faults, Iris takes her responsibilities of being the daughter of the chief of her village seriously. She's very kind hearted, charming, and sensitive to others.

Love interests: Brad the Hedgehog.

Apparel: Iris usually wears a pink sundress with sandals.

Backstory: Iris is from a village in a far off country. Her village was in conflict with the Shadow Mask Clan because of their extremist beliefs, which was why she was chosen to be the vessel of Erisesin, a supposed demigod banished to the underworld. However, before the ritual was completed, Brad and Kin saved her. This came as a total shock to her, considering she believed no one had known of her disappearance, and the fact that her rescuer (who was to be soul bound to her after saving her life), was shorter than she was. However, touched by Brad's passion to rescue her, and how cute he was made her immediately fall in love with him. And after a while, Brad began to feel the same.

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