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Hello. I am the Fanfiction Core. ...Well, actually I am the Fiction Core, as that was what I was originally programmed to write. But fanfiction is just as well. You may call me Fic, if you wish.

I do enjoy a good story, be it happy or sad, but sometimes my writing can get a little... dark, I suppose you could say. This little account of mine is a home to some of my darker stories. (Though at the moment, this account only houses my "Redemption Line" series, which starts with A Little Test.)

We personality cores cannot tell when we have become corrupted or not. Perhaps you can. If you find any evidence of my corruption, say, a grammatical error in a story or an instance of a character not acting like themselves, I would appreciate if you point it out. A corrupted Fanfiction Core is not a good Fanfiction Core, after all...

I am an alternate identity of another existing author on this website. If you are wondering anything else about me, that is a shame, for divulging such information would be counterproductive. I am keeping this separate from my main account for a reason, after all. ... Though I have revealed my true identity elsewhere, if you do not know it, do not worry about it. It is of little concern.

If the Intelligence Dampening Core can hack things and read Machiavelli when neither were in his original programming, I do not see why a Fanfiction Core such as myself cannot draw fanart. Though as the Intelligence Dampening Core was not very good at either of the aforementioned things, I may fare just as well in the visual arts.

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UPDATE 6/27/15: The links are nonfuctional! This is unfortunate. Until FFN gets this fixed, I will have to figure out some other way to show the illustrations on my profile here.

A Little Test Illustrations

Fair warning: As with the story itself, some of these illustrations contain torture.

Original Cover

"You're the Moron" - Chapter 2

"As You Made Me" - Chapter 3

"Third Fear" - Chapter 3

"Apart" - Chapter 5

"Disposal" - Chapter 7

"Trouble" - Chapter 7

A Few Repairs Illustrations

"What Was She Doing?" - Chapter 1

"The Kindness of Another" - Chapter 2

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She would put him through some repairs, until he was at least somewhat functional again. Just a few repairs—and then maybe she would see if there was something in that mangled casing that was worth forgiving.
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